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    Managing Business Activities

    Introduction To Managing Business Activities

    For achieving desired results and objectives in the organization it is very vital for the business to manage their activities in efficient and appropriate manner. Managing and planning of all functional activities in workplace facilitates to focus on their business operations and leads to accomplishment of better results (Roy and Banerjee, 2012). Present report is detailed on managing business activities for ABC Company, a recruitment company. For enhancing the business performance of their business a range of business processes are develop which increase their overall performance in terms of their effectiveness and efficiency. In the first task of the study, significance of business process is detailed and also the plan for own area of responsibility to implement operational plan for ABC company are explained. In second task, systems to improve the performance of company and how health and safety can be managed in workplace of ABC are detailed.

    Identifying the major positions in the departments of ABC Company

    Management of ABC Company is very poor and it is due to the inadequate leadership style of managers and ineffective management and this was the main reason which has decline the business performance of their organization. Below some major positions in the department of ABC Company were identified:

    Directors and Senior Officials: This position is at the board of directors of ABC in which all the senior officials and member directors of the company are present. They are the key personnel’s behind managing an operating the entire business.

    Managing Director/ CEO: They will coordinate and communicate with all the managers of different departments of ABC Company and will also assess the performance of managers.
    Financial Manager: In financial department of the company the major position is of financial manager. Roles and responsibilities of the manager is to manage, examine and transact all the accounting and financial transactions of ABC Ltd

    Marketing Manager: Position of Marketing Manager in ABC specifies about the targeting and selecting the people for jobs on the basis of which they can recruit right people at right place.

    Accounts Manager: They will be responsible for management of accounting and financial transactions which are related to daily or routine activities of ABC.

    Operational Manager: At this position, manager plan, manage and evaluates all the business operations of ABC. They also detail plan for all the operational functions of company.

    Information Technology Manager: IT Manager will responsible for managing the functions related to website of ABC. All the information which are to be detailed on website of company and managing of information related to functions of IT will be operate by IT manager only.

    Human Resource Manager: At this position, manager hires the employees for ABC Company by following appropriate process of recruitment and selection. They also manage and hire the recruitment consultant for the company.

    Listing and identifying the relationships between different functions and processes and their explanation

    There exist relationship between the organizational functions and processes in the business and accomplishment of goals and objectives can only be achieved when there is positive and direct relationship between them (Wei, Chien and Wang, 2005). On the other side the different processes which are involved in their business are marketing research and consultation with the companies and also to fulfill needs and demands of companies (Margherita, 2014). In ABC, this process starts from offering of job to people and selecting them as per the requirements of their clients.

    ABC Company is recruitment organization and their major functions are to offer recruitment services to their clients in different job sectors. Main functions which involves in their business function are operating and managing of all the activities which are related to recruitment and selection of candidates as per the different sectors. In ABC Company, both business functions and processes have relationship with them or it can be depict that both are interrelated with each other. But in the present business environment of the company the leaders and senior officials are not effectively managing their business functions and processes which was also one of the main reasons of their deficits in the organization. They can improve organizational functions and processes by managing the inter coordination with managers of different departments. There is need to assess the problems and issues which are affecting the business functions and process. For this an appropriate plan is to be made that how with help of proper training and coordination they can enhance teir performance.

    More Suggestions:

    Key aims, objectives and mission of ABC Company and process map of their function

    Key aim of ABC Company is to ensure the needs and demands of their clients in excellent manner and also to offer best job and services to their candidates. Their main objective is to offer valuable and proficient employees to their clients or companies. Another objective is to examine the needs and desires of the candidates that in which sector they want job and which will be the best suited area for them. Objective of the company is also sustaining their best recruitment practices in the recruitment industry so that they can also achieve their aim of best standard services in the country (Kannan and Tan,. 2005). Mission of ABC is to make long term relation and partnership with the companies and also with their candidates. They also have mission to offer best human resource solutions and career advancement opportunities for their customers. Company also wants to form relation with the major companies of the UK which is listed in FTSE 100 and FTSE 250, by offering skilled and talented employees to these major companies.

    Elements required for quality gateway which focuses on the output of the process

    Quality gateways are one of the important requirements for ABC Company as it enables the organization to accomplish their goals and objectives in efficient manner. It is directly linked with the business activities of the company and helps to focus on all the operational activities of organization efficient manner (Chrisman, Chua and Sharma, 2005). In their recruitment practices there are some elements which are required such as working with best quality standards, quality management, standard services with full honesty and integrity. There are many other elements which focus on the entire output process of ABC. It is linked with satisfaction level of both client and candidates.

