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If you think delivering details is enough to convince the readers, think again. This is just a milestone to achieve in a variety of other areas. The first one is persuasive speech topics, and that is where your focus should be while drafting it. However, finding such a subject to address in your project is difficult. A suitable heading is essential because it bridges further steps and makes a document that is worth reading. Many of you fail to find any value in this statement and pick something that does not suit the requirements. That is why it is necessary that you first find several persuasive speech topics and select one from them. However, you do not know where to look and find all these headings.

Seeing your problem, this blog addresses and brings you a list of several subjects you can cover in your speech. Also, it teaches you the correct approach to form persuasive speech topics yourself. So, let’s see the sample headings to gain better knowledge.

50 Good Persuasive Speech Topics for Memorable Work

Drafting content requires the application of various steps that you cannot start without a topic. Many of you cannot find one, and before that, you start looking for information. This habit is not beneficial as you do not have any good persuasive speech topics to write your project.

A heading acts as a directive element that keeps your project focused towards its goal and on track. So, it is important to have that for your project. The following list covers suitable topics you can use:

Politics and Law Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Is it okay to revoke the voting rights of people who are not affiliated with any political party for primary elections? Comment
  • Does Congress undermine women's percentage? Share your ideas
  • Are the current state of laws incapable of punishing violent criminals? What should be the remedy to reduce such crimes?
  • Which prison type is better: Private or public prisons?
  • Should prison authorities improve their facilities? If they do, what will be the impact of that?
  • Is there should be a permanent law for citizens to serve a specific time as a soldier? Comment your views
  • Why should the government mandate the health insurance law? Describe the impact of both views
  • Is keeping the minimum wage beneficial, or should the government bring a stop to it?
  • Should the ministry permit guns on school campuses? How much will it guarantee the safety?
  • Is it going to change the crime rate if minor criminals are treated the same as adults?

Societal Ethics Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Is it fair if the government employees do not get any payment in lockdown?
  • Is the society facing an increasing wave of racial discrimination? Comment your views
  • Why is youth attracted to unrealistic body/beauty standards and creating a fake self-image?
  • What is the correct sleep routine? Comment if 40-hour weekly sleep is enough or not
  • Which situation is more suitable: having infinite time off or collected time off?
  • Can an organisation say no when asked to give services to their customers?
  • Should the media cover civil lawsuits more than others? Why they should or should not?
  • Why is the result of revoking the driving license of the older generation? Is the government taking away their rights?
  • What benefits can you see in mandating a camera on the uniform of every policeman?
  • Which is better: working in Europe or America? Compare a weekly working procedure

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Health and Safety Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • Does school cafeterias follow proper safety guidelines? How much damage it costs to a child’s hygiene?
  • How much beneficial is encouraging yoga and meditation in public schools?
  • Can proper medication reverse the increase in diabetes?
  • Should the patient be allowed to decline any medical facilities related to their disease?
  • How much effect is visible on our health because of constantly watching Netflix?
  • The repercussions of getting poor sleep: Is electronics a major cause for that?
  • What if all the health insurance is accepted by your doctor? Share your views on the same
  • What is a mind-body link? Is it affecting the health in a positive way?
  • List down the substitute products containing vitamins. Should the government put a ban on their production?
  • Is social media affecting mental health? Present reasons to justify or counter

Persuasion Speech Topics on Environmental Activities:

  • What dangers can you see because of drilling the earth for oil extraction?
  • Discuss the effects on Asian countries due to greenhouse gas emission
  • Benefits of placing a ban on hunting in national parks. Is it an appropriate way to preserve wildlife?
  • What are the effects of marijuana farming on the nearby area? Is it preventable?
  • Is it beneficial to have new homes built with solar power?
  • Should plastic straws be banned? What dangers do they cause to the environment and creatures?
  • What objects should be prohibited from being thrown in the sewage system?
  • How can you stop or control the contamination of water? Describe the measures to apply
  • Explain the best methods to perform organic farming
  • What effects do you see on marine life balance because of the increase in fishing?

