What Is Criminology and How Good it is as a Career Choice?

The blog talks about what is Criminology. It also guides you on how to become a criminologist.

02 Feb 2024 495 14 minutes

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Curious to know about what is criminology? Let's discuss it. We all love to imagine a society without a single ounce of crime. But what about taking a step toward fulfilling this dream? What about choosing a path that helps this society eliminate crime from its root cause so that this world can be a better place to live and let live? 

Do you have this unusual interest in scrutinising crimes and going deep down to their motives? Probably you are naturally blessed with an analysing mind. You are a precious talent to pursue a degree in it. However, precisely what is criminology about? What does it take to be a criminologist? To know the answers to these questions and more, you must go through this quick but informative blog to the last word. 

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What Is Criminology?

If we put it in simple words, criminology is the study of crimes. The word "criminology" is a blend of two words. The Latin part "Crimen" means 'to accuse' and the Greek part "Logia" means 'to study'. This study is covered under Law subjects that also discuss the factors that push criminals to commit crimes. As social animals, we all have set up a society where we decide on standard norms and rules for the smooth functioning of the whole system. In modern days, we have governments that are responsible for implementing rules and regulations to keep an orderly society. 

Even with so many social norms and government laws, instinct sometimes overpowers our good sense, and crime happens. This is why this topic came into existence. To understand what is criminology, you should know the basics. So it is a subdivision of Law subject that shows us how these criminal activities and their causes can be eradicated with a humanitarian as well as scientific approach. 

Now that you have learned the basics of what is criminology about. Let's discuss what things are covered under it in the below section.

What Is Taught in Criminology?

Criminology course teaches several aspects of crimes and criminals. Now, our Law assignment help experts will tell you what you learn in this field:

  • How to deal with the criminals?
  • What factors influence criminals to commit crimes?
  • How to investigate crimes and the criminal minds behind them?
  • How a single crime can influence an overall population?
  • Why do some regions have more criminal activities compared to other parts of the world?

By learning about these, you can know about the aspects of "what is a criminologist" and how to be one. All these elements of criminology can be best evaluated through a law assignment. So it is essential for you to keep your knowledge strong of criminal acts in law. If you have trouble writing tasks, get assistance from assignment help experts to achieve excellent scores.

Criminology ATAR Requirement

ATAR requirement for this topic differs from college to college and year to year. So, applicants must check the criminology ATAR requirement before applying for this degree course. There are other ways to get admission to this course without any ATAR score. You can start with a criminology degree in Open Universities without any such requirement. 

For students without any prior grade or criminology experience, we recommend admission through Open Universities Enrolment. If you can prove your worth in learning how to become a criminologist, you can complete the course and secure entry into further criminology study courses. 

While pursuing this, you would be given project works or assignments to evaluate your understanding of the subject. If you need any help, just contact our experts without hesitation.

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How to Become a Criminologist?

This section will surely get the attention of students who are looking for answers to "What is a criminologist?We are sharing how to be a criminologist after finishing your study course and what it takes to be one. 

After discussing "What is criminology?in great detail, we are expected to furnish the academic requirements for establishing yourself as a criminologist.

You can become a professional criminologist after completing your bachelor's degree, but it would be better for your career prospects if you complete your master's degree too. If you aim to take the position of a professor in criminology, then it is best to complete a doctoral degree in psychology with a major in this field. They also have to provide their criminology ATAR scores.

Students from the behavioural science stream can also opt to be a criminologist, as all crimes are laced with a fair share of psychology that influences the criminal or the victim/society. 

Not just the academic requirements, a criminologist must meet some personal characteristics to bear with the traumatic experiences coming with the job. Patience and thoughtfulness are the two most common and essential requirements to know how to become a criminologist. 

Job Profile of a Criminologist

The job of a criminologist can be erratic and tormenting at times. No one should aim to become a criminologist unless and until it's his/her "inner call". This may sound weird, but one must think like a criminal to understand a crime. And to do that, you need to have an understanding of what is criminology, and investigating crimes can have its aftermaths on your personality.  

The job profile of a criminologist involves several responsibilities. Here are the major ones:

  • Conducting research
  • Investing the crime scenes
  • Developing reasonable theories behind crimes 
  • Analysing personal behaviours of criminals
  • Preparing report

After discussing all the possible job profiles one can get into if one decides to become a criminologist, let's discuss what one might have to do in this profession.

What Tasks Criminologists Do?

A criminologist must study these areas below to combine his/her practical understanding with theoretical knowledge. Let's know from our Law essay help experts:

  • Location of crimes
  • Frequency of crimes
  • Types of crimes
  • Plausible causes of crimes
  • Individual consequences of crime
  • Social consequences of crime
  • Individual reactions to crime
  • Social Reactions to Crime
  • Governmental Reactions to Crime

Do you find doing these tasks interesting? Are you curious to know more about it? Read the below section to learn about what jobs you can apply for in criminology.

What Jobs Can Be Applied with a Criminology Degree?

For criminologists, various job prospects are available, and they range through different environments. To learn about them, you need to do in-depth research on "what is criminology." You can choose your field of work depending on how you want to hone your skills and what impact you want to have on society. 

Here are some of the career options that you can explore with a degree in criminology:

Jobs Can Be Applied with a Criminology Degree

  • Investigator
  • Criminologist
  • Police Officer
  • Prison Officer
  • Criminal Profiler
  • Probation Officer
  • Crime Counsellor
  • Jury Consultation
  • Criminology Professor
  • Forensic Psychologist
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Community Development Worker
  • Policy Developers to Deter Crimes

Once you have applied for a job, knowing about the job role is necessary. Let's learn from the below section about what to expect in this job role.

What to Expect from the Job of a Criminologist?

Everyone expects something good from his/her job. However, to know "how to become a criminologist", you should know what to expect in this profession.

  • A very respectable career
  • A chance to secure social justice
  • Eradicating root causes of crimes
  • Assisting the government in developing better laws
  • Getting intellectual stimulation

Have you understood what you can expect from this field? Do you still want to pursue a career in it? Then, we suggest you seek help from our experts for all your assignments related to criminology and Law. Know how we can help you in the next section.

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School of Thoughts in Criminology.

So, now that you have understood what is criminology, you must be thinking about what is exactly a school of thought in Criminology. Let us make you understand. School of thought is a phrase that means a group of people shares the same opinion or a specific way of thought process. So how is this related to Criminology? Well, here we talk about different thoughts and ideas about the crime of people. This thought or theory first came into existence by social philosophers in mid 18th century. So the major three schools of thought are: 

Classical School

This school believes that every person has the right to do as they want. However, punishment is necessary for any act of crime. So no matter if they seek plain behaviour or want to avoid pain. Some would still consider cost over benefit approach while committing a crime.

Positivist School

In this school, positivist thoughts suggest that people look at environmental, biological, and psychological factors in their criminal acts, avoiding pain and looking for plain behaviour. Moreover, it brought a scientific discipline by implementing the scientific method to study human behaviour.

Chicago School

Chicago school came into existence in the 1920s with an ecological thought. It studies that psychological and environmental elements have the potential to impact human behaviour.

I hope you must have understood what is criminology aboutIf things are still unclear and you cannot complete the assignment, you should go through the next section.

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It is not easy to pursue this course; you may need a lot of help from your professor or outside. So, criminology could be your calling if you are willing to fight crimes and perish them from their root level. We can be there to assist you in every way. Whether you find it too overwhelming to understand the assigned tasks or manage time for writing out of your busy schedule, our experts are here to offer some relieving professional assistance. We assure you of a unique and well-composed write-up whenever you choose us as your assignment developer. 

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