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    M/508/9860 - Overview Of The ARB Corporate Ltd And GUD Holding Ltd

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 9
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2213
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/9860
    • Downloads: 640
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze operation and performance of two different organisation by using fundamental analysis techniques. In this regard, it is required to consider:

    • Provide an overview of the ARB corporate Ltd and GUD Holding Ltd.
    • Evaluate key functional ratios in the context of ARB corporate Ltd and GUD Holding Ltd.
    • Discuss peer comparison between ARB corporate Ltd and GUD Holding Ltd.


    Answer :


    Finance for business basically associated with analysing the performance of organisations and market position in global or domestic market. Business for finance is majorly helps to determine and analyse the external business environment in monetary terms. There are type of factors and elements remain associated with financial aspect. It is required for presenting the financial information and data to stakeholders of organisation (Yunus, 2017). There are type of business finance is required to analyse the main part of defining the monetary requirement for organisation.

    Fund is the principle apparatus that can be utilized by the association for picking up the maintainable advancement in a successful way. Presently, this can be appropriately said that the business can not keep running without financing. Fund is the principle source which is required by the association with a specific end goal to maintain the business in a viable way. Peer group comparison done in respect of ARB corporate Ltd and GUD Holding Ltd.


    Overview of Organisations

    ARB Corporation Limited

    ARB Corporation Limited is that firm which is engaged in with designing, manufacturing and distributing its motor vehicle accessories. Basically the company is working in different segments that includes Australia, USA, Thailand and Middle East and Europe. Hence, they also serve many clients a variety of product that considers air lockers and accessories; ARB compressor; equipments for protection such as having an rear end protections. Although it also deal in with Old man electric multiple unit (EMU) 4*4 Suspensions, even they also deal in with the roof racks and roof bars; drawers and cargo barriers, batteries and battery solutions and the general accessories as well which include the fire accessories, fuel and water tanks. They provide the effective product to there clients. Even though, the entity has earned a point of revenue around 383 million in the year 2017-06 (ARB market corporation, 2018).

    There are type of information and details are considered essential aspects in terms of managing the financial operations are considered in this terms. Organisation basically deals in four by four wheel drive vehicles and the accessories. As per financial summary of organisation there are some major elements are defined such as; year to Jun NPAT, EPS, EPS chg (%), PER, DPS, Yield (%), Franking (%).

    ARB Financial Summary


    Year to Jun



    EPS chg (%)



    Yield (%)

    Franking (%)

    2019 F








    2018 F








    2017 A








    As per analysis of financial summary of organisation it is concluded that NPAT for the year 2019 F was computed as 60.72, 55.64 for the year 2018 F, 49.15 for the year 2017 A. EPS was calculated as 76.69 foe the year 2019 F, 70.27 for the year 2018 F, 62.07 for the year 2017 A 49.15. as per above analysis it seen that the organisation's percentage change in EPS is as follows such as 9.10% for the year 2019 F, 13.20% for the year 2018 F and 6.30%. PER is calculated as 28.52 for the year 2019 F, 31.12 for the year 2018 F and 26.72 for the year 2017 A. dividend per share was calculated as 43.00 for the year 2019 F, 37.00 for the year 2018 F and 34.00 for the year 2017 A. Yield % is computed as follows such as 1.97% for the year 2019 F, 1.69% for the year 2018 F and 2017 A for the year 2.05%.

    Per share ARB

    Year to Jun


    Cash flow




    Book Value

    Annual P/E

    Relative P/E

    Shareholder Return



    78.6 ¢

    62.1 ¢

    34 ¢








    56.8 ¢

    59.9 ¢

    31.5 ¢








    52.9 ¢

    57.8 ¢

    129 ¢






    There are following aspects defined in above table in terms of sales, cash flow, earnings, dividends, book value, average annual P/E, Relative P/E and shareholder return. Sales per share was calculated as $4.83 for the year 2017, $4.51 for the year 2016, $4.32 for the year 2015. cash flow per share are calculated as 78.6¢ for the year 2017, 56.8¢ for the year 2016, 52.9¢ for the year 2015. Earnings are calculated as 62.1¢ for the year 2017, 59.9¢ for the year 2016 and 57.8¢ for the year 2015. dividends are evaluated as 34¢ for the year 2017, 31.5¢ for the year 2016, 129¢ for the year 2015. book value for the year 2017 was calculated as $3.44, $3.15 for the year 2016 and $2.86 for the year 2015 (Siebels and zu Knyphausen‐Aufseß, 2012).

