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    Communication Skills for Business

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 2 / Words 575
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: D/508/9669
    • Downloads: 581
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze how communication works effectively in a business organisation as well as requirement of communication skills in individuals.
    •    Explain the procedure of communication by evaluating communication system, model, theory and principle.
    •    Evaluate the requirement of oral communication skill within a business firm.
    •    Describe the practices of communication in writing with the help of real world examples.

    Answer :


    The term communication refers to share ideas, thoughts and views in proper manner for some of specific purpose. It is necessary to make an effective as well as efficient conversation within an organisation so that required projects can be completed in an appropriate way to get desired outcomes (Certo, 2018). It is important to provide required information to staff members through making an accurate conversation with them by carrying out needed meetings, conferences etc. This assignment will discuss about different types of communication along with several models that can be utilised to conduct an effective conversation to desired people to fulfil essential purpose. It includes several skills or abilities to conduct communication by various forms like formal reports. Emails, letters, etc.  

    TASK 1

    (Covered in PPT)

    Communication models and systems used in business

    Communication refers to share information, thoughts and concepts to other person for some of particular reason. It is necessary to maintain an appropriate conversation within an enterprise to establish an effective coordination as well as cooperation to conduct different types of activities to get better outcomes. 

    Models of communication

    Shanon and Weaver’s Information Theory Model: - It indicates that process of communication will be started from brain of sender in which they modify thoughts or concepts into message to receiver. Now, brain of receiver perceived the message and then provide feedback accordingly. The factor of noise interrupt the whole procedure.   

    Collin and Guetzkowr’s Group Communication Model: - This model involves to analyse the decision making process or conversation between large groups. It involves several factors such as sources of problem, group behaviour and reward for work environment. In this process, environmental and interpersonal barriers mainly put impacts on group communication (Beebe and Mottet, 2013).   

    Circular Model of Communication: - This can be described as an important model which involves factor of feedback to be essential and that is very necessary for two way communication. It is basically real business conversation in which sender send message and receiver get the same to respond respectively. 

    Systems in communication

    Radio Communication System: - This can be described as the process in which communication takes place through the help of radio. It is a kind of system which involves a transmitter and a receiver which and both will equipped with an antenna (Mishra, 2014). 

    Duplex communications system: - It can be explained as an effective conversation procedures in which two equipments are working simultaneously to exchange information from one person to other one. For example, if a communication going by telephone then these two devices are performing their tasks so that required information can be exchanges properly. 

    Half Duplex Communication System: - In this method, both people are not able to communicate at the same time. Sender has stop sending message then only the receiver become capable to give an appropriate response. It involves an example of walkie talkie which is working on half duplex system.  

    Communication methods and technology in businesses

    The term communication is simply about to exchange required information, thoughts and concepts for specific purpose. It involves various essential activities which can be conducted in an accurate manner through making an effective conversation to workers. There are various kinds of methods and technology which are used to communicate with people properly, som

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