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    Leadership Style And Employment Commitment At BAT

    Formulating and recording possible research project outline

    This particular assignment is glad to represent British American Tobacco Private Limited is one of the topmost companies in the UK. It has a huge international market in selling tobacco in 50 major countries. In developing an economy of London it has a major and significant role. It is a primarily listed company on the London Stock Exchange. It has further listing secondarily on Johannesburg Stock Exchange and Nairobi Securities Exchange respectively. It is a classic company established in 1902. This company is in prominent market leading position in 50 major countries, but it has recorded in operating business with 180 countries. Such huge market is not happening overnight. Once this company has been a start up, day by day, it is flourished, and today it has turned into such a globalised company. It is top five-tobacco company in the world. The company has experienced a huge journey and a prolonged competition. Retaining the same pose forever is not easy and the more challenge is to make sure the constant growing of business. BAT has been already a huge globalised name and fame. Now the company needs business perfection and business confidence. The flourishment of organisational success credit goes to mainly organisational leadership. BAT organisation Leadership is loved to be known to the students of human resource management. It excites leader mind in order to consider for making research over organisation leadership and success (Bat.com, 2017).

    This research is a study for the management students to learn management skills. This assignment contains literary research report about BAT Organization Management and the deviation of the report is going to be established in discussing research aims and objectives, a rationale of the research report, literature review, research methodology, time and resources and much more.

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    Identifying the factors that contribute to the process of research project

    BAT Organizational Management is a perfect guide for looking into the skill of human resource management. That is the reason this company has been chosen to value this assignment. Leadership is an inherited skill. The study of human resource management, sales and experience adorn the potentiality of leadership (Courtney, 2013). Leadership is a skill to lead people to some beneficial objective. Leadership generates people to be united in a team. A communal team to lead is the main objectives of leaders. A successful leadership can give a business a perfect goal. Leadership is about to care the human needs. In this honourable assignment, the leadership is about organisational and in this regard London Company BAT is considered. It is a company of huge and huge globalisation. The definition of globalised organisation means to lead a huge cultural diversity. In this instance, BAT is holding worldwide cultural diversity. Worldwide cultural demand is also quenched by BAT organisational production. Therefore, the selection of this organisation for this assessment of organisational leadership is personal preference. The companies sell product is tobacco, which is deadly injurious to health. Yet, worldwide tobacco is taken considering tobacco's addiction and glamour. The World widely a major percentage of youth like to prefer tobacco to burn work stress and style statement. Its top four brands are Dunhill, Lucky Strike, Kent and Pan Mall. This company has many more brands (Bell, 2014). This assignment is not partial only to represent the organizational behaviour of British American Tobacco Private Limited. Hence, concisely company overview is discussed. About the organisational behaviour of this company, it is gladly stated that the organisational behaviour of this company is tremendous employee friendly. It is a major worldwide leading and growing company and it has major plan to lead many more countries' market. Hence, this company has to meet regularly a deal of cultural diversity. Considering the journals of this company, it is found in saying that cultural diversity is a tremendous positive environment for information sharing that helps a lot to improve business production. Their organisation behaviour is tremendous generous to express personal choice and freedom. That is the unique point of organisational behaviour to consider in grooming the leadership entity. Diverse cultural debate ensures a company's logic and reason reflecting in production. Organisational success is not the contribution of organisational leadership and behaviour. According to Wood et al. (2016), organisational talent also depends on a lot of the business strategy and confidentiality. That London Organisation BAT is exclusively able to reflect. That is also a valuable point having interest for this company to research.

    Undertaking a critical review of key references and literature relevant

    The strategy makes perfect everything in leading to a goal. In the regard of research, there is also strategy has a relevant role in approaching to the readers. Literary research is socially a responsible job. The report of the research is a guideline of the upcoming researchers. Therefore, research is one of a dedicated job also. Meritorious research has formed following a perfect researching philosophy ethically and practically. Researching philosophy is one of the most valuable studies to do a literary research. The definition of research is underlying in the particular word. According to the researching guideline and researching philosophy, there are two kinds of research. One is called qualitative research and other quantitative. Sometimes both kind of researching approach has been initiated for making an innovative research report. There is one kind of research in order to discover and another kind of research is ventured for inventing a new thing. That is research about discovering. Moreover, it is a literary research and a research upon a huge company. That is why the research is about extra priority and unique. In order to represent this project report uniquely, it is decided to have both qualitative and quantitative research. In this section, it is honestly clarified in the way this research has been conducted. It is the age of information technology and that is why literary research is no more bookish, but to research technically (Flaherty et al. 2015). Hence topmost URL of Google are needed in a listing. That is a premium part of a strategy. For this particular research, 5 google sources have been followed for collecting data about this project. There are two ways of collecting data. One is a primary way and other is secondary. Here for collecting data also the both two ways are followed. In a primary way, data is collected from google books, contents and journals. In a secondary way, there is need to conduct interviews. For this research, the chief executive officer of BAT Private Ltd is interviewed and some of the employees have also been asked some strategic questions.

