What Are Topic Sentences? 5 Steps and Examples

Are you unaware about what are topic sentences? Don't worry! This blog will help you understand everything related to it.

Topic Sentence: Meaning, Steps & Purpose
21 Feb 2024 200 12 minutes

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The most frequent question that confuses multiple students is, “What is a topic sentence in a paragraph?” It is what you are going to explore in the sections of the blog. Also, to be brief, no work can begin without effective and eye-catching topic sentences. Only then you provide evidence along with a description of the theme. It is composed of two parts: a subject and a controlling idea. Whether writing an essay or any type of assignment, it must be your utmost priority to frame an excellent opening of the section to keep the reader intact for the entire duration.

However, when students are not able to think of any thoughts, they struggle a lot and keep on thinking, “What are some topic sentence words?” It is nothing, but the opening of the paragraph of your essay. It must connect the supporting objectives that you have discussed. Also, good topic sentences are essential for successful writing. So, if you wish to learn more about it, here’s a complete blog for you.

What Are Topic Sentences? Know Its Purpose

Topic sentences are also known as focus sentences, as they determine the context of the entire paragraph. Usually, these are placed at the beginning of each section or paragraph. Your topic sentence must clearly state the main idea of the work. It includes what you want to discuss in your document. Moreover, these also make it easier for the reader to go through the document and work on improving the readability of the text.

Thinking, “What is the purpose of topic sentences?” Well, the purpose is to provide a clear picture of what readers are going to find inside a paragraph. Moreover, it links the main ideas from the following one. Also, if your topic sentence is worthy enough, then only readers are going to move on to the next sentences, or if not, they will switch between them. Make sure you do not elaborate your sentence very broadly, and it must also not be very specific.

So, from now on, if you are given an assignment, do not forget to add good topic sentences to your work; skipping its relevancy can be a blunder. Moreover, to ease your trouble, the following section contains the steps that can help you frame a perfect text with outstanding paragraphs.

How to Write Topic Sentences? Steps to Follow

In this section, you can get your answer to “How to write a topic sentence?” It is not the only thing to write about in the essay, but can be learned by following a process. To ensure the paragraph and topic sentence serve the main argument, you must follow a sequence of steps. Moreover, if you face difficulty, do not hesitate to seek guidance from the professional writers of global assignment help Australia. Apart from the expert guidance, the section contains the sequential order to remember while writing. So, what are you waiting for? Dive ahead and develop your knowledge.

Step 1: Write a Thesis Statement

The first step before preparing topic sentences is to have a strong thesis statement. Construct it in the starting process to make the work more effective. It sums up the whole argument and the idea of the paper, whereas the topic sentence serves the same purpose but for a paragraph. Only after framing the thesis statement can one accomplish writing good topic sentences in their assignments.

Step 2: Prepare an Outline

Creating an outline is essential, as it acts as a road map. It briefs you on how each paragraph will support your thesis statement and about the evidence to include in stanzas. You must prepare an organized structure that gives you a clear representation of the work. Plan your paper for easy workflow. Once done, moving on to the next and central step becomes convenient.

Step 3: Draft Topic Sentences

Once you are done with planning and research, begin with the next step. Thinking “How do I write my topic sentence?” Well, here’s your result. Stay clear and coherent in your approach. It allows the readers to grasp the intent of the paragraph without any complications. Your topic sentence should be specific and devoid of evident facts. It must contain your point of view or opinion to catch the reader's attention.

Step 4: Expand with Evidence

Now that you have your topic sentence, it's time to make your content flow logically. Expand on the point by giving evidence, examples, or supporting arguments. It is necessary to do so, as it keeps your paragraphs in focus. Yet, the most crucial element to remember is to keep your writing in connection with the central idea mentioned in topic sentences

For example, if you are discussing an analysis topic, you can start by discussing the research studies and statistics to support your point. It acts as a supporting pointer that backs up your topic sentences

Step 5: Refine Your Topic Sentences

Refining means making the work error-free, but here, you can scan your topic sentence. Use it as a transition to connect the previous paragraph ideas or to lead to the next section. After completing the writing task, go through your work. It helps eliminate visible errors and gives you the scope to improve and polish your writing. Moreover, do not forget to check the relevancy and connection of each paragraph with your topic sentence.

When you learn the steps and get familiar with the process, the discovery topic sentences becomes easy. Hence, walk on the right track and fetch excellent grades in your academic writing by obeying the rules and steps. Moreover, to expand your understanding, this section of the blog contains insightful information for you. There, you can find some excellent topic sentences examples that can help you enhance your knowledge. So, do not wait, and have a quick look!

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Learning Through Topic Sentences Examples

Your topic sentence must support your thesis statement. So, are you thinking, “What is topic sentence example?” Do not worry here you will find some wonderful examples that can help you develop your knowledge of the matter. So, if you are given a topic and want to know the best topic sentences for essays for different paragraphs, you are in the right place. Take the reference from the pointers below to expand your thinking horizon.

Ways to Combat Global Warming

If the subject of your theme is global warming, here are some topic sentences examples of different paragraphs that you can use to draft your entire essay. Moreover, you can use the reference of the highlighted words to know one of the multiple ways that can help you know how to catch the reader’s attention.

  • The best way to combat global warmingis to transition to renewable energy from fossil fuels.
  • Investin companies that do not operate or rely on fossil fuels.
  • A third wayto combat global warming is by reducing carbon footprint.

Food Production a Source of Environmental Degradation

If you have to write a topic sentence example for essay on the topic of food production changes and its impact on the environment, take the reference from the ideas mentioned below. It can help you frame the content of your paragraph perfectly.

  • According to the latest report, it has been observed that the meat industry has a significant impact on the environment.
  • Veganism is the only environment-friendly option for consumers.
  • Dietary products costs remain the talk of the town due to its uncertainty and lack of clarity.
  • Cattle farming is alone responsible for the emission of greenhouse gases.

Dogs Are Excellent Pets

  • Reasons stating why dogs are wonderful pets
  • Advantages of keeping a dog as a pet at home
  • How it can help in escalating the mind of a person

 These references are for your knowledge. So, clear your concepts with the help of perfect topic sentences examples and gain top scores. Moreover, if you get stuck and need professional help, connect with our expert writers. Does the information tempt you? Indeed, it is! So, go through the further section to learn more about the exciting facts about our platform that can be of great advantage to you.

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