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Do you ever fight with your siblings or friends? If yes, you must know it can only be resolve by communicating. It is the key that helps two people connect with each other by exchanging their thoughts and emotions. Many people are unable to communicate well and face several difficulties. So, dealing with this transactional model of communication came to light. It is widely used in businesses and organisations to enhance communication among employees and other people. If you have heard about this, then fine; if not, continue reading this blog. Here you can get all the essential information regarding this model. So, let us start this by getting more information about the transaction communication model.

What is Transactional Model of Communication?

The model was introduce by Dean C. Barnlund in the year 1970s. In this context, communication is defined as a series of exchanges of thoughts between two or more people. It is a two-way process where the sender and receiver are consider the main participants. The process is not only about transmitting data from one person to another, but also about understanding and sharing social context.

The model also shows that communication is also affected by various factors like the environment and social norms. In this transactional model of communication the one thing that you need to know is that only one person can send data at a time. The receiver can only respond after receiving the information. Some examples include phone calls, interviews, and face-to-face communication.

This transaction communication model is separated into three parts, which include:

1. Linear Communication Model: In this model, communication happens one way, or, in other words, non-interactive communication. For example, giving speeches and TV ads

2. Interactive Communication Model: This transaction communication model discusses two-way communication with little or no feedback. In this way, the interaction becomes more interesting. When people provide reviews, they interact more with each other. It is less message-focused and gives priority to involvement.

3. Transaction Communication Model: It is considered two-way communication where two parties are involved, i.e., sender and receiver. This can only happen if both parties are present, for example, in conversations on WhatsApp, calls, etc.

However, if you compare these three models, you will find that they all promote communication. If you are having trouble understanding, you can search for the transactional model of communication examples online. It will help you provide in-depth knowledge about these topics. Also, there are some characteristics of this model that you should know.

In this case, a sender first encodes the information they want to deliver and sends it to the receiver through a specific medium. Then the receiver decodes the data and responds in the same way, so its characteristics are as follows:

1. The transaction communication model has many interdependent processes and components.

2. People can send messages continuously.

3. Every participant plays a specific role in the conversation.

Well, these are a few characteristics of the transaction communication model. We hope you are now clear on what is transactional model of communication? By reading next section of this blog, you will gain knowledge on how this works and its uses.

How Does the Transactional Model Work and Used?

You have got a rough idea of what this model is, but this part will help you understand it better. First, we must know its work process, we will move on to how the transactional model of communication is used. The idea behind this model is that communication is a reciprocal process. It works in two ways: the sender and receiver need to participate. Sometimes it is based on emotions, opinions, and attitudes, depending on the situation.

There are three fundamental roles in each party, which include sender, receiver, and interpreter. The sender first understands what they want to deliver and converts it into a message others can understand.

After this, they send this message to another person (the receiver).

The receiver uses their potential to interpret the message they receive. The receiver also adds meaning to the data received. Finally, after understanding it, the receiver responds to the sender. So this is how this communication model works. Now understand how it is used in different ways.

Uses of Transactional Model of Communication

As you have understood how this model works, now is the time to know how it can be use. Knowing this is essential because students have to write papers on it. Due to a lack of understanding, they look for communication assignment help. So if you also go through this situation, this blog can help you. So let’s understand how it can be used in different places.

Whether it is in business, clinical, interpersonal, or organisational contexts, communication needs to happen. In organisations and business the transactional model helps people understand the communication process better. It can let everyone know how to talk within the team and departments. In clinical setting the communication model helps therapists understand their client's dynamics. From this, the therapists can address the needs better and work on them. If we talk about interpersonal settings, this model helps people understand the person they interact with.

So in these areas, this communication model helps people get along with other people. We hope you get this, as there are several scholars due to a lack of knowledge, fail to write their papers. That is why they look for assignment writing servicesIf you also do this, you can consider us when you write your documents next time. Well, do you know there are a few things that also affect this model? If not, then read the next part of the blog.

Factors Affecting Transactional Model of Communication

Factors Affecting Transactional Model of Communication

As everything is affected by a few things in the same way, this model also goes through this. Environmental noise is a factor that impacts this process. Now let’s discuss this in a more detailed way in the below part.

1. Relational Context: It is the relationship between two communicators that influences aspects of their communication. Not all communication has a relational component. For example, people gel better with close friends than with strangers. When they interact with someone, unknown manners generally come up. So this is how the communication model helps people understand how to communicate well with others. Also, in easy terms, this means that people's communication varies depending on the connection and relationship they build with others.

2. Social Context: This context of the transactional model of communication depends on the laws, norms, and values society holds. Let's understand this by an example: when people enter society, they start to follow specific rules for communicating. So it maintains their relationships in the community. It includes greeting someone when you meet them, thanking them for their help, and apologising for their mistakes, to name a few examples.

3. Cultural Context: Any person’s caste, gender, culture, and race affect the way they communicate with people. When people of the same caste or choice meet, their communication is more effective than that of people with different choices. When people interact with an intercultural group, they become self-conscious, so they do not make any mistakes. Many people have a closed mindset about a specific group, and they follow that when they meet.

These are three factors that affect the communication model. If you are about to start your paper, you can use this information. As this model gained so much popularity, it also faced criticism, which you must also know, so read the next part for this.

Criticisms Faced by Transactional Model of Communication

1. When there is no verbal communication by the sender, the message conveyed can be affected. There is a high chance of misunderstanding between sender and receiver.

2. In the transactional model of communication, there is a chance of noise. For example, when people communicate face-to-face in a meeting and don’t agree on the same point, this happens.

Despite these criticisms, this model still stands out due to its effectiveness. It makes people understand why communication is essential and how to do it effectively. Also, this model can help people explore factors that can influence human interactions. Overall, this is an necessary theory that can inspire both personal and professional contexts.

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