Resume Writing Tips for Final Year College Students

Resume Writing Tips for Final Year College Students

13 Jul 2023 7257 5 minutes

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Job-hunt is always daunting for the final year students and that is the only time when they realise the college days were probably the most amazing days lived so far. So as now you’re preparing yourself to take a plunge into the job search, here are a few tips to help you write your resume like a pro. As a resume reflects your best self, it needs your attention. Let’s get started without much ado!

1. Choose a Resume Format

To apply for different job openings, there are several kinds of formats which can be used by an applicant.

Reverse-Chronological: This format is used when a candidate wants to focus on the career progression and holds immense work experience in the same industry. It should not be used by a fresher or someone who changes jobs every now and then.

Functional: This format should mainly be used by the applicant who wants to draw attention towards his/her achievements, skills and abilities.

Combination: As the name suggests, this type of format contains the professional experience as well as the development skills of the candidate and is quite similar to chronological format. It should be chosen by those who have extensive years of experience in the same field and industry.

2. Don’t Forget to Review the Samples

It’s important to review the resume samples so as to understand the format of resumes while applying for different job positions. You will find a plethora of resume examples on the Internet which can be looked at while preparing one for yourself.

3. Use a Professional Font Size and Style

The best fonts to use on your resume are Arial, Calibri, Georgia, Helvetica, Times New Roman as they are easy-to-read fonts. Make sure you use the same font throughout the piece of paper and keep in mind that the font size should not be less than 9 points.

4. Know What to Include and What Not

Students often wonder how to begin resume writing. So, in order to help them out, we have jotted down the points that should be taken into consideration. Take a read through them:

  • College students lack professional experience but if you have, then write it down in the designated section.
  • Add your educational qualifications, abilities and skills, certifications, contact information, etc.
  • If you hold any academic honors, grants, scholarships, volunteer positions, professional affiliations, etc., then don’t forget to include them in your resume.
  • If you have any additional skill relevant to the industry you are applying for, then make sure you highlight it to seek the employer's attention immediately.

So as now you know how to work on a resume why haven’t you started working on it yet? Is it the assignment help task which you have to complete and submit the next week? We understand how important it is to score good grades in the final year academic assessment for future career and that’s why we offer world-class assignment help services to the college students and that too at affordable prices.

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