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    Effects of Employees Behaviour on Business-TESCO

    University: The University of Melbourne

    • Unit No: 11
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2260
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 569


    Business environment have two factor that is external and internal which affected business. In business environment, external and internal factors influence each other and work together to affect any business. For example, healthy and safety regulations is an external factor that influence the internal environment of business.

    In business define that persecution of business affected the business or employees behaviour. It is corrected the business and created the level of variable equation of control in business environment (Drucker, 2017). It is required that the business environmental problems should be take superiorly by the company, organisation industries. A business can be established, but to successfully sustain a business, the business need resource like finance , financial institute , social norms, which depend on the society proper market condition is depend on the market or reliable the nature and condition will be applicable of continuing of business environment. It required of benefits the nature of significances of variable controlled by the selective nature. Then there are natural resource and ram material, for which it has to depend on nature

    Task 1

    P1 Relationship between different organisation function and objectives.

    Functional structure- Most of functional organizational structure with a chain of command of different function go into separate departments that reports to department manager. A functional structure for an organization is not without its drawbacks , however of the level of functional equation variable of correcting nature of , it may relating nature are variable resorts for the equation of controlling nature (Crane, and Matten, 2016). It is for the corpus for the equation for the reasonableness functional of equation to relating nature of objective for the the propose for the equation-for the variable corrective nature relating parts of elective nature of equation to recreating nature of equating. For functional of equation are relating nature are perception of variable continuing nature of effective nature of creating variable process. It may be a corrective nature of variable process of controlling nature of process

    Divisional structure- A divisional organization structure are spreads of function or across different branches .If organization have different structures line , the divisional of productivity are has been included in Owen functional groups. Such as marketing ,sales and marketing correcting level of function of variable of contracting nature of equation of valuation of structure relating parts of variable issues and its a variable contracting nature of divisional for its business operational more or less autonomously (Goleman,, 2017). The drawback is that with with employs in realign variable influence . It managing five human resources, rather that a single, centralized operation, mean duplication of functions,management systems, policy development and so on. Divisional structure are relating a profitability in selective nature of variable resources.

    Matrix structures- This structures is help to easy way in business function that a more hierarchical organization. In a matrix structure, each employees, it assumed each employee works in function- based a more organizational changes. I

    In tesco functional structures in follows because there different types of department

    1.Design and production- In TESCO design and production are based laborious, capital, energy, material, information .this are the factor of production that scribed that how tesco company described his design. It the function of creating nature of variable resources and the level of creating part of variable selective nature (Belás, and Sipko, 2015). For design and production it required and tesco company reasonableness for the company production problems and selecting nature of evaluating suppose of variable resources of creating nature of relating part of variable remorse and it may incorrect parts of selecting organization,.

    2. Finance function- In this function the finance department or unit may also be responsible for administrating employees expanses and salaries. For pay of wages the finance department will also be statement for tax purposes and to implicitly with the ledgers semi-retirement information

    3. Human resources function- In tesco hum,an resources or personnels main responsibilities in the recruitment, selection, training and development of staff. This will involve developing staff to maximise their potential in a manner that furthers the organisation objectives, in human resources organizational function selecting process is important because good selecting process is showing that organization have qualities are selecting process is good for the future organization profits.

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    TASK 2

    P2 Pestle analysis of tesco

    1. Political factor- The tax on supermarket is proposed by local council and uk government and is also knows as tesco tax (Hair and Page, 2015). This companies s is operating in 12 countries including Asia and Europe. It is exposed to many political factor that can affected the operation of tesco. These factors including tax rates ,Current and impending, legislation, political instabilities,unemployment rate , economic condition of the countries. Political factor .
    2. Economic factor- It is important labour cost economic factor that affected tesco that is cost prices and profits . In past years there are two most important strategies for international market diversification and presence. There are many factor that effeteness in economically way in
    3. Social factor- Social responsibility in TESCO are constantly changing over time. People have talk about to the scheduled and want same day and first delivery with the purpose for accepting . TESCO company is UK based and understands UK culture and schedules . In UK consumers they want right product at right place. due to this tesco have to change there distribution channels and services they had to make changes in the service in order to meet the need of society
    4. Technological factor- Advancement in technology has resulted in facing issue like costumer satisfaction in tesco does change in technology is forcing tesco to make changes in there process and procedural (.Hillary, 2017). With the help of technology tesco have new opportunities to regain the customer trust. Tesco have new technology for costume that they can easy way to payment with this payment system customer can shops and tag products. this technology saves time and labour cost as well.
    5. Environmental factor- Many companies or organization have problems that government pressure for address environmental issues but tesco very Responsible for environment issues and tesco committed that his sources and productivity are less used electricity by 2030 and it minimize up to 50% of carbon footprint by 2020. which is very big commitment for any organization because in productivity electricity is very important. Tesco have also support for recycling plastic bags .
    6. Legal factor- A business legal environment it is important that you have knowledge about yours business area and its laws. Many companies and organization faces that they cant be search the laws results that that company have pressurised by the government (Savrul, , Incekara and Sener,, 2014) . Tesco also faces this problems and understands by his customer response and authorities of governments

