5 Self-Help Techniques to Remain Stress-free During Exams

Five Tips : How You Can Beat Exam Stress in Simple Techniques

24 Aug 2023 4579 6 minutes

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Stress is an unavoidable part of college life. However, during exams, its intensity increases steeply. Well, a little bit of it is good as it drives students to focus on their studies, but too much of it can hamper their productivity and not required take a significant toll on their health. Psychologists say that anxiety occurs when scholars perceive that demands placed on them exceed their ability to work. To combat stress, you first need to understand the reasons behind it. It may be due to low motivation level, lack of preparation and planning, high expectations from parents, or competition from peers. After finding the exact cause of the problem, you should plan the strategy to deal with it. Remember that you can either allow the stress to overpower you or use it as an extrinsic motivator. But it totally depends on how you reflect on the situation, choose a path to keep those negative feelings at bay, and concentrate on your learning goals. Here we have shared some simple tips that will surely help in dealing with exam stress.

1) Take a Power Nap

Most students presume that staying up and cramming right up to the last minute before the exam will help them memorize every important detail and excel in the exam. But this indeed does not work as working in a sleep-deprived state puts one in a disadvantageous situation by affecting the brain and cognitive functions. Moreover, it makes a person tired and stressed. Thus, you must take at least 6 hours of sound sleep at night. Apart from this, psychologists also recommend that the mid-day sleep or a ‘power nap’ can be beneficial as it provides many benefits such as better reaction time, increased learning, and more efficiency.

2) Listen to Music

Listening to classic music can create a positive and productive environment by elevating our mood. It is an extremely effective stress-beater due to its unique ability to control the pulse rate and lessening the production of cortisol which is responsible for interfering with learning and memory. Apart from this, playing technical music like jazz while studying can help you concentrate better.

3) Use Visualization for Stress Relief

This technique has been used by many successful people in the past and has helped them turn their dreams into reality. The practice involves visualizing one’s desired future by sitting in a comfortable position, closing eyes and imagining in as vivid detail as possible. It has many benefits, such as it activates our creative subconscious and it programs our brain to readily recognize our objectives. And, most importantly, it can help one calm down by turning off the stress responses.

4) Do Meditation

Spending some time in meditation will be very useful in keeping you calm and stress-free. There are certain power yogas and meditation techniques that can also help your brain to revise faster and retain everything for a long time. Experts say that practicing meditation leads to mindfulness which further enhances one’s cognitive skills, such as memorization, concentration, and creativity. And, by practicing meditation, people can get rid of the negative emotions and thoughts that cause mental and physical stress.

5) Exercise

Physical activities like sports and aerobic exercises are effective tools to fight stress. However, most students get so involved with their studies right from two weeks before the exam that they feel it’s frivolous to spend time on such activities. But following a stagnant routine adds to their anxiety and nothing else. So, they must spend at least half an hour on sports as it has many benefits, such as relieving mental stress by promoting better sleep, increase in self-esteem, and better memory. The scientific reason behind this is that they stimulate endorphins' production.

Apart from all the aforementioned tips, we suggest you not to be frugal to laugh as when it comes to managing the stress, big laughter is highly recommended by doctor. Also, try to trust your abilities and think that there is nothing in this world that you can’t handle. In case you are juggling exam presentations with academic projects, let us handle the later one. Just avail our assignment writing services and be ready to score well in the internal assessments.

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