How Reading Good Books Can Change Your Life

How Reading Good Books Can Change Your Life

07 Feb 2023 6453 5 minutes

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To be honest, if it weren’t for scoring high grades, many students would not spend even an hour on reading a book. If you feel the same, it’s high time to change your perspective as books have a sort of power and they can help you in many ways. They are not just a source of knowledge but reading good books can actually help in articulating your emotions and thoughts. And, it might be untrue to say that if it weren’t for books that you have read, you’d be a different person today. But the sad truth is that most students don’t read enough, and many of them also feel that reading books is not important and what matters the most is gaining practical knowledge. If you nod for the same, then here are some important points that will change your opinion:

1.Gives a better understanding of the world

We won’t be able to know much about the world if we are kept in the dark. And one of the simplest ways to broaden our perspective is to read some good books. Reading new articles challenges our preconceived notion and allows us to think more analytically. For instance, reading a news journal gives us insights and context on an issue of which we may not have been aware of before.

2. Exercises your brain

Reading books can boost your cognitive skills considerably. Just the basic act of reading has a positive effect on our brain’s health. Studies reveal that even a basic fifth standard book contains 50% more words than an average conversation between two well-educated adults. So, it's not necessary that every time you need to read a high literature, as going through even a simple piece of writing can boost your mind. Moreover, students who find it difficult to concentrate on their studies can try reading some good books of their interest. This will give you the ability to concentrate on one matter for an extended period.

3. Reduces stress

Reading is a great stress buster; in fact, a study demonstrated that reading could reduce your immediate stress level by 68%. Curling up with a good book allows you to escape from the issues that might be weighing on your day to day life. Reading good novels and motivational books is especially valuable for students who experience heightened anxiety, mood disorders like depression, and may help people experiencing mild symptoms of the bipolar disorder.

4. Improves your grades

Reading is a good habit that can help you achieve better grades in all subject, not just literature and writing courses. This is because reading regularly exercises your brain and improves your cognitive skills such as learning, calculation, and logical skills. In this way, it improves the chances for scoring good marks in all subjects whether it’s mathematics, science, or humanities.

5. Makes you empathetic

By reading about others’ stories or their opinions, you are more likely to understand their experiences. This goes for fiction as well as nonfiction. For instance, students who read fictions can be better at processing and understanding others emotions. As with any conversation, when you read, you do a lot of listening. As a receiver, you try to understand the writer’s perspectives and even if you vehemently disagree with them, you get to know them.

6. Boosts your confidence

Reading challenges your knowledge and in-built perceptions. And will let you do more research into the matter. It will help you to develop a better understanding on a matter. Ultimately, with a better concept on the topic, you will be a confident orator and might impress your listeners.

As now you are well aware of the benefit of reading good books, so make it a part of your life. However, if loads of assignments are impending you from devoting some peaceful time with books, then opt for our assignment writing services. We are one of the leading assignment help providers in Australia with a client base of more than 1 million students enrolled in various universities across Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Bunbury and other major cities.

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