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    Different Theories Of Communication Skills For Business


    Communication skill is one of the most important skills which is required by every candidate to communicate and interact with others. It is required both in personal and professional life. There are certain situations while working in a team in the organization, where it becomes difficult to handle the situation, in that time communication skills can help to come out of that situation (Cotton and Falvey, 2012). If anyone wants to be successful, he or she should know how to communicate efficiently. With better skills, the value of that person increases. By using different methods and modes of communication employees can transfer their information to another person. This assignment will focus on different theories of communication, various technology, methods, modes, and barriers to communication.

    TASK 1 - Theory of Communication

    1) Communication models and system used in business

    Communication is the transfer of information or message from one person (sender) to another (receiver). There are different models of communication and some of them are mentioned below:

    Aristotle Model of Communication: He was the first person who designed the communication model. His model was widely accepted all around the world. This model focuses on speaker and speech and is broadly classified into 5 elements - Speaker, Speech, Occasion, Audience, and Effect. This model is basically speaker-oriented as it plays important role in transferring the message to another (Kurtz, Draper, and Silverman, 2016). Here the role of the audience is passive and is generally influenced by the speech. Due to this, the communication process if from one side. Speaker prepares speech according to the target audience and situation (Occasion).

    Helical Model of Communication: Frank Dance give this model, inspired by a helix. Helix is basically a three-dimensional spring-like spring in the shape of a cylindrical or a cone. It is based on the concept of continuousness of the communication process and relational interactions. The lower part of the helix is small and is gradually becomes bigger on the other end. This represents the progression of communication. For example, when we talk to a person at the beginning, we have no idea about that person and the knowledge related to that person gradually grows with time.

    There are communication system help in smooth transmission of data form source to receiver (Beebe and Mottet, 2013). System basically includes communication networks, transmission systems, relay station, data terminal equipment usually capable of interaction to form an integrated whole. Types of communication system are given below:

    • Half Duplex Communication System: There is one way communication in half duplex. In this, either sender can send the signals or recipient can respond to the sender.
    • Duplex communication system: There is two way communication in full duplex. It may involve two or more than two parties and they can communicate simultaneously to each other. For example: Any employee talking to its stakeholders related to any business deal. It involves two way communication.
    • Tactical communication system: In this, the communication changes with change in environmental conditions and other situation.

    All the above communication system are used to ensure safe and secure transmission between sender and receiver by avoiding any possible type of disturbance. There are different types of communication model which are used to ensure smooth and better understanding of comm

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