Persuasion Speech Topics on Ethical Duties:

  • Is there a way to reduce the ill-treatment of farm animals?
  • Should the lab testing on animals of various products be stopped?
  • Do zoo authorities and circuses regularly abuse wildlife? What should be done in this scenario?
  • Is rehabilitating or returning the pets to the owner the right tactic?
  • Does the web series 13 Reasons Why glorify and support suicide? Comment your views
  • Is telling stories of Santa Claus a deceiving move by parents on their children?
  • How can you justify owning a gun? Is it a good method for self-protection?
  • Should an influencer be charged guilty for promoting any harmful product on a public channel?
  • What is the correct age for a child to own a phone? Should the government restrict a specific age limit?
  • Is it a beneficial step to ban violent games and movies? How much does age restriction help out in this objective?

The above sections contain good persuasive speech topics to choose from for your work. However, good is not always good, and the readers do need something out of the box. That is why they ask for something interesting so they can find anything new to look at. Most of you cannot find this aspect and make a dull project, which is solved when you ask for essay help from experts. The section below helps you find such headings to draft your work as engaging and attentive.

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40 Interesting Persuasive Speech Topics for Top Content

Catching the readers’ eyes is tough. So, if you present anything ordinary, it is not going to work. However, picking interesting persuasive speech topics for your project is a better option. It is common human nature to observe anything out of the regular format, so your topic should contain the same feature.

Since you face trouble in finding such headings, the following sub-sections contain a few examples for you:

Persuasive Speech Topics on Science and Technology:

  • Is heavy electronic usage the reason for many children becoming lazy? Present your views
  • How much beneficial is taking online classes? Are there any side effects of taking online knowledge sessions?
  • Why are electric vehicles preferable to fuel cars? Can that solve the problem of air pollution?
  • Discuss the ethical parameters of artificial intelligence in different sectors
  • Should parents restrict the age limit on their children for playing video games? How does that affect their mental health?
  • Why should people stay updated with technological advancement?
  • Do you agree that every street should have AI robots allocated? If not, then why?
  • Is it correct to say that brain libraries are declining due to search engines like Google and Yahoo?
  • Should there be an age limit on using earphones? If yes, then what is the correct age number?
  • Is nanotechnology framing the path to a new future? How much advancement will that bring?

Education Persuasive Speech Topics:

  • How much important is education to advance society towards a better future?
  • Should schools avoid charging transportation fees to students? How impactful is the decision?
  • Is freeing educational facilities a step for the greater good? How would that benefit the society?
  • Are school authorities responsible for honing the talents of students?
  • Can scholarships encourage students to perform well in academics? If yes, then should it be given to every scholar?
  • Does religious division impact education? What steps should schools initiate in this aspect?
  • Student’s right to drop out of school: Do you think it is the right decision?
  • Does the school require sporting activities? Why is it important to have such sessions?
  • What is the result of initiating puzzles and quiz activities in schools? Can that help in their educational development?
  • Why is it important to abolish the practice of criticising students with less practice?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Public Speaking:

  • Should human civilisation be held accountable for degrading the planet and its environment?
  • Is choosing to stay obese a better lifestyle option? Why should a person adopt or avoid obesity?
  • Why is it important to choose a responsible role model? How does that affect children in growing up?
  • Does cars define cities or the people? Which side did you pick and why?
  • Is there a possibility of an extinction event of humans similar to dinosaurs?
  • Does taking exams enough to test a person’s intelligence? What other steps should be taken to initiate this prospect?
  • How do current media platforms form the idea about the first day in schools?
  • Are fictional films responsible for taking away the real-life experience of specific moments?
  • Why do the public forms or central authorities fear free-speech freedom?
  • Is it important to save the cultural traditions? Is the youth responsible for taking action for that?

Persuasive Speech Topics on Religion:

  • Can you describe Vishnu? Why is there no other word given to the entity?
  • Should the priest be allowed to marry? What do the church and rules of Christianity say about that?
  • Why singing prayers in public schools should be considered wrong?
  • Can you define the new and advanced age of spirituality?
  • How can you keep the state and the church separate? Do they work for the same objective?
  • Should the central authorities rule out the slaughter of animals as an illegal activity?
  • Is it okay if children choose their religion themselves?
  • Can a woman stand in the position to be a priest?
  • Why is atheism considered a problematic approach in the 21st century?
  • Which one interprets the bible better: Current or Ancient analogy?

These topics are not discussed with the public. So, they clinically become persuasive speech topics for students like you who want something unique. However, there are some issues you have to deal with, and the following section points you to a place to get homework helper.

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