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    M/508/8849 - Examine Various Provisions Of Intellectual Property Rights

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 8 / Words 2106
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/8849 (RCF)
    • Downloads: 547
    Question :
    1. Define legal rules related to the sales of goods act and chances of Ben winning the matter in court.
    2. Execute different legal regulation related to consumer credit agreement and agency.
    3. Enhance understanding of regulation linked with monopolies, mergers along with anti-competitive practices in United Kingdom.
    4. Examine various provisions of intellectual property rights with the help of case laws and other legislations.  
    Answer :


    Business law is all about enacting numerous of acts, orders, amendments, rules and regulations for protecting individuals from exploitative activities. Main objective is to prevent society from getting misused in order to establish peaceful environment. However, laws are indispensable for corporate world because business members are involving in numerous of agreements which are hard to handle (Bebchuk and Jackson, 2012) . Therefore, overall assignment is based on Ben's case study who is engaged in credit agreements in order to purchase vehicle for personal use. Sales of goods acts and laws related with transferring of property possession are discussed in this report. Additionally, various types of credit agreements and its statutory provision related with termination of rights is going to explained for understanding the entire case study. Furthermore, monopolies and anti-competitive practice is also explained which helps in understanding the necessary terms or conditions of agreements. Additionally, various types of intellectual properties are identified at marketplace which aids in understanding their rights as well as legal terms related with this. Last but not the least, differences between business names and trademarks are also discussed in this assignment.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Ben on legal rules of implied terms related to sale of goods and supply of services

    As per given contextual investigation it has been surveyed that Ben's is confronting a various issues while including in acknowledge understandings related for items data. Be that as it may, according to the legitimate standards there are a few demonstrations and controls which is inferred at a bargain of products and additionally supply of administrations. According to the section 12 of sales of merchandise act shows that dealer of any items have lawful rights to offer their items by utilizing different proper systems and plans (Law, 2016) . Then again segment 13 suggests that merchandise must have same according to it was portrayed. While, segment 14 says that things must be fulfilled the quality which was examined in paper. Along these lines, as indicated by this law items which is recognizes as a defective inside the a half year of its purchasing then it is discovered flawed from the earliest starting point of its buying day. Alongside this, parties must have specialist to break the agreement according to their terms and conditions for controlling possibilities of any missteps.

    On in spite of this, section 14 (3) says that merchandise need to fit for particular reason for which it was outlined. For instance; in given contextual analysis Ben is purchasing vehicle for their own utilization however lamentably he was associated with a wrongful assertions since items isn't same as it was said in depiction. In this way, all the above areas are relevant in given situation for settling issues in a characterized time span.

    1.2 Statutory provisions on transfer of property and possession

    In given situation it has been evaluated that ownership of vehicle is exchanging starting with one gathering then onto the next in compelling way by fulfilling their customers in a characterized time allotment (Hammond, 2012) . Therefore, while including in these sort of understandings it is basic to get mindful about the vital points of interest and arrangement related with exchanging of property. Hence, a portion of the crucial arrangement and segments in regards to property exchanging under offers of products acts 1979 are examined as takes after::-

    Segment 5 is connected in this that is "title and transferring of property".

    • Segment 5.1 (a) features that merchant have the specialist to offer their outlined items
    • Segment 5.2 is for indicating exchanging of title amongst dealer and buyer. In this demonstration, it is expressed that on account of any broken item at that point have the expert to sue third party for any harms and misfortunes with a specific end goal to recoup it in least length.

    Essentially, it has been comprehended that Ben must utilize number of legitimate laws and different segments of 5 while exchanging the property or title from vendor to him so that identified issues can paisley get resolved in best manner. In any case, it is essential for resolve certain issues in a coveted time period for controlling it as quickly as time permits. Principally, a few number products acts and segments are utilized under this for settling particular issues and clashing circumstances which may happened amongst vendor and purchaser.

    1.3 Statutory provisions on buyer's and seller's remedies in sales of goods contracts

    A portion of the real laws related with purchaser and merchant cures under offer of merchandise are area 38 of SOGA 1979 whose fundamental goal is to demonstrated that dealer is consider as unpaid vendor when general cost of items isn't paid or it is possible that it will be paid through cheque (Besley, 2015) . Subsequently, a portion of the significant privileges of unpaid vendor is depicted as takes after:-

    Section 39 SOGA 1979 said that dealer must have expert to lien on particular items and in addition specialist to hold merchandise for specific cost until and unless he/she is still have title of ownership. Aside from this, if buyer end up bankrupt then dealer must have chance to stop the transferral of products.

    A portion of the major or suitable cures are; section 41-43 it implies expert against the merchandise is lien, area 44-46 implies stoppage of products transferral, segment 48; in this maintenance and re-offer of item merchandise which is controlled by deals act.

    Personal remedies are; specialist against purchaser segment 49 is activity for cost of products and area 50 ; right of renunciation if there should be an occurrence of any harms.

