Five Great Apps That Makes Accounting Easy to Learn

Five Great Apps That Makes Accounting Easy to Learn

13 Jun 2023 4976 5 minutes

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The Australian Bureau of Labour Statistics reported that with growth in business sector accounting jobs are increasing steadily. Well, obtaining a degree or diploma in this field can be challenging. But with consistent practice and good tutorials in hand, one can clear it easily. At present, studies have become easier because students are not limited to using textbooks and practice papers; rather, they have a vast set of online study materials, tutorials, video sessions and more. And, as the digital technology continues to improve, there are more and more apps to make studies easy and fun. By using them, you can access your notes across any platform. Here we have enlisted a few most useful ones that you can use across various platforms

Becker’s Mobile App

This app is extremely beneficial for students who are preparing for the CPA designation. It offers two advanced learning tools in one application: a guided exam preparation program and an advanced, clinically focused question bank. Becker can help you with every topic related to accounting and finance. And, its CPA Exam Review has ranked first for years. As this app works round the clock, by using it, one gets the independence to study at any time, even wee hours. The app also has a time tracker that can keeps track of the number of days until an exam arrives.

Accounting Calculator

Unlike a standard calculator that is only able to perform mathematical functions, this app can help to account students to make complex accounting calculation within seconds. This accounting calculator can also solve complex problems of taxation, such as percentage calculations and functions for including and excluding tax. It can solve up-to 12 digit problems so accounting students can easily use it for preparing balance sheets, cash-flow statements, and profit & loss account. The best thing about this accounting app is that it is free of cost.

Mint Personal Finance and Money

This app helps in keeping track of personal finances along with personal income and expenses. It gives us the hands-on opportunity to put their accounting skills to the test. Students can link this app to their loan and bank accounts to track net worth. Mint is the free money manager that bring together your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, and investments. By using it, you can even keep track of your credit scores.

Currency Go

Finance and accounting students can use this to convert the currencies from around the world. It sources information from banks and financial institutions to ensure that the latest conversion rates are used. Scholars who are interested in international accounting can use this app to source information from banks and financial institution around the world. It provides the most accurate date related to exchange rates and data sources.

My Accounting Teacher

It provides supplemental reference material that goes beyond the classroom. This app covers basic accounting concepts including definitions, examples, and videos. The first two modules of the study material available on this app contain fundamental lessons in accounting, and they are entirely free of cost. The next modules are based on the advanced chapters of accounting and are free of cost.

Choosing accounting as a major opens up many possibilities for students. But for excelling in academic and professional career, students need to take a proactive part in learning. And, all the above-mentioned apps can help you with that. In case you are not able to solve the pending assignments, then feel free to ask us for accounting assignment help. We have highly proficient academic experts who possess immense knowledge and vast experience in this field. Approach them today to enjoy the fruit of success tomorrow!

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