    Producing a research project specification for your intended research

    For conducting this research whole 10 weeks has been spent. Summarise this research report is about representing skill following researching methodology. In accomplishing researching goal, researching layout is extensively important in order to highlight researching overview part by part. In the above section that has been already surrendered that for summarising this research report qualitative and quantitative both kind of research approaches have been followed ethically. Researching layout is a plan to approach to the target readers. Primary and secondary data collection way has been followed in order to ensure authentic data and report for this project. In this regard besides conducting interviews of CEO, 30 employees have been interrogated probing effectively. The other major thing about this research in surrendering is this research is a teamwork. Now for researching having interview is very simple. If Google is asked for arranging, it does. For this project report, 10 major employees of BAT are interviewed in networking sites of Google. The research project is glad to know their review. This particular researching team is acknowledged on them who are giving an interview. This research is fortunate to get the interview of the CEO of BAT organisation. Having the interview of such a shot of international CEO is not easy. This CEO is extremely polite and graceful in communicating with the pretty commoners. Another this for declaring is that the research has not been doing any prohibited researching act. It is conducted with full ethics and honesty.

    Matching resources efficiently to the proposed research question

    In this case, a researcher is going to take two research methodology. They are Interview and survey methodology. The researcher is going to take interview of the CEO of British American Tobacco and also researcher is also going to organise a survey among the chosen employees of that organisation.

    Interviewing method is one of the popular and flexible methods used to get qualitative information about experiences, feelings and views of chosen people. An interview is a selected conversation between researcher and someone from whom researcher want to know something. Generally, interview structure would be ‘semi-structured format' which is followed by an interviewer. In this format interviewer select, some topics which he or she cover throughout the interview or they might write the questions, which will be asked during the interview. The interviewer freely changes the path when taking the interview to cover the whole objective. Therefore, an interview is a good tool for getting information about something because is the questions are open ended and the answer could be according to the questions. Interview method is time-consuming and not for everyone. It is not suited for getting information from a large number of people. Therefore, the interviewer needs to select interviewee carefully who have sufficient knowledge and experience to answer the questions properly. Interview generally used to get information from a few eligible people. They are not used to get eliciting answers for straightforward questions from a big number of an interviewee.

    The interview is used to get very deep information about any topic and for that, a careful planning is needed. Before starting, the interviewer needs to be very clear about their topic and then them to plan it accordingly. The interview is important when the researcher wants to know someone's viewpoint and why they have that view, especially when the information is sensitive.

    Survey methodology is used to get answers from a large number of people. In a survey questionnaire, the questions are made to get a view from the people about anything they experience. The survey questions generally close ended that they have some option to choose. However, there can be some open-ended questions according to the topic.

    Survey research is used to understand and describe society. Survey commonly ask people about their thinking and view about any subject. Nowadays, data are available in from many sources such as online transactions, sensor data, social media post etc which helps researchers to develop research more accurately and also to making questions for another research. Today in the whole world survey specialists are found in government, commerce and academia. The research firms used to explore the private sector as user experience, measurement of media audience, product and market research, political opinion research, customer satisfaction etc. Survey methodology is considered as a study of errors, existence of bias behaviours and variability that may affect the quality of the data collected from the survey. By survey, methodology researcher can get the principal of design, processing, collection and analysis the survey for understanding the errors. Within the scientific aspect of the survey, to get the high-quality result requires applying the principles of academic disciplines like social sciences, statistics, data science etc.

    To design and implementing a survey there are several numbers of involvements and each involvement affects the validity and quality of the results. The researcher needs to know, how the sample needs to choose, modes of posting questions and collecting the answers etc. The survey involves challenges and compromises for the researcher. The researcher should know how to use the available resources for efficiently to get the best result.

    Undertaking the proposed research investigation

    The CEO is chosen for interview method because he knows the organisation very well and he is the person who can discuss briefly the leadership and employment of the company. CEO can discuss how they employ a person, how they help to grow and make a leader and what are the profits then gain from it. Interview methodology is for an only selected person who has deep knowledge about a topic. So, CEO is the right person for this methodology. At the time of the interview, a researcher will take the note.