    Quality gateway also includes the elements of quality work with high degree and efficiency and proficiency (McDonald and Heath, 2009). It also measures the skills and proficiency of the candidates so that bets and right candidates are to be offered their clients. Pursuing of quality gateways in their recruitment practices will make positive impact on the poor deficit of their company. It also reduces the problem of poor job services and delaying of business operations (Kannan and Tan, 2005).

    Designing of plan to promote the goals and objectives of ABC Company

    It is essential for the business of ABC to accomplish their goals and objectives in efficient manner and this can only be achieved by managing its business activities in efficient manner. For their there is need of promotion of goals and objectives. It can only be done by following all the legal and regulatory requirements of recruitment industry and also the rules and regulations of ABC Company. Promotion can be done by following specific plan which enables the company towards success. At first stage, management of ABC Company has to assess those operational and functional activities which are hindering their business objectives.

    On the basis of which they can recognize and take corrective actions on them that how these can be improved and managed. Second stage of plan is to form the new business strategies in the company which facilitates the managers and seniors to focus on the goals and objectives of organization (Bhagwat and Sharma, 2007). It also includes the proper planning and management of business activities. In the next stage there is need of training and development activities for the leaders and managers that how they should cooperate and deal with the employees and subordinates in order to achieve business goals and objectives (Roy and Banerjee, 2012). Successful completion of the plan can only be implemented when ABC will also follow the ethical requirements which should be in the perspective of honesty and integrity towards their work and business.

    Examples: Employment Agencies Act 1973, The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Businesses Regulations 2003, The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2010Designing of plan to promote the goals and objectives of ABC Company.

    Using of SMART objectives for recommendations related to the alignment of people and resources of organization

    For aligning of the employees of ABC Company and organizational resources in an efficient and effective manner there is needed to focus on the objectives of the business. It helps the employees to perform their business functions in accordance with business objectives.

    • To offer valuable and excellent services to clients with beyond their expectation level
    • To increase the profit margin of company by 10-15%
    • To become leading recruitment company in recruitment industry of UK by 2016.
    • To form client relation with the top most companies which are listed in FTSE 100 and FTSE 250

    It is recommended that management of ABC should align their resources and people in an effective and efficient manner and this will leads their business from deficit condition to surplus (Botha and Solms, 2004). First recommendation is to form better alliance and partnership with the human resource division of clients by acknowledging their needs and wants in efficient manner. In context to human resources of ABC, training and development are to be imparted. Another recommendation is that organization should take the reviews from their clients and candidates that whether they were satisfied with their service or not. This will help the company to take measures and corrective actions that how they can improve their services which will lead them to accomplishment of their objective of high profit margin and offering of valuable and excellent services to them.

    Implementing appropriate systems to achieve objectives in efficient manner within specified time

    For achieving the objectives in efficient manner there is need to implement appropriate systems in ABC Company and it should be in perspective to time, budget and with appropriate standards.

    Cost objectives: costs systems are to be implemented in the business which specifies the management to complete their given task within the specified costs and expenses. It will save the extra incurrence of cost expenditure and will increase the profit margin.

    Coordination of activities: For attainment of objectives in efficient manner, all the functional activities of the business are to be formed in coordinated manner. Activities of their recruitment are to be coordinated so that work should be completed within the specified time and also in efficient manner (Margherita, 2014).

    Service specification: Standards are to be set for every business activity and this will help to attain the desired and best quality of service which can be offered to clients and also as well as to candidates.

    Working within the specified constraints and limits: Constraints and limitations should be set for every functional activity or in business activities of ABC, so that employees work should be manage din efficient manner. It also helps to utilize the organization resources in optimum manner and avoid the extra time and cost.

    Systems required to manage and monitor the quality standards of ABC Company

    Different systems can be used to manage and monitor the quality standards of ABC Company such as:

    Total Quality Management (TQM): For managing and monitoring the quality standards in ABC Company, TQM system can be implemented. This will help in their recruitment practices where they can deliver high quality of services to both clients and candidates (McDonald and Heath, 2009).

    ISO9000/EN29000: Fulfillment of requirement of ISO9000/EN29000 in ABC will ensure that their recruitment company is effectively meeting the needs and desires of the customers and also work in accordance with framed rules and regulations. This will also minimize the rework of company (Kannan and Tan, 2005).

