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    L/508/0485 - Positive And Negative Impact Of External Environmental Factors

    University: Regent College London

    • Unit No: 1
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 3 / Words 805
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/0485
    • Downloads: 764
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze business environmental practices that has a direct impact over business operational and functional activities. In this regard, it is required to analyze several areas as:

    • Identify different types of organisation as well as their size and scope.
    • Analyze interrelationship between different functional departments within Tesco.
    • Evaluate the positive and negative impact of external environmental factors upon business practices of Tesco.
    • Analyze strength and weaknesses of Tesco as well as its interrelationship with macro environmental factors.
    Answer :


    Business environments related to the organizational functions which related to the internal and external factors that influence operating situation company. Business environment include all the organizationals functions like customers employees, investor, manager and supplier etc. in this report different types of organizations define their structure and their functions according to their size. It report also determines the different types of organizations purpose like public, private and voluntary and structures and their size and scope. Tesco has been considered as the organizations discussed in the report. It report also define the relationship between all the organizational and their functions and their objectives. And the positive and negative impact on micro environment factors has business operations which supported by the specific company (Drucker, 2017). Or apply the PESTLE model to support internal and external analysis of company and their strengths and weakness with related to the external macro factors in organizations.

    TASK 2

    P3 Relationship of different organizational functions and objective and structures for the purpose:

    Functions- The functions are relation to organisation which define the different functionality in organizations. Which are discussed below-

    • Human resource- The human resource relation to Tesco to operate all over employees working performance like they handle all staff responsibilities and they appoint all the staff to their work according to their ability.
    • Employees- employees are most important part of the organization and they are directly link to the organizations like Tesco employees are handle all over functionality of working like handle customer' and give details about the product etc.
    • Marketing department- Marketing department is the most important function organisation like the marketing department of Tesco able to promote their organisation product and make popularity of products,
    • Sales department- The sales department are able to maintained all the selling to organisational products. For example- the Tesco sales department are selling all product of organizations.

    In organizations business functions are sales, marketing, research, production and billing. Organizational structure determines the relationship and interactions between the all elements in they interrelated to each other and interconnected to each other. Those functions in organizations influence to each other (Bryman and Bell, 2015 ). The various ways to define the relationship of the company functions and structures-

    • Functional structures- Organizational functions department each are linked together. Each department concentrate to their particular mission and task. In organizational many department like employees, managers, directors etc. all are linked together and growth of the company. Organizational factional department take responsibilities to the organizations all are work together. For example – Tesco organizations have many functional department which are linked together like manager, employees director and other staff members. All are shard their working details and working functions to each others. If Tesco organizations have any problems related to the any department so other department help to solved their problems. Apart from that functional department of any organisation define their
    • Divisional structure- Decisional organizational structure defines the functions across different branches if company has products lines so divisional are in group like sales, accounting, marketing, R&D etc. each divisional of company has necessary functions. And all have different purpose of to doing business. Each divisional are carry out its business operations. Each divisional have different personality in business. For example- Tesco have also divisional department which all are had different purpose like suppliers, marketing department, sales, distributors etc. marketing department performed the promotional functions in Tesco and the sales department which are selling the Tesco products to the customers in market and the suppliers supplies the products to the other retailers in the market (Kolk, 2016).
    • Matrix structures- Using the matrix structures in business this give greater flexibility in business functions then more hierarchical organizations. In this structure each employees are worked according to the function based department like finance or marketing. But it also occurs they are allotted a project by different teamed. The matrix structure changing the organizational needs. For example – Tesco organize the structure which employees are the worked in different team lead like they are appointed to the different functional department like finance department employees are working in the marketing department and marketing sector employees are working in finance department. The meaning is each employees are arrange duties in organizations. The Tesco mainly define the organizational

    Organizational charts- In this structure organizations mainly maintained their working according to the staff working they are not handle the distribute the staff functions they make chart to improve management efficiency (Cull, and et.al.

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