    Remedies of purchaser; according to lawful laws customers are having various of expert under the section 5A SGA 1979. Aside from this, as per segment 48B (1) of SOGA act 1979 repair or substitution customers have the privilege to supplant any items if there should be an occurrence of any false exercises (Allen, 2017) . Then again, segment 48 C (1) demonstrating the specialist of shopper that they have the privilege of lessening the item cost according to their conclusions.

    Henceforth, it has been comprehended that all the above laws and standards are connected on Ben' s case so he can resolve the issue in a base time allotment and fulfilled needs.

    1.4 Product liability legal rules and statutory provisions for faulty goods

    In this situation item risk is falls under law of tort and additionally shopper insurance act 1987. A standout amongst the most prominent instance of item risk is of Donoghue v Stevenson 1932 in this situation Lord Atkin gave the choice that maker of item have the specialist to deal with particular merchandise so shoppers can't confronted any issue. Alongside this, attempting to control the potential outcomes of damage which is endured by customers because of harm.

    Rather than this, one of the significant circumstance is that "when the merchandise is considered as deficient" ; fundamentally any item is considered as flawed in two principle circumstances; at first when any item is not able to satisfied the states of products according to the parts of understanding (Trevino and Nelson, 2016) . Besides, if any products is viewed as perilous for customers then it falls under segment 3 (1) purchaser security act 1987.

    Presently it's a great opportunity to centre around given situation in which dealer of vehicle is getting away from their risk of deficient items according to condition 9 and it is consider as out of line terms in customer contracts control 1999. Fundamental purpose for this that it avoids every one of the liabilities which isn't acquired the particular notice of Mr. Ben's .

    TASK 2

    2.1 Types of credit agreements

    As indicated by given contextual analysis Ben's is including in a wrongful assertions because of which he is confronting a noteworthy issues and experiencing barriers without seeing each perspective. Fundamentally, he doesn't know about the vital provision 9 in which it is obviously said that vendor isn't obligated for any misfortune or issue in the wake of offering the item. However, in the meantime it has been comprehended this is credit understandings in which purchaser can assert for this since instalment isn't yet satisfied.

    The accompanying focuses separates credit understandings

    if one is give credit to the clients that must satisfy with the client credit act and the important guidelines which incorporates those actualizing the client credit mandate (Laro and Pratt, 2011) .

    The state of the understanding must likewise meet the out of line terms in the client contracts.

    If a person is not following client credit rules, upholding credit congruity against a buyer will be just utilizing likely hazard arrange.

    Essentially, three unmistakable kinds of credit contracts are distinguished which is portrayed as takes after:-

    • Small agreements:- according to this term, if an individual is occupied with obtaining advance for a base day and age which is less that 15000 Euro then it falls under this class. For instance; contracts inside a half year, for a day henceforth.
    • Medium:- In this segment clients needs to engaged with picking up advance for not increasingly that 25000 Euro which is either for half yearly premise, every year or not over 3 years. For example; vehicle advance and so forth.
    • Long term agreements:- At last, this agreements are of most extreme day and age in which clients are procuring advance for over 5 years, for example, 10-20 etc. For instance; lodging, business and henceforth.

    2.2 Legal rules on termination rights and default notices

    According to given case study Ben's have the authority to terminate their rights as per consumer protection act 1974. As legal bodies are also involved in designing number of norms in order to facilitate consumers with best services so that they can easily establish their positive image at marketplace. For example; Ben's have right to terminate the contract if he is not comfortable with the terms and conditions. But at the same time clause 9 is also signed by him due to maximum level of confidence. Mainly, if an individual wanted to terminate then he/she needs to send default notices and information sheet (Devine and et. al., 2017) . In given case study Ben's is going to terminate the contract because of default product which is received by him. Thus, legitimate bodies said that parties have their own reason to terminate specific contract such as; either they are not satisfied with their product, goods is not same according to the contract and so on. However, according to consumer protection act 1974 every individual or client have the authority to terminate credit agreements any time before signing the contract within 14 days. Thus, Ben's needs to inform the seller about cancelling of the agreement which is known as giving notice either in written form. Along with this, seller also have the right to demand charges or penalty to Ben's due to rejection of contract. But at the same time seller don't have right to sue Ben's of they have given any incorrect information about their product.

    2.3 General features of agency and differentiate between types of agents

    Organization is a connection between two substances they are bound with a legitimate get the one individual is known as guideline and the other is specialist (Laro and Pratt, 2011). The specialist follow up for the benefit of the guideline. There are sure highlights of the organizations:

    • Representation : An operator is the delegate of the standard who manages the outsider and they are mindful to rule.
    • Designation of expert : In this sort of agreement standard selects a specialist with some legitimization to follow up for their benefit.
    • Authoritative limit : The rule and operator ought to be equipped as indicated by the law and they are deficient unsound personality, minor, or excluded in the eye of law.


    • Sub specialists: Sub organization means designation of energy by an operator to a man selected by them as sub operator like the specialist who is being named by their rule.
    • Specialists : A specialist is known as a particular or a specific operator, for example, a specific specialist for specific work they speaks to their guideline on specific exchanges as it were.

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