75+ Powerful Social Issues Topics for Essay [2024]

Get a list of top 75+ social issues topics and ideas in 2024 picked by our experts and the top 4 trending social issues that can be helpful for your papers.

16 May 2024 166 13 minutes

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Social issues are one of the most fascinating topics for academic tasks, whether we talk about research papers or essay writing. Moreover, there are a vast number of social issues in the world that you can use for your write-up. In addition, do you know that the best part of working with social issue topics is that you will get a bulk of information on an online platform and in the real world as well? However, students get confused about what idea will fit best with their document. Therefore, to solve their problem, we are here with the new blog. 

In this, our experts will talk about the meaning, importance, social issue topics, and trending social issues. Therefore, to get in-depth about this, read this write-up till the end. So, let’s begin with what social issues are and their examples.

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A Brief Overview of Social Issues and Their Examples

Social issues are the problems that impact individuals, communities, and entire societies. They are commonly current events, but few of them are longstanding issues and disagreements. The few common stems of this are the various factors, which are economics, politics, and culture. Now, let’s understand the social issue examples. The major examples of social issues are homelessness, environmental degradation, mental health, domestic violence, and racism and discrimination.

We hope you have understood the what is a social issues and it’s examples. 

Moving ahead, let’s learn about the top 5 social issues of today. Moreover, you can also use it as the topic of your paper.

There are an enormous number of trending problems that come to light in the world. Moreover, this issue varies in different countries. So, students need to draft an essay on any of these problems. Therefore, they struggle to find the topic for their paper, and in such cases, it takes a delay to submit the document. If you also face such issues, read about the social issue in Australia and select one as your title.

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Green Energy Conversion

It is related to the environmental problems that occur due to excessive infrastructure. Moreover, there is a wide and alarming infrastructural gap in Australia. Therefore, you can use this idea in your paper. Universities should educate youngsters about environmental usage.

Global Unemployment Peak

According to the latest statistics survey, it has been observed that global unemployment is at its peak, and many people are suffering through it. Moreover, you can write about it by adding relevant figures and examples for such a situation. Also, by doing so, you can make your essay more presentable.

Healthcare Bias in Modern Society

Healthcare is crucial in this modern society. Unfortunately, these social issues have become even more apparent after 2023. It is continuously rising after the COVID-19 period. Therefore, if you are still confused about which topic to use, you can consider this the main idea of your paper.

The Challenges of Remote Education

As we know, technology is being modified so quickly, and the challenges of remote education are becoming major issues. To do distance learning with video conferences, the problems of modern learning are evident. However, you can consider writing about how student attitudes and habits have changed or the pros and cons of it.

These are the four trending social issues that you can use for your essay. Apart from this, if you need any kind of paper help, seek out our experts. But now we will go through the ultimate list of the seventy-five best social issue topics.

An Ultimate List of 75+ Best Social Issues Topics

Here, you will come across the various social issues essay topics divided into subcategories. This section will be helpful for you to select a topic of your interest. So, let’s have a look at the ideas customised by our experts.

Health-Related Social Issues Topics

1. Describe social determinants of health.

2. Whose health is mostly affected by pollution?

3. Should the drinking age limit be changed?

4. Should parents avoid vaccinating their youngsters?

5. Is homoeopathic treatment for children acceptable?

6. Learn why HIV in seniors remains widely unrecognised.

7. Explain why going to psychotherapy is widely stigmatised.

8. Who should decide when to halt life-prolonging treatments?

9. Analyse why access to healthcare in rural areas is so scarce.

10. Explain why access to quality healthcare is unevenly disseminated.

11. Should women get extra leave days at jobs because of their periods?

12. Is the propagation of mindfulness and self-care on social media improving our health?

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Social Justice Essay Topics on Human Rights

13. Was slavery justified back in the day? How

14. How do recovering addicts deal with social injustice?

15. Describe the different perspectives on what constitutes freedom.

16. Explain how society views domestic violence towards men.

17. Has anything changed since the first declaration of human rights?

18. How are Arabs and Middle Easterners subject to discrimination?

19. Analyse the overcoming of poverty-based discrimination in our society.

20. What is The Handmaid’s Tale, and how is the society in Gilead structured?

21. Evaluate how vital the rights to freedom of thought and expression are.

22. Is it true that women in many countries still do not have the same rights as men? Give reasons

23. Human rights and the Bible: Define how the church gets away with violations.

Unique Social Issues Topics for Research Paper

24. Give a summary of Japanese mobster history.

25. Why do girls wear modest clothing to prevent abuse?

26. What is the abortion policy and how does it affect women?

27. Should authoritarian regimes guarantee civil dignity?

28. A study on where domestic violence comes from?

29. What is drug legalisation and what is its impact on young people?

30. A literature review on why women fear disclosing marital rape

31. Explain psychiatric problems and the propensity to homicide.

32. Give the causes and consequences of increasing global populations.

33. Evaluate the topic of unemployment and its impact on families and kids.

Environmental Social Issues Topics for Essay

34. How do EVs cut pollution as a whole?

35. Explain gender equality and the environment.

36. What are the advantages of environmental research?

37. Difference between Rural Livelihoods and Urban Horticulture

38. Should citizens use greenhouse gases?

39. What is the impact of a failing milieu on working circumstances?

40. Explain the hazardous waste’s adverse environmental consequences.

41. Analyse the role that composting plays and whether it is a business or a safety tactic.

42. What is the state of affairs at present and the future of the earth’s atmosphere?

43. What can we expect from the world’s largest ice glaciers as they all disintegrate due to the worldwide temperature rise?

44. What should we anticipate in the upcoming ten years about the causes and consequences of anthropogenic climate change?

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Social Topics for Essays on Racism

45. Explain the effect of racism on the future of modern society.

46. The origins, causes, effects, and consequences of racism

47. Is the civil rights movement a long struggle for freedom?

48. Study the impact of racism and racial violence on mental health.

49. Explain decades of failed reforms and police brutality in America. 

50. What are the social and economic impacts of racial segregation in America?

51. Study racism in literature and art: teaching children about social justice

52. What are the economic and psychological impacts of racism in the workplace?

53. Explain Systemic Racism in America: Racial Discrimination, Inequality, and Injustice

54. Review of unconscious racism: The psychology behind implicit racial bias and discrimination

Best Social Issues Topics on Social Media

55. Give your review on whether Instagram should be age-restricted.

56. What are the disadvantages of being an influencer?

57. Impact of social networks’ friendships

58. Analyse how harmful social media dependency is.

59. Can social media ban fake information?

60. Is there freedom of speech on social media? Explain 

61. Should employers get the right to check employees’ accounts?

62. What are online ethics and business Facebook accounts?

63. Evaluate the effect of the cancellation culture on mental health.

64. Should children be allowed to have social media accounts?

65. Is cyberbullying a victim and abuser in the online environment?


66. Explain the significance of feminism.

67. Explain obesity in children and parents.

68. What are the different ways to stay safe on the internet?

69. Is space exploration worthwhile? Explain how

70. What are the effects of campaign finance reform

71. Why should fitness classes be mandated? 

72. A literature review on who is more emotional, a woman or a man

73. Is the gender wage gap a complex social problem?

74. Should residents be allowed to be illegal immigrants? Give appropriate reasons.

75. Give your opinion on memorial pages on social networks for the deceased.

76. What are the social problems in the “Black Mirror” series episode “Be Right Back"?

Hopefully, the above-mentioned research topics on social issues that cover all the major problems that people face will have provided you with the best topic for your essay. If not, seek essay help from our experts. To learn how read the next section and see how they can assist you.

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