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    Business Operations and Systems 6LO500 Spring Term 2017 University of Derby

    Part 1

    Essential components for effective business operations management

    The research is focused on NTUC FairPrice which is one of the retail in Singapore. Cited firm aims at understanding the requirements and to take up appropriate steps so that they are able to attain their set goals and objectives. Further, the brand value that developed by this firm is high and so that they have developed a strong customer base (Turban, Sharda and Delen, 2011). In order to make individuals satisfied, they focus on making understanding the need and requirements with the help of which the rate of satisfaction can be raised. Further, there are various type of business operations that are required to be considered by cited firm and they are as follows:

    Quality control and assurance:

    Steps that are included in operational process are considered to be highly important. With this respect, it requires to access work at the end of process. In this context, it is the responsibility for management for quality control so as to examine final product and to eliminate goods that are defected. Further, steps are taken so that they are able to overcome them (Choi, Chan and Yue, 2017). One of the effective way to improve performance of business applied NTUC FairPrice is with the help of reducing waste. In conditions when the rate of defects are low, then it becomes favorable enough to satisfy individuals. NTUC FairPrice at Singapore it enables to deliver high quality services and assurance control.

    Capacity planning:

    It is identified that frequent changes are made in relation with taste and preferences of service users. With this respect, time to time steps are taken up by cited firm that is NTUC FairPrice so that they are able to make changes within the firm in positive manner. With the help of operation management, they focus on developing plan so that optimum use of resources are done.

    Maintaining and placement:

    NTUC FairPrice is required to develop certain amount of unit so that they are able to meet the requirement of customers. With the help of operation management, cited firm is able to take up appropriate steps through which placement take place in appropriate manner (Demirkan and Delen, 2013). There are frequent analysis made through which sales that can be produced are identified and requirement of customers by NTUC FairPrice met.

    Cost reduction and cost control:

    Operation management is effective enough to reduce the cost and in controlling the cost that are incurred. This part is done by NTUC FairPrice efficiently and they are able to control and reduce cost. This way, optimum use of resources are done through which high quality maintaining standard place are included. NTUC FairPrice make sure that products are provided to customers at low price so that they are able to develop strong customer base.

    Further, it can be stated that cited organization is able to maintain relationship with services users and they are highly focused on quality of work. In addition to this, to create value, feedbacks from customers are taken so as to solve the issues.

    Comparison of different solutions

    There are different types of steps that can be taken so as to implement the plan, cited firm should make use of new or updated technology. Apart from this, the rate of interaction with employees is required to be high (Reim, Parida and Örtqvist, 2015). When these aspects are focused, then it becomes favourable enough to deliver high quality services. Further, information to customers should be provided properly so that information in relation with the preferences of customers is determined. The rate of competition is high and there are many firms that deliver their customers with similar type of products and services. All the companies focus on gaining maximum profit. In order to do so, it can be done when the areas in which development is to be made are identified. There are other retails from which threat can be faced. Cited firm will make use of warehouse so as to store the products and in delivering it to customers at their home. In order to make the business operation effective discount offers need to be provided and quality is required to be maintained (Elbashir, Collier and Sutton, 2011).

    Use soft system of methodology

    There is different type of methodology that has been used by organisation for remove any kind of issue is to be created by online business. In this context, some effective strategies are to be applied for overcome such kind of conditions. This is to be help to improve the market performance and increase level of market (Shaw, Blanning and Whinston, 2012). In additions, seven stages are to be inculcated in system of methodology. The main aim is improving the execution and element the issue in such activity. NTUC FairPrice has purpose at introducing hybrid artefact to custom-made in which they can go on shopping in shop and can order corking online and have also conceived to deliver to the movable barrier to compete the activity place. The seven stages are accommodating enough to kind sure that the issues that are faced in order to instrumentality this alteration can be successful in effectual mode. This is help to remove any mistake and help to each and every customer to solve any problem. On the other side, update information and aim to be delivery any kind of new information is to be faced in the respect with the flow of communication (Jacobs, Chase and Lummus, 2014).

    At the time of delivery the product to condition in which information will be provide in better way about the product to each and every customer. Another set of prospective issue that can be faced is in regard with flow of connection. In delivery of commodity, there are premise in which the substance is not sent to people and when this is there, then it gets difficult for the business to grow over (Morecroft, 2015). This is to be focus on to make the products to reach them to increase the level of performance in market. This is one of the most important part to and help to increase number of customer in market. On the main issue is faced by such techniques in this is aspect the flow of communication with each and every customer. There are many gaps is to be required for the consideration by the organisation. Nowadays, new technology or innovation is most important part and online services and proper system is to be reached them.

    The gap that is featured from the side of custom-made should be known and this can be through by devising use of work gap theoretical account. In accord with this worthy, there are five gaps that are needed to be reasoned by the organization and they are a

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