Biggest Mistakes that Put a Dent in the History of Australia

5 Biggest Blunders that has Impacted Australian History

24 Aug 2023 7937 4 minutes

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The Australians are quite smart, ingenious and witty, and are known for their impeccable work. The country is endowed with a large amount of land and natural resources. Talking about its history, it is full of some prideful events that have increased the country’s reputation globally. They say that history never forgets any incident especially those that had negative effects on nation’s image. Being a student, you might have read in the newspaper or in your books that your government made this mistake or that fault. Here is the saga of some blunders ever made in Australia that put a dark spot on its history. To know more, read the blog.

A Dummy Missile Fell Off a Bomber

On August 3, 2000, during Operation Pitch Black exercise, a missile fell off an air force aircraft and hit a car directly. Luckily, no fatality was recorded but had bankrupted a businessman as the explosion uprooted his rust repair business. The case was taken to the court where airforce was told to reimburse for the damages.

Back-to-Back Army Blunders

Blunders are very uncommon in the army culture, and even a single one of them can affect the army’s reputation. On April 21, 2006, an Australian soldier died in Iraq by a bullet shot from his pistol. To add more to his family’s suffering, the defense department returned a wrong body to them. An investigation was launched to probe this misconduct by the army, headed by the most senior female army personnel. Another mistake committed was that she left the disc that contained the confidential report of this case in a public computer at Melbourne airport.

Wrong Anthem

The event dates back to November 28, 2003, when in the opening ceremony of the Davis Cup final in Melbourne, the trumpeter played the pre-civil war republican anthem of Spain instead of their current version. This sparked a diplomatic bust-up across Australia. Spain's sports minister got angry and threatened to withdraw from the tournament unless a formal apology was made.

Barrack Obama vs. Barack Obama

This was an unintentional blunder that the former Education Minister, Anna Bligh made in summer of February 2010. She was asked to send an invitation to the then US President Barack Obama to come and stay in Queensland. But, in that letter, she misspelled his name with an extra ‘r’ and wrote Barrack Obama.

Tilt Train Derailment

This incident of 2004, is on the list because the reason for the derailment of the $139 million Tilt Train can’t be stomached. The prima facie cause of the accident was overspeeding of the train at the beginning of a curve. Before the derailment, the train was running at a speed of 112 km/h which was twice the permissible speed, and the pilot was brewing himself a coffee at that time.

You cannot undo what had already been done, but you can learn a lesson from those mistakes. Hope you liked reading this blog.

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