    Survey methodology is used to get information from a group of people and questions are mostly close-ended. The researcher chooses thirty employees from the company who can tell the employment commitment and leadership style in the company. Information from thirty people of a company is a good number to get an idea of a subject.

    Recording and collating relevant data collected during the fieldwork where appropriate

    The interview of the CEO.

    Q1> How implementation of appropriate leadership style leads employees towards commitment?

    A> According to the CEO, good leadership is very important for an organisation. Good leaders can be the reason of employee satisfaction and it helps an employee to work well. They are more committed to the work which will profitable for the company.

    Q2> How employment commitment contributes towards enhanced productivity?

    A> According to the CEO, employment commitment is important for an organisation to grow eventually. If all the employees are committed to their works, the company is definitely getting the profit from their business. However, at first, a company needs to keep a good environment for the employees. They need to help them in all aspects of their work and if there is any problem, management needs to go to the root of the problem.

    Q3> What according to you is the link between leadership and employment commitment?

    A> Good leadership can contribute the employment commitment. Good leaders do not upset the employee. If there is any problem then they try to solve it together or show proper ways to solve it. If employees solve it, by own eventually they will get expert and after that, they could be the next leader. Therefore, leaders always need to be cool headed and an excellent employee manager to handle and grow juniors.

    Using appropriate research evaluation techniques of the research outcomes of your project

    • After analysing the first question it can be seen that 13.33% want leadership style needs to be improved while 86.66% want it to be same.
    • After analysing the second question it can be seen that 90% employees think that the company has good employment commitment while 10% thinks not.
    • After analysing the third question it can be seen that 53% thinks present leaders helps to make next leader while 47% thinks not.
    • After analysing the fourth question it can be seen that 73.33% thinks employment commitment helps them to improve professional development while 26.66% thinks not.
    • After analysing the fifth question it can be seen that 76.66% is satisfied with their management while 23.33% are not.

    Interpreting and analysing the results of research project

    The organisation British American Tobacco Private Limited is an old company and according to the research, they have good leadership and employment commitment. A survey of 30 employees, The leadership quality is quite good in the company that maximum of the employees thinks that leadership quality has no need to be changed. Also, a maximum of the employees is so satisfied with the employment commitment. So, the company keep the commitment and gives them regularly what they committed earlier. Within 30 people 53% people thinks that the present leaders help to make next leaders. This percentage is close to 50% which means present leaders needs to be more focused on creating leadership quality in junior employees. Again the maximum employees think employment commitment of that company helps their professional development. However, more than 25% people thinks they are not developing professionally for the employment commitment. Therefore, a company needs to be more committed and see what commitment they are lacking that more than 25% people are not very satisfied. Again maximum employees are satisfied with their management but more than 25% are not so happy with it which is similar to the people who are not happy with employment commitment. Therefore, the company needs to be more focused on employee commitment, satisfaction, and needs to find out the reason for behind more than 25% people being unhappy with management and commitment.

    Providing recommendation and justifying areas for further consideration in your chosen research area

    British American Tobacco Company has huge foundation and establishment in 50 companies that are considered in recommending BAT Private Ltd. for perfecting organisational activities more and more. The organisation is still growing in many countries. BAT organisation has to initiate prominent steps to ensure a prominent foundation in those to acquire market. In this stage, this company need to protect their confidentiality. After owing huge business success there is still high tech and tough competition to threat the company personality. The supply chain management system of BAT Pvt. Ltd. is needed to improve more and more in earning 100% authenticity. Supply chain management of this company has certainly some technical issues and the company has to find out the issues to ensure full proof protection for organisational confidentiality. TQM is one of the major processes to support supply chain management. This organisation has to implement TQM process 100% effectively. Hence they will quickly able to be established in the market of those countries where this company is in emerging situation. SEO of BAT organisation has to initiate to include TQM prominently. It will be the wise step to acquire more market work world widely in many more countries. To such a huge international company Supply Chain Management is the most important thing. This research report has been made 100% ethically and in the sensible way to guide the future researchers in this particular field.

    Reference List

    • Bat.com. (2017). British American Tobacco - British American Tobacco. [online] Available at: http://www.bat.com/ [Accessed 1 May 2017].
    • Bell, J., (2014). Doing Your Research Project: A guide for first-time researchers. London: McGraw-Hill Education (UK).
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