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    BIZ102 Understanding People and Organisations Reflective Journal 3


    Reflective journal is the key method of improve and develop understanding and learning. People can improve their skills and knowledge through this. Further. It is related with the self assessment which is the process of self evaluation through this process person can identify their own performance and enhance their own ability to perform work. With the help of self assessment people can identify their own accuracy and improve performance as well. Individuals are motivate with the help of self assessment and improve their work quality. This functions is offers an opportunities to identify person's actual interest, ability, value and talent (Boud, 2013). It is helpful in creating goals and objectives which is important for them. Through this approach people can identify their own strengths and weaknesses which is helpful in achieving long term as well as short term objectives.



    Every organization want skilful and knowledgable staff members which can be possible with the help of reflective journals. Members of company needs to develop their skills as well as learning through which can meet their long and short term goals. Reflection has a ability to examine the situation for the understand the surrounding in a better context. It also improve the potential of people as well as their learning. The main aim of reflective journal is develop our own self awareness and improve their ability of performance as well (Goto Butler and Lee,  2010).

    On the basis of above result it is clear that my stability is is 56% which is beneficial for me. Through this concept I can get knowledge that what is my future performance. My power is 52% through which I can manage my performance and control others. My motto is control others and maintain their work quality as well. Through this factor I can able to improve my performance and improve my work quality as well. According to this my wealth is 64% which shows that I m prosperous. It is my main motto to become prosperous which is beneficial for me to improve my skills and knowledge. Also I have team work skills which define accuracy of 64%. through this skills I can manage my own work and try to motivates others.

    As a member of a group its important for to improve my team working skills and motivates others. According to this I m stable as well which is beneficial for me. Is shows real meaning which define 48% through this I can make the real difference in the world and improve my knowledge as well. It shows the status of 52% which defines that I have social standing. It is the best result for me through I very much motivated and improve my skills as well. Team work play an important role in every business organization (Blanch-Hartigan,  2011).


    From this self assessment I can learn so many things which is beneficial for me. I can improve my skills and knowledge which help to improve my skills. With the help of self assessment I can bale to identify my own strengths and weaknesses which help me in my future times. On the basis of above scenario I can evaluate my team working skills, my team working, strengths, stability, status and power. Further, this is a life long learning for for me useful throughout the year. Through this make difference in a world and improve my social standing as well. As a members of a group I have to improve my team working skills which is useful for me. Also I can able to improve my communication skills as well (Nulty, 2011). With the help of this factor I have to motivates other members and boost up their confidence as well.


    Self assessment is able to improve my communication kills as well as other skills which help me in my professional life. The theoretical concept which is present in this scenario provide lots of information to me (Liaw, Scherpbier, Rethans and Klainin-Yobas, 2012). I can able to build my professional life with this and enhance my confidence as well. The theoretical concept which is present in this is able to boost up my confidence. Through I can able to analyse my own skills, strengths and weakness. With the help of this factor I can improve my ability and social standing as well.


    Self assessment is the way of reflecting the knowledge we already with us about ourself it help us to know and do the things better with the past experience. It help to improve in  professional practices by following different ways like, firstly one has to know qualities that the person is having in himself, has human all has the nature of observing and has much time we spend with the others I will able to gain more information, and if one will follow that informations which I got then they can develop some of the qualities in themselves.

    As we grow day by day we can get to know the changes which is occurring in us, so at that time one should compare them selves  And should analysis that what are the difference which we done in ourselves so it will guide us that how much of knowledge and experience we had get. It is important because as we enter in the workplace we have to evaluate our own performance, so before that one must has the skills to know the  standers of the workplace (Boud, Lawson and Thompson, 2013). Then the one should self be able to know to reflect there own performance to know that do they are meeting there task or not.


    On the basis of above report it has been concluded that, reflective journal is able to improve and develop learning and understanding. With the help of this factor people can identify their own strengths and weaknesses.


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    • Nulty, D.D., 2011. Peer and self‐assessment in the first year of university. Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education. 36(5). pp.493-507.

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