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    M/508/0495 - Evaluate Employee Skills, Knowledge And Behavior

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 2078
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/0495 (RCF)
    • Downloads: 669
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze individual, team and organisation development practices that can assist in attaining desired goals and objectives of firm. In this regard, it is required for firm analyze several areas as:

    • Evaluate employee skills, knowledge and behavior required by Human resource professionals.
    • Identify the factors that requires to be consider at the time of evaluating and implementing inclusive learning practices that drive sustainable performance in Whirlpool.
    • Discuss how high-performance working contributes to employee engagement as well as competitive advantage in Whirlpool.
    • Determine different ways in which effective communication, performance management and collaborative working that can support high performance culture.
    Answer :


    In an organisation there are various activities that are performed by them. Amongst this, Human resource management plays an important role in providing maximum benefits. Prime duty of managers in the department of HR is to recruit suitable candidates who are eligible enough in performing the task effectively. Firm that is taken in this assignment is Whirlpool which is a leading company in United Kingdom. The report will focus on skills and information that is required by an individual in order to become HR manager (Amabile, 2012). For this, different techniques that are required to get a better results are mentioned in this assignment.

    TASK 1

    P1 Appropriate skills, knowledge and behaviours required by HR professionals

    Today in fast developing world, every company seeks to develop its working system and earn competition advantage. For achieving this success, managers of such associations perform various functions. In this regard, human resource management plays a vital role in developing organisation culture and working system in a proper manner. HR managers take various roles and responsibilities like to manage people, developing their abilities and skills, make them able to work as per business requirement and get right work from them. These functions help in improving performance of industry which aid in obtaining better outcomes (Berry, 2011). Therefore, to perform all these functions in a proper manner, managers are required to possess appropriate skills and knowledge as well as should behave in proper manner. 

    Skills are like abilities through which a person can perform any type of task as well as can enhance the same by going through learning and training development.

    Knowledge is a concept of information which a person can gain through personal experience or learning.  A perfect and right knowledge helps an individual to take quick decision or choose a best option from various alternatives related to a part of activity. Therefore, when a company makes modifications and develop its technologies then it will help in enhancing skills and knowledge of people associated with organisation in a proper manner.

    Behaviour reflects attitude which shows how a person interacts with other, influence them and get affected as per different situations.

    Thus, in context with Whirlpool which deals in electronic sector and sales home appliances like Washing Machine, Refrigerator, TV and more (Ford, 2014). This company is famous for its innovations, so to keep on maintaining the reputation HR managers perform various roles and responsibilities in effective manner. They contribute their more efforts in achieving success of this organisation like:

    • Negotiator: HR managers in a firm acts like a commutator who convey demands of employees to superiors. Through proper efforts they develop and maintain relationship between workers and management (Gibbs, 2013). This would help in reducing the chance of conflicts which shows that in large industries, it is essential for manager to be a good negotiator.
    • Understanding individual behaviour: It is the main liability of HR managers in an enterprise to determine factors present in organisation that affect behaviour and performance of employees. Through proper understanding behaviour of workers, managers can make better policies and strategies so that the same can be followed easily.

    As major duty of HR executives in a company is hiring employees from inside and outsie environment of business. Therefore, in this regard, managers of Whirlpool are needed to possess following skills, knowledge and behaviour:-


    • Contract law: It is considered as main aspect under job recruitment process, where HR managers of Whirlpool need to make job contract as per legal laws. This agreement provide information to new candidates about rules and regulations of business, termination process, assessment and more. 
    • Training and Development Techniques: After hiring new candidates, it is amendable for managers to provide induction training program to them. This would help new recruiters to become familiar with new working environment and prepare themselves to work accordingly.