    Average annual P/E was calculated as 26.7% for the year 2017, 24.8% for the year 2016 and 21.4% for the year 2015. Relative P/E was calculated as 168.2% for the year 2017, 147.1% for the year 2016 and  136.5% for the year 2015. there are fluctuations are also seen in respect of shareholder returns such as -4.2% for the year 2017, 31% for the year 2016 and 18.4% for the year 2015.

    Capital structure of ARB: Total interest is calculated as $11, there is no long term debt and percent debt is called as  0%, preferred stock has no any percentage, share quity was calculated as 272,341 and the measures are calculated as 100%.

    ARB Market and earnings: the market cap is calculated as $1244 million for the year 2017, net gearing 10.2%, net interest covers were calculated as -1568.8 and dividend yield % was calculated as 2.2%, NTA per share was calculated as $3.13, EBITDA was calculated as $79, EBIT was calculated as $67.5. EBT before Abs was calculated as $67.5 million for the year 2017.

    GUD Holdings

    GUD Holding is an limited company which has various number of dynamic product which are based on Australia and New Zealand. Therefore, firm is Asia-pacific premiers Brand portfolio and having an top position and considered as market leaders in specific product or industries. They serve millions of people with manufacturing and importation, distribution and having and also sale some of the cleaning product, household appliances and warehouse racking as well. GUD is having an principal skills as with discipline of product design and development, offshore sourcing and supply chain management as well. GUD Holding company is having an primary objective is to have an long term shareholder returns beyond there cost of capital that leads to have maximisation of its value in Brand portfolio for advantages to shareholders. Even though the company in 2017-06 earned a revenue of approximately 426 million (Financial statements of GUD Holdings, 2018.).

    Financial summary

    As per financial performance of organisation is found that the key ratios are analysed as P/E ratio was calculated as 20.20, 3.68 in terms of industry and 19.03 in terms of sector. Same as per P/E was recorded as high as 25.33 in terms of company, P/E and 13.39 in terms of industry and 38.14 in terms of sector. P/E low for last year was calculated as 13.27 sector. Beta is calculated as 1.24 for company, 0.93 in terms of industry and 1.22 in terms of overall sector.

    Price to sales also get high in terms of company is calculated as 3.36, 2.71 for industry and 3592.51 in terms of sector. Price to book is calculated as 5.29 in terms of company, 3.52 for 11.32 in terms of sector. Price to tangible book was calculated as 4.21 industry for industry and 42.76 in terms of sector. Price to cash flow was calculated as 19.13 in term of company, 35.40 in terms of industry and 187794.96 in terms of sector (Sekaran and Bougie, 2016).

    Growth analysis

    sales MRQ vs Qtr. For one year calculated as 10.54 in terms of organisation, 8.18  in terms of industry and 9.80 for sector. Sales (TTM) vs TTM 1 year ago was calculated as 12.72 for company, 7.83 for industry, 12.68 for sector. Five year's growth rate is calculated as -6.94, 7.85 for industry and 3.85 in terms of sector. EPS (MRQ) vs Qtr. For 1 year ago was calculated as 15.83 in terms of company, 13.26 in terms of sector. Capital spending rate is calculated as 5 year growth rate is computed as -19.01 for company, 7.18 for industry and 2.74 for sector.

    There are type of financial position of organisation is defined as per following aspects such as New Zealand, France, Spain, China and Hong Kong. There are type of revenues and gross margin is defined such as 426 million revenues are defined in this context. Operating income AUD is defined in this context such as 19 million. Operating margin also considered as 4.4 million. Net income was calculated as -7 million for the year 2017 (McLean and Zhao, 2014).

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