    Quality Circles: System of quality circles is to be implemented for managing and monitoring of quality circles as this system forms the group of people who will manage, analyze, identify the problems and solve them in appropriate manner.

    Demonstrating quality culture to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process

    Quality culture values the principles and guidelines of organization which facilitates the organizations to ensure continuous monitoring, evaluation and development of the process and also deliver better quality of service. The main purpose of developing quality culture in the organization like ABC Company is to emphasis on the core functional areas of business in which it is essential to monitor and evaluate them. Achieving of quality culture in the organization, employees of ABC will focus on that how work should be continuously improved and what measures are to be taken while evaluating any deficiencies or issues in the business. Major elements which are involved in the quality culture of the company are commitment of leaders, infrastructure of quality improvement, customer focus, teamwork and collaboration and also ensuring the culture of employee empowerment.

    Recommending improvements which align organizational objectives

    Achievement of better results and for improvement in aligning of organizational objectives and goals, below some recommendations are detailed which will be beneficial for ABC Company:

    Customer focuses culture: To align the goals and objectives in the business, customer focused culture should be developed. With the help of customer focus culture, ABC should values the feedbacks and reviews of customers and also to align employee work performance in accordance with customer value.

    Risk Analysis: Improvement in results and to achieve better results, tools and techniques of risk analysis is to be implemented. This will examine the key areas of risk and on the basis of which corrective actions are to be taken to attain better results (Hans, 2007).

    Culture of continual improvement: It is recommended that ABC should develop a culture of continual improvement. Developing of this culture will stimulate employees to always focus on improvement and achieving better results (Bhagwat and Sharma, 2007).

    Cost/benefit analysis: With the help of cost/benefit analysis, ABC can improve their business performance through controlling extra costs and expenses incurred in business. The main purpose of using this technique is chose feasible options which gives better returns. Another purpose of this technique is to compare and examine the different investment decisions with their percentage of return. On the basis of this comparison, best option can be chosen which has higher return.

    Highlighting the elements of plan which bring continuous improvement in the system of ABC Company

    Main elements of plan which will bring the continuous improvement in the system of ABC and leads towards aligning of goals and objectives are:

    Customer retention: Plan will retain the customers of the company for long term period also helps in maintaining better partnership alliance with them as they are satisfied (Margherita, 2014).

    Culture of change: Existing culture of organization will change as development of continuous improvement will motivate the employees to learn new things and also to develop their existing skills and talent. Change in culture in accordance with employee requirement will satisfy their needs and desires while working in organization and this satisfaction will motivate them to work better and give better results.

    Work engagement: Plan will incorporate the culture of work engagement in the business in which decision making and other work related activities will be performed only through development of continuous improvement.

    Advising to carry out risk assessments as required by legislation, regulation and organizational requirements

    Risk assessment is to be carried in appropriate and accurate manner in order as it is essential in perspective to legislation, regulation and also as per the requirements of organization. Risk assessment is to be carried out as it helps to examine the those areas or functions which affects on the business activities and work performance of organization. Firstly to carry out risk assessment, each and every function of ABC Company is to be evaluated which is associated with the different types of risk. These are unpredicted or uncertain events which affects the organizational goals and objectives of the business. On assessing the risk, nature and impact of risk is to be evaluated on the basis of severity or impact. Through this management of ABC can plan for development of risk measures and corrective actions, so that it can be mitigated and business will suffer lower extent of loss.

    Demonstrating the correct and effective application of health and safety regulation and legislations applicable in ABC Company

    ABC Company has to implement health and safety regulations and legislations at their workplace.

    • Health and Safety Act, 1974, this legislation demonstrates about the general duties of employer which is to be followed by employer in relation health and safety at workplace such as safe and hazard free business environment.
    • Workplace Regulation 1992, this law specifies about facilities related to health and safety at workplace such as proper lighting, ventilation, welfare facilities etc. It is essential for the ABC Company to follow this legislation in their organization (Health and Safety Regulation, 2013).
    • Employer’s liability Act 1969: It is essential for the company to follow this act as it is the duty of the employer to offer insurance service to their employees against health, safety, accidents etc. (Legal responsibilities of employers, 2014)


    From the above study it has been concluded that managing of business activities is very essential for the business to achieve better results. ABC Company has suffered deficit in its business due to inadequate leadership and ineffective management and it shows improper management of activities. Developing of goals and objectives and aligning of organization resources is essential to achieve efficient desire results.


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    • McDonald, A. and Heath, B., 2009. Developing services for people with dementia. Working with Older People.

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