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    T/508/3244 - The Impact of Digital Technology of Business Activity

    University: Icon College of Management and Technology

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1759
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: T/508/3244
    • Downloads: 807
    Question :

    The objective of this report is to analyze the effectiveness of digital technology that can assist in improving operational qualities of a business organisation. In this regard, the analysis determines the strategic analysis by considering:

    • Discuss project aim, objectives and timeframes based on the specific theme of this project.
    • Construct a small scale research based on data collection and information gathering practices of this project.
    • Present and communicate appropriate recommendations to Tesco based on overall analysis of this project.
    • Provide a reflection over usefulness of this project.
    Answer :


    How the use of ERP system using digital technology has helped in increase in operations quality of Tesco plc

    Background study

    The digital technologies play a deep and crucial role in the operations of a business organisation. The digital or IT tools will support in looking after the better management of enterprise retail operations and functions which supports the increase in customer contentment level and improve the performance of business enterprise (Jeston and Nelis, 2014.). The use of latest and effective digital technology will aid in achieving of targeted aims and objectives which supports in better rise in compatibility and gain an effective control over the actions that will support the effective management of retail functions. It will facilitate a suitable increase in satisfaction level of customers in a very significant way (Schwalbe, 2015.) It will also support in maintaining a good relation with the stake holders and customers of the firm. The ERP system will involve the customers and effective handling of the actions that will aid in effective growth of the accessibility and meeting of targeted goals by organisation. This will support in enhancing the trust level of the individual that will impact the operations and effectiveness of the organisation (Turner, 2016). Other than this, the use of Enterprise resource planning will support the increase of buyers contentment stage that will lead to effective management of business operations which are been followed within the firm. The Tesco plc will look after the effective handling of retail functions that will assist in an effective growth in efficiency of firm and achieving the targeted aims and objectives which are been set by the enterprise. Other than this, it will assist a good rise in the profit making by the selected enterprise (Taylor, Bogdan, and DeVault, 2015).

    TASK 1

    P1 what is the purpose and significane of this research


    “For evaluating the effect of ERP system on retail functions of a firm. A case study of Tesco Plc ”


    • Have the better understanding of the digital technology on Tesco plc.
    • Identifying and showcasing the impact of the ERP models on a business enterprise.
    • To analyse the influence of ERP system on the operations that are followed within the firm.
    • To provide the effective conclusion, recommendation and reflective outlook on the implementation of ERP system on the cited business enterprise.

    P2 Project management plan of Tesco PLC

    The project management plan will support effective rise in business activities that are been adopted by the firm to gave a significant relation of activities and functions which are been assimilated by retail organisation (Schwalbe, 2015). The effective preparation and the achieving the set aims and objectives will assist in good handling of business activities with achieving of goals which is been set by cited retail entity in setting up of the retail functions and activities which help in effective growth of the compatibility of selected retail organisation. PMP to identify the impact of ERP system on Tesco plc is as follows:



    Task Name





    Identification of project title.

    5 days

    Mon 4/6/18

    Fri 8/6/18


    Making of problem statements

    4 days

    Sat 9/6/18

    Tue 12/6/18


    Setting deadlines and resource allocation

    11 days

    wed 13/6/18

    Sun 24/6/18


    Literature review

    5 days

    Mon 25/6/18

    Fri 29/6/18


    Choosing various techniques for investigation

    4 days

    Sat 30/6/18

    Tue 3/7/18


    Calculation of cost

    5 days

    Wed 4/7/18

    Sun 8/7/18


    Data Interpretation and Data analysis

    7 days

    Mon 9/7/18

    Mon 16/7/18


    Evaluation of results

    6 days

    Tue 17/7/18

    Sun 22/7/18


    Giving out conclusion and recommendations

    7 days

    Mon 23/16/18

    Mon 30/7/18


    Documentation of results

    2 days

    Tue 31/7/18

    Wed 1/8/18


    Report submission

    2.5 days

    Thu 2/8/18

    Sat 4/8/18


    Along with the project management plan, various other elements will be chosen by the enterprise which will assist in improving the operational capability and managing various activities which will help in better pull off of different retail functions that will assist the firm to achieve its objectives and meeting of the targeted goals and actions (Nicholas, and Steyn, 2017). Other than this, it will help in growth of good insight about the procedures to be followed which are very essential and vital role in business activities. Some major elements or factors that are been considered are:

    • Time: the time duration plays a very vital role in execution and achieving of the targeted goals and actions. It will help in better assessment of the different activities at the Tesco plc. This research process will take 58.5 i.e. approx. 2 months (Turner, 2016.). The fulfilling of the research process on the stipulated time will help in improving the customer's perception towards the firm and the organisation will look after the better handling of the different research processes and managing the business activities in a better way (Nicholas and Steyn, 2017.).
    • Cost: effective management of the costing or expenses has to be done in order to prevent the losses in the financial and other important resources which are followed by retail enterprise to have an effective market share with gaining the targeted aims and objectives (Vaioleti, T.M., 2014). The financial resources are necessary to be managed which will assist to have a good rise in trade place share, improving the financial stability and management of business operations and attain a stability in market.
    • Scope: The scope of this research process is to improve the knowledge about the better utilization of the ERP model that will assist in good increase of operational capability of selected retail enterprise. Besides this, it will lead to the improvement in adoption of high level of retail functions and achieving the goals and objectives (Vaioleti, 2016). The increase in scope and achieving the set objectives will improve performance of firm, thus will help in looking after the actions and activities which is been followed by the firm for the better growth and rise in effectiveness to carry out the business operations and other activities in a better way to promote the growth of the business organisation (Kane And et.al., 2015.).
    • Quality: The assessment of ERP will assist an effective management of the retail operations in a significant manner, improving service and product quality. Providing the good quality services to the user will help in effective rise in operations which will assist in effective increase in operations and achieving the set aims and requirements which support a good improvement in customer satisfaction (Jeston and Nelis, 2014). Besides this, it will also improve the brand image of the company in the market.
    • Communication: it will also support in good assessment of communication process that will support in better management of research process (Taylor, Bogdan and DeVault, 2015). The facilitating of the good communication will help in suitable growth in understanding and insight of the digital technology or ERP precisely on the execution of the research activities in more effective and precise manner. This will also help in adopting the suitable measures and activities that are been taken in thought process by the trade entity.
    • Risk and resources: the research will also help in the better assessment of the risk factors and mitigate them in order to safeguard the resources. The assessment of risk factors and suitable scheduling of trade activities which support an effective development and handling of wide range of digital techniques which will assist in suitable increase in efficiency of organisation and better utilization of the resources (Westerman, Bonnet, and McAfee, 2014).

    P3 Project time line, Work breakdown structure and Gannt Chart.

    Work break down structure

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