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    MOD003337 Introduction to business and organizations Level 6


    Main focus of the companies around the world is to gain maximum profit. This is only possible when they are able to carry out market research and opportunities that prevail in the market can be identified. When these are done, then it becomes favourable enough to identify the areas in which development can be made (Thatchenkery, Avital and Cooperrider, 2010). Further, there are certain goals and objectives that are set by the business so that they are able to attain them with the help of workers. In the present report, Google is selected, this an American multinational technology company that provide customers with internet related products and services. In this context, it includes software, and hardware, search engine and advertising technologies. Google operates in about 70 offices which are located in more than 40 countries.

    Apart from this, it is the company that falls under 100 most visited websites. Time to time, there are many innovations that are made by the cited firm (Rhee, Cho and Bae, 2010). They understand the problems that are faced by individuals and steps are taken so that they can overcome them in effective manner. In accordance with the operational activities there are different areas in which focus is made. With this respect, it includes design of goods and services, quality management, location strategy, layout design, supply chain management, inventory management, scheduling, human resources and job design. Two of the main competitors of Google are Bing and Yahoo (Slater, Olson and Finnegan, 2011). These firms also deliver their customers with similar type of services but the perception that is developed by people Google is high and positive. This report covers the type of business model that is used by cited firm. Further, it covers supply chain analysis done for Google. Lastly, it also includes type of organizational culture and structure that is followed by the firm.

    Business Model

    There are different type of products and services that are delivered by Google. Majority of the people have proper understanding about the tech giant. The popularity is extremely popular in web search engine (Clemons and Madhani, 2010). Below given are the most popular products and services of Google:

    Google Search Engine:

    This is the most popular and widely used search engine in the world. It can be stated that about more than 70% of the market shared for web search engine is with Google. Further, cited firm provides most of their search engine traffic for other companies.

    Google Chrome:

    It is considered to be another popular web browser that is developed by Google (Fang, Tsai and Lin, 2010). As per findings made, it is can be stated that it is the worlds most used browser. The preferences of people towards this products are high due to its simple interfaced and fast web page loafing speed.


    This is the best free email service operated and it is developed by tech giant Google. As per the findings, most of the mid sized companies in USA make use of Gmail. This service is provided with 15GB of overall storage.


    In this modern world, most of the smartphone make use of operating system. It is the Linux based mobile OS that is developed by Google (Czinkota, Knight and Steen, 2010). These are used on televisions, tablet computers, some cars, etc. run on Android. With the help of android, smartphones have become popular and the rate of these products has also reduced.


    It has become the standard for online video watching. This is considered to be the subsidiary of Google and was created by three of the PayPal employees. It was in the year 2006 when it was introduced and it provides the opportunity to upload videos (Cameron, Mora and Calarco, 2011).

    Google Maps:

    This is another popular product of Google. It provides the opportunity to review maps of any part of the world. More specifically, it also provides users with the total time that will be taken to reach out a destination.

    Google Adwords:

    It is a type of online advertising service that is used by advertisers. This is a type of service provided by Google in which individuals can be display advertisements and it also enables to display the ads of products or services (Debortoli, Müller and vom Brocke, 2014).

    The type of products and services delivered are for all age groups. All these focuses areas can be used by any age group and helps individuals one or the other.

    Figure 1: Google Revenues

    (Source: How Google Makes Money?. 2016)

    There are three main aspects with the help of which they get income. With this respect, it includes Google websites, Google Network Member websites and other revenue that consists of application, movies, music, etc.

    In accordance with the type of strategies applied by Google, it can be stated that they make sure customers to be satisfied (Evert, Martin and Payne, 2016). For this respect, they conduct market research on regular basis and this enables to provide them the opportunity to know that areas in which opportunity can be used. Further, feedback is gathered from service users as they are the one who make use of the products and services. They have better understanding about the problems that are faced. When these aspects related with the problems are considered, then it helps to develop positive perception within the mind of people. Other than this, they also consider the suggestions that are given by workers and they are the face of organization (Smith, Louis and Schultz, 2011). They have direct interaction with service users and so that rate of knowledge that they have is high.

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    With time, there are companies that have come up and these deliver customers with similar type of products and services. The rate of competition is high and there are issues faced by Google (Pisano, Pironti and Rieple, 2015). Main competition of Google is Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, etc. All these companies aim at understanding the requirement of customers and taking up suitable steps to develop strong customer base. Below given are the market share that is held by Google and other companies:

    Figure 2: Shares of Google

    (Source: Revenue, 2016)

    From the above diagram, it can be stated that there of the competitors of Google shown which are Bing and Yahoo. The market shares that are held by these companies include 67.3% of Google, 18.2% of Bing and 10.8% of Yahoo.

    Supply chain analysis

    In respect to develop effective results, it is essential to look towards the creativity. In this way, systematic work performance develop in the business for consider more operations and functions (Stevens and Johnson, