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    D/508/9669 - Communication Skills for Business

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 16
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 3 / Words 637
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: D/508/9669
    • Downloads: 590
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze requirement of effective business communication by considering its different aspects as oral and written. This skill will assist to make work easier by developing a business team in order to attain business objectives.

    • Explain models, systems and methods of communication in a business context.
    • Design a role play in order to analyze the effectiveness of oral communication.
    • Describe communication writing by providing information using appropriate business styles and methods.
    Answer :


    The concept of communication can be defined as a term used to make interaction with others. In business, various kinds of communication is used to share information with people associated with company which is helpful in conveying message in a concise manner. It is also helpful in understanding opinion of others on a specific topic (Luthans and Doh, 2018). Generally it is done through verbal, non-verbal, oral or in written form which is useful in getting feedback and perception of persons. In this manner a report is presented which describes various types of methods, models and application of communication as well as barriers which hinder the same within an organisation. 

    TASK 2

    Oral Communication

    It implies communication through verbal or mouth in which every person made a conversation with others either in direct way or by telephonic conversation. It includes speeches, presentation or discussion on a topic where direct interaction is required. In business section, face to face communication is necessary when meetings, lecturers, conferences, interviews and more are organised (Hesselbarth and Schaltegger, 2014). It will be helpful in building and developing a trust among others. The main advantages of this kind of communication are it saves time, money and efforts of people at workplace, as it is inter-personal so develop a high level of transparency and understanding. It allows in making quick decisions as well as giving opportunity to others in taking part in the same. It is majorly useful when a work is assigned for a team as well as when a secret or confidential information has to be conveyed (Hasson, 2015). But as business includes formal system mostly therefore, rely totally on oral communication is not sufficient for operational activities. It is also less authentic as compared with written communication (Royle and Laing, 2014). This type of method also ineffective for legal records.      

    Case study- As per present scenario, it is a requirement of describing a role of customer who is so irritate due to not receiving promised goods on time (Meulenbroek, Bowers and Turkstra, 2016). Therefore, in this manner a brief of conversation is given below that held between a consumer and customer service executive of a company: So, your order has been dispatched from here and might be delivered till tomorrow's morning.

    Customer (interviewee): Hello! This side Samayra. I just here want to inform you I have placed an order few days before in your company and have got an assurance of delivery on time. But sorry to say I didn't receive the same on assured date and still waiting for that. So, can you give me justification on that? 

    Customer Service Executive (interviewer): Hello Ma'am! Greetings for the day. It is an highly obliged to say that it is a policy of our association to dispatch order of a customer on second day after receiving confirmation which will be delivered within three days. But as if you said that order didn't received by you till now so, let me check whole situation and find out problem of discrepancy. Will you please give some  more information like order number, date of promised delivery . 

    Customer: 5955898490458

    Customer Care Executive: Sorry for waiting ma'am, I have seen that your order has been already dispatched here but due to some transportation problem, it has become late to deliver.  

    Customer: Listen I don't want any recommendation of your side, I had trust on policy of your company which has broken as no information have given about late of delivery especially when I have mentioned that please inform me on prior basis about inconvenience of the same if happen. 

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