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    Motivational Techniques Help In Achieving Organisational Objectives


    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1102
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: H/508/0525
    • Downloads: 824
    Question :

    The report must include the following points:

    • Evaluate the impact of an organisation’s culture, politics and power on the behaviour and performance of individual and team.
    • Determine the ways in which content and process theories of motivation and motivational techniques help in achieving organisational objectives.
    • Differentiate between effective and ineffective team.
    • Apply concepts and philosophies of organisational behaviour within a business situation.
    Answer :


    An organisation cannot achieve its success without contribution of human resources. Workplace of a company consists a large number of people who have different perception, values and opinion based on culture they are belong to. But all are work with a common purpose i.e. to achieve objectives of enterprises. In context with organisational behaviour, it is defined as how people associated with industries interact with each other and cooperate in completing  the various tasks within in a given period of time (Demir, 2011). Therefore, if employees and management behave in a positive way then such firms have attain targets in a successful manner. In this context, present report discuss about how management helps enterprises in managing the relation among employees and increase their productivity. Managers use various application of scientific and leadership theories for improving the behaviour of workers. For understanding all these concepts, BBC Company has been taken in this assignment. It is a multinational firm of UK deals in broadcasting business.

    TASK 1

    P1 Impact of power, culture and politics on behaviour of an organisation

    a) Handy's cultural typology for identifying the culture in BBC

    In a company, all people at individual basis greatly influenced by the culture, politics and power within a firm. For understanding this concept deeply, Handy's cultural typology has been used. This typology has stated that culture is a set of ideas and behaviour of people who are associated with firm (Fisher and To, 2012). This theory was proposed by Charles Handy who has classified culture into 4 major components that are discussed below:-

    Power culture: This concept shows the most important part of organisation which impact on behaviour and relationship of employees either in positive or negative ways. In this context, power refers as an authority used to get productivity of workers i.e. it influences the people to work accordingly as per order of centralised person. These persons have power to organise and control the work of others as well as take the liberty to express opinion and make decision. Apart from this, whatever strategies they made has to follow by others.

    Task culture: In this typology, authorisers used to build strong teams and assigned tasks accordingly in order to achieve success of business in high manner. They adopt various theories in order to develop team and engage people to work with each other. Since BBC has large working organisation having near about 21000 employees in total, therefore, its managers generally assigned work by collaborating people in group.

    Person Culture: It defines the strengths and weaknesses of person within an organisation along with their behaviour. Therefore, orientation practices of employees comes under category of personalised culture. In addition to this, such type of culture concerns more about developing own skills rather then improvement of organisational growth (French and Holden, 2012). Therefore, giving priorities to self-goals foster or hinder productivity of enterprise.

    Role culture: In a company, every individual whether employee or employer has own role and responsibilities as well as contribution in increasing the productivity of business. Therefore, this type of culture is said to be an ideal form as it reflects the positive side of persons associated with firm. Along with this, every employee works in proper manner and followed instructions appropriately as per task assigned to them.

    As per John Smith point of view, by analysing the data he depicts that culture of BBC has seemed to be failed because of lack of communication and management skills. In addition to this, its management also proves ineffective in context with make an investigation on a serious topic  i.e. child abuse. Further, managers have also failed in delivering a high communication channel through which they can aware people of such a serious issue.

    b) Analysis of power, culture and politics and its impact on BBC

    Power, culture and politics play an important role in determining the behaviour of employees at individual level. Working environment of enterprise depicts the manner in which people work and interact with others  (Griffin and Moorhead, 2011). In context with BBC, it has a centralised system of power in which, authorises make decisions as well as formulate policies in order to control and manage work of all departments. Generally, behaviour of all persons are affected by culture, power and politics. Politics in an enterprise includes informal and unofficial effort of some people who make strategies in order to express their ideas, raise power, influence people and more. The main purpose behind all these segments is to any how achieve success of business in a short interval of time.

    Impact of culture

    An enterprise having diverse culture as well as equality in the environment then it would create a positive impact on the behaviour and performance of employees (Lazaroiu,  2015). Along with this, it also helps in the reducing the gap of cultural differences. But as every factor has its own benefits and limitation, therefore, a major drawback of culture is that it gives rise to politics and biased approaches  (Miao and et. al., 2013).

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    Positive impact

    • Better communication: When employees work in a good atmosphere and culture then they make better communication with each other.
    • Team-building: Different culture helps in formulating a strong team of employees.  

    Negative impact

    • Negative atmosphere: Diversity shows a big gap between culture of people within an organisation. This will sometimes lowers down the capacity of employees who have less skills as compared to others.

    Impact of power

    When authorises use their power in the proper and right manner, then under supervision of them, employees feel more enthusiastic. It also aid them in getting high commitment of workers and contribution in achievement of business success (Martinko, Harvey and Dasborough, 2011). While, if centralised persons use their powers in negative

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