How to Create a Study Guide for Exams?

This blog is to know about the techniques of making an effective study guide.

22 Jul 2023 5705 6 minutes

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Revising for exams is one of the most daunting experiences in a student’s life. But this can be easier when one chooses to read from a comprehensive study guide, instead of going through voluminous textbooks, a binder full of lecture notes, and a bunch of homework papers. But if you are at college, it might seem impossible to consolidate all the information at one place. However, with a few tricks for sorting data and writing them, you can ace your next exam easily.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Read and sort out useful texts
  • Analyse what type of learner you are

Let’s analyze these points in detail:

Read and sort out useful texts

Instead of perusing a lot of books, choose to read only one book for a topic. You may ask the college librarian or your teacher to suggest you for the same. While researching a subject, sort out the important points or highlight them. For instance, if you are reading a book of mathematics, then note down the important formulas and their usages with examples. Similarly, if you are studying a history book, then note down the important dates, events, and other such details that might be useful for the exam.

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Analyse what type of learner you are

There are four different types of learners, namely visual learner, auditory learner, writing learner, and kinesthetic learner. If you are a visual learner, then you are more likely to learn things by visualization techniques. Thus, using colours and diagrams will be an effective way to make your notes. If you are an auditory learner, then it will be the best to record your notes and listen to it again and again. Knowing how you learn can help you decide which technique will work the best while creating a study guide. But basically, it’s not possible to stick to a certain technique as the topic might not allow you to follow it in your study guide. For instance, in case you are learning anatomy, drawing diagrams will be more effective than any other method. And, even if you are an auditory learner, you cannot think about studying this topic by listening to recordings. Here we have discussed some techniques of making notes:

A.Draw concept maps to connect main ideas

Drawing concept map involves writing the main idea in a box and showing branches stemming out of it to represent the secondary information. It is a useful technique for students of humanities and science. For instance, if you are studying a history chapter on an emperor, then this technique can be used to represent the various works done by him for the development of his kingdom.

B. Use comparison charts to point out the differences

Create study guides using comparison charts, or tables, when it is necessary to compare and contrast a related group of ideas. You might use tables to organize particular parallels in history or biology. They can be useful to compare or contrast a similar set of data. For instance, you might use this technique to show the differences in similar looking plants on the basis of morphological features, such as bud, root, stem, leaf, etc.

C. Write sample tests

Anticipating the questions that are important for exams and writing their answers is a great way to prepare your study note. For instance, if you are studying about the World War 1, then the most important questions are what were the causes of world war 1? Who were the countries that participated in it? And, how the war came to an end? Similarly, who can predict the nature of questions, i.e., which one is important for fill in the blanks, objective, and subjective questions respectively.

With the above-mentioned techniques in mind, it will be simple to create a study guide that will be useful for exams. You can either write it in a notebook or use your computer to organize your information. Well, we would suggest you go for a hand-written study guide as researchers have found that it helps our mind connect more with the information.

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