4 Groundbreaking Discoveries Made by Stephen Hawking

4 Groundbreaking Discoveries Made by Stephen Hawking

24 Jun 2023 10061 5 minutes

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“I am just a child who has never grown up. I still keep asking these 'how' and 'why' questions. Occasionally, I find an answer.”- Stephen Hawking

Whenever a discussion on greatest minds on Earth will take place, Stephen Hawking will surely be taking up the top spot on the list. This brightest star of science recently went out at the age of 76, but his scientific findings will always keep him alive in the minds of people on this planet. His story is poignant and surprising as well. Trapped in the paralyzed body, he worked hard to solve the enigmas of the universe. It’s his discoveries that really catapulted Stephen Hawking into the pantheon of the greatest minds. When the news of his death got viral, not only the science world but people from other streams also paid tribute to this legend. Our assignment help experts have attempted to pay homage to a person who fought a long battle with cosmos- Stephen William Hawking.

Read this blog to know about some of his outstanding discoveries till now.

1.) The probability of Existence Extraterrestrial Life

Being a sci-fi fan, the outer world mysteries had always directed his research work in providing a strong evidence of extraterrestrial life. He once postulated that the aliens have already visited our planet in the form of viruses.

He once said that "If aliens visit us, the result would be quite similar to when Columbus landed in America, which wasn’t turned out well for the native Americans." Also, he showed his concern for earthlings and their existence. He said that the only way to protect human race is to develop spacecrafts capable enough of supporting life for indefinite time using some closed bionic systems.

2.) The Black Hole Radiations

Hawking predicted that the black hole releases Hawking radiations or Hawking–Bekenstein radiation as a result of quantum effects near the event horizon (a boundary in space-time beyond which events don’t affect an outside observer). These radiations are named after him as he discovered and gave a theoretical argument for their existence in 1974. These radiations reduce the energy and mass of the black hole & due to this effect, they are also termed as black hole evaporation and causes it to shrink and ultimately vanish.

Four greatest discoveries of Stephen Hawking

3.) The Big Bang Theory

As the modern day instruments don’t allow scientists to figure out the age of this universe, Hawking came up with his Big Bang Theory to do it. This cosmological concept makes use of mathematical formulae and models. Researchers, especially cosmologists accept that it matches what they have observed so far. According to scientists, approximately 13.8 billion years ago, the universe was a singularity. And, as most things lose heat while expanding, scientists assume that in the beginning, universe was once very small and hot, but it is continuously expanding and becoming colder.

4.) The Universe Has No Space-Time Boundaries

In one of the research papers, Stephen Hawking wrote that space-time is finite but has no boundary. He further explained that if we combine general relativity with the Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics, then it is possible for both space and time to become finite without any boundaries or edges.

Before ending on a high note, we would like to conclude this blog by praising Hawking’s visionary work in the field of science that will keep inspiring the future generations. Hope you liked reading the content. 

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