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How people used to communicate then and how they are communicating now have changed manifolds. Not only their tone but the modes of communication has also transformed immensely. Now they write personal letters online. But now everything needs to be perfect, and so does the personal letter format.

Without a perfect format and structure, any letter can look bad. Moreover, it happens many times that you fail to deliver what you want to due to poor format. If you know the difference between a personal letter and a formal letter, then you can better understand its format. This is because often you make mistakes in the same. Every type of letter has its importance so as a personal letter. Now, understand how it is different from a formal letter.

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How a Personal Letter Is Different from a Formal Letter

  1. As the name implies, a personal letter gives you the freedom to use your way of writing, while a formal letter does not give you this freedom.
  2. Although the structure is almost similar, some differences are also there. Like, you can begin the personal letter with ‘Hello’ and names like Hey Lina! and whatever you like. Whereas, in a formal letter, you have to adress using Mr. Mrs., and any other name that you want to mention.
  3. You don’t need to be formal while writing a personal letter. Often, you notice that the format of a personal letter is a little bit different from the formal letter or business letter.
  4. Personal letter is written for relatives and friends, while a formal letter is written for official purposes. But you should choose the words wisely while writing both types of letters.
  5. You can use punctuation in a personal letter where you want the special attention of the reader. In normal verbal communication, people do the same when they want attention. But in a formal letter, you have to be straightforward, and you should avoid the unnecessary use of commas.
  6. Personal letter is written as per your relation with the recipient. This type of letter can be written for countless reasons. In contrast, official or formal letters are written for specific purposes.
  7. You are abided to follow the fixed format of a business letter while you can make slight changes in the informal letter. But here also few things are fixed like the format of the address and subject.
  8. Formal letter flows between colleagues and seniors or the head of the office, while personal letter flows between family members and friends.
  9. The language and tone of the personal letter can be according to the writers, while a formal letter strictly follows a formal language.

After reading all these points, you must have understood what the differences between personal and formal letters are.

The distinction between these two letters is crucial because further, it will help you to understand the personal letter format. Furthermore, if you know the types of a personal letter, then you will not have to get tensed when you need to choose one for well-wishers because you can easily decide on the type.

Below you will come to know about the types.

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What Are the Types of Personal Letters?

  • Good Health Wish: If you want to know about the health of someone you know, then this type of letter is written. In this type of letter, you ask for the health status and wish for better health for a person. Often, this type of letter comes with a reply once the reader gets well.
  • Condolence: When someone’s demise or any painful incident happens, then this type of letter is written to show condolence. It is not written directly to the person who passed away; instead, to his close relatives in which you have to show grief.
  • Thank You: Personal letter formatting is also followed in this type of letter. This is written when you want to thank a person who helped you. You owe to his help, so you like to show your gratitude to him. This type of letter is replied to by the recipient with the welcome letter.
  • Celebration: Although it is put in the category of informal letters, it is also used in the offices when employees are invited for a celebration. If you want to give an invitation to your friends, family members, colleagues, and any other acquaintance, then this type of letter is written. Invitation can be for marriage, parties, birthdays, religious programs, and any other purposes.

These are some of the important types of a personal letter, but many others also exist. You can get an idea from the above information that personal letters can be written for any reason.

If you have to write a letter using any of the above types, then it is very important to know the format of a personal letter, as then only you can produce a perfect paper.

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What Is a Correct Format of a Personal Letter?

  • Address: On the top right-hand side of the page, always write your address, which means the writer’s address. While the recipient address should be at the left of the page but not exactly parallel to your address.
  • Date: You should write a date in its full format and mention it on the right side of the page where you have written your address.
  • Sender’s Name: When you write your address, mention your name; it can be written in the second line after the date.
  • Receiver’s Name: When you write the recipient address at the left, mention the name of the person for whom you are writing the letter.
  • Subject Line: Subject should come immediately after the recipient's address after leaving one line. Here, mention why you are writing this letter or what the matter is. Keep it simple and to the point.
  • Greetings: Now, write salutations like dear, lovable, yours, hi, and any other which you like.
  • Introduction: You don’t need to write the ‘Introduction’ word in the letter. Just start with some effective lines that can engage the reader.
  • Body: Here, you have to write the main issue. Mention why you are writing this letter in this part in detail.
  • Conclusion: Here, you don’t have to conclude everything you said above. Here you have to end the letter with good wishes, or any quick message.

These all parts or sections of a personal letter format are crucial. Apart from addresses, you can change anything as per your wish because there is no boundation that you have to follow a particular format.

If you still did not get the idea about its format, then have a look at the below examples.

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5 Latest Personal Letter Format Examples

These are the 5 personal letter format example. After reading them, you must have understood that you can use any type of format for your letter. You are free to choose your favorite one from the above examples.

Now you will come to know how to write a personal letter in the below piece of information.

How to Write a Personal Letter Effectively in Just 6 Steps?

  1. Find a topic of letter writing; it can be related to any personal issue.
  2. Decide on the online or offline mode to send the letter.
  3. Mention your address and the recipient as per the personal letter format examples provided above.
  4. Mention the date on which you are writing the letter.
  5. Always mention the subject to make the reader quickly know your purpose of writing.
  6. Greet the recipient and start writing the body. Keep the language simple so that the reader can understand your message easily.

With the help of examples of personal essay formatting and these 6 steps, you can write any type of personal letter. If still, you can’t write, then you can go for online assignment help.

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