    • Communication: Being a manager, an individual should have good interpersonal and communication skills. Through such type of abilities, managers in a firm can interact with others in a proper way as well as develop good relations. As per present scenario, through proper communications, managers of Whirlpool Company influence workers to work as per need of business. This firm is one of the largest company in UK having more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centres in many countries. Currently, many workers are working in this enterprise i.e. near about 92,000 so, its HR managers are used to develop a good relationship among all through effective communication skills as well as provide them healthy working environment. It helps in getting right work from them.
    • Problem solving skills: As Whirlpool has diverse culture therefore, conflicts among employees arise on regular basis due to different culture. In addition to this, present company also used to bring modification in technology and system on daily basis to create innovations in products. Thus, in this regard, HR managers must develop their problem solving abilities so that adverse issues can be resolved on time.


    • Ethics: It is amendable for HR professionals of any organisation to behave with others in ethical manner. They should deal with problems like conflicts, employee resistivity in well-mannered way so that occurrence of severe issues (employee turnover) can be reduced.
    • Confidentiality: In Whirlpool, HR executives should ensure that any type of personal information of employees, customers and other stakeholders would not be shared with third person.

    P2 Personal skill audit for determination of skills, knowledge and behaviour and preparation of professional development plan

    As per present scenario, being a manager in HR department of Whirlpool I have played various functions to manage whole atmosphere of workplace. It includes recruitment and selection, managing relationship among large numbers of employees and more. Perfect environment in premises reflects that skills and abilities which I have possessed is good for company. But, when any new changes happen in organisational system then it disturb behaviour of workers. So, in such conditions I am feeling unable to manage the same and take decision for how to cope with that (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Therefore, by personal skills auditing, I can evaluate myself in following manner:-

    Strengths: Whirlpool has large working organisation where near about 92,000 are currently working so to manage all of them is really a big task. In addition to this, understanding behaviour of each individual and formulate policies accordingly in an effective manner reflects strongest part of me that I am good in that. With good communication and leadership skills aid me to provide proper direction to workers as well as influence them towards goals and objectives. I have possessed appropriate knowledge of compliance also which help in operating business of this firm in various countries in a legal manner.

    Weaknesses: The major weakness of mine that hampers me at workplace is lack of proper technical knowledge which is necessary to have by every person who works in large organisations. It acts as a barrier in getting promotion in this company. Along with this, in Whirlpool various problems are occurred on daily basis so, in such situation sometimes decision taken by me prove ineffective (Kozlowski and Bell, 2013). So, I need to work on my drawbacks and improves abilities by taking essential learning session. This would aid me to perform well as well as become a successful HR manager. It will make me able to influences workers and give them proper guidance by taking decisions in an appropriate manner. To overcome from my weaknesses and improve abilities, it is necessary for me to develop CPD plan. This would help me in organising activities within a time-frame by which I can develop my skills.

    Therefore, to develop interpersonal and professional skills, a personal audit of mine can be analysed in the below table. 

    Serial no.

    Learning objective

    Current proficiency

    Target proficiency

      Development opportunities

    Time scale


    Problem solving skills



    Problems are generally occurred in workplace due to misconceptions  between management and staff members. So, it is a main responsibility of HR managers to resolve them within short period of time. As, it is main weakness of me so, I need to take an essential training  for removing this.

    1.5 to 2 months


    Information technology



    Any industry whether belongs to technical, retail or manufacture, needs managers who have gained perfect  knowledge of IT and its applications. In HR department, these applications help in hiring perfect candidates in short period of time as per requirement of business. In addition to this, in electronic industry like Whirlpool, for getting employment a person should have at least a Diploma degree in IT (Hirst and et. al., 2011).  So, I require to take classes in this field.

    45 days


    Communication skills



    For managing workplace, making good interaction with employees, employers, visitors and customers of with all persons who are associated with organisations, managers should have gained effective communication and interpersonal skills.  By attending some group discussions aid me to  enhance my skills.

    3 to 4 months


    Supervisory management



    In order to run an enterprise in a legal manner and operate all functions properly,   managers of every department play an important role.  Therefore, it is required by them to have professional and managerial skills. In this context I am better but to achieve good position, it is required to develop more  (Hutchinson and et. al., 2010). Thus, by taking professionals advice and training helps in  gaining good knowledge and developing managerial skills.

    45 to 60  days

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