    P3 Internal analysis of tesco


    1. Wide and Diversified– Tesco is very wide and diversified company because it has different segments or various customer based serves departments . Tesco diversified his work constantly and include customer base which is drilling contract, equipment brokers, oil and gas companies. Tesco is not particular segments depended for revenues generates.
    2. Strong product- In tesco organization they have strong product segments , and also they provided segments according on its clients depends . It helps for tackle competition in global market. Tesco have different segments that qualities of product and service useful for different type of customer and creates customer captures in mind for better option priority
    3. Patents- TESCO have various patents of development in technology that company have beneficial for its main business (Cull,, Navajas,, Nishida and Zeiler, 2015). Strong patent describe that tesco have opportunities that attracts for organization many projects .


    1. Infringement controversies- In reputed organization working for his customer benefit product and services , controversies creates customer mind impact very badly. tesco legal cost have increased for clearing controversy or clams by violating of there patents . If claim is realisable and against tesco its effect of his business and image in global market .
    2. Concentrated operation- TESCO commonly business operates in north America and gets his revenues of 40% in particular areas of north America and it contribute in us a and Canada . If any economic slowdown in this business its impact of tesco business revenues.


    1.New research and developments– Tesco is based on technology and new service . tesco have opportunities that new ides and innovating his new segments and creates business for comparative market tesco also offers something new to the existing clients and attract new clients.

    2.Strategic acquisitions– Tesco have strategic acquisitions for the purpose to get better access to technology and save time and money to build technology . For strategic position it help to tesco and chance to lookout for acquiring companies which can offer it to them(Sekaran and Bougie, 2016 ). Get Assignment help Perth at the lowest price with the assistance of experts by Australia.


    1. Global economic environment- Tesco effectually for global economic conditions is considering volatility in gas and oil rates for political turmoil in the world . Due to this adversely affects for demand of top drive units for tesco. Tesco globe effects the markets segments to evaluating economical condition .
    2. Seasonal variation– Tesco follows seasonal variation for drilling operation can only be carried out in certain regions . In seasonal variation tasco have opportunities creating his segment for particular areas like some ties areas in hot or cold weather according to them segments realized and effect tesco activities and business .
    3. Risk– Tesco is basically oil and gas production system (Deasy and Emil, 2017) . Its risk on specially in line exploration, production application if any incident in this activities .

    P4 How strengths and weakness interrelate with macro factors

    In tesco organization if relating with weakness with political view some policies and laws that have been imposed by the government for the purpose of protecting environmental risk because of tesco production. Uprising of globally oil prices its effect that socially which people can not afford of prices increasing. The major weakness is that breaking the laws and impact of environments of controlled. Strength directly related to business growth and development .tesco are able to determine the changes that occurs (Drucker, 2017) . It helps company to expand his business operations and increase their sales. tesco is very well studied factors that helps them establishing their plans over there that a strengths in tecso. If company focused in political views laws rules of government , that effectively run business in proper manner their major weakness is imposing of various laws for protecting the environment that is restricting them in doing business effectively. In order to following these laws now they have restricted their orations and focusing on producing environments friendly product . One of the most good Strengths that is his technology views and innovating ides of tesco organization that needed of this organization have highly profitable of technically factor its profitably depend on his technology way of transaction and Costumer satisfaction (Crane, and Matten, 2016) . If customer is useful to necessary his product and certain area of technology tesco is not upgrade in long time its impact that tesco customer . If customer impact of necessary good and it relating for tesco production. Tesco production are depressant on his market relating with combustor and continuing his amaretto his segments and it effected market structures globe .

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    Form this file it is concluded that there are different type of organization such like public, private, join voluntary which have size and scope for improving organization business structure .Organization have different function and operation that its functional , divisional matrix which have difference types of department that show company design , human resource and finance. In this study there is pestal and swot analysis so that we can say that organization stands in global market


    • Belás, J.. and Sipko, J., 2015. The business environment of small and medium-sized enterprises in selected regions of the Czech Republic and Slovakia.E+ M Ekonomie a Management, (1), p.95.
    • Crane, A. and Matten, D., 2016.Business ethics: Managing corporate citizenship and sustainability in the age of globalization. Oxford University Press.
    • Cull, R., Navajas, S., Nishida, I. and Zeiler, R., 2015. A new index of the business environment for microfinance.World Development,70, pp.357-388.
    • Deasy, S. and Emil, S.I.T., 2017.User interface for controlling use of a business environment on a mobile device. U.S. Patent 9,544,274.
    • Drucker, P.F., 2017.The Theory of the Business (Harvard Business Review Classics). Harvard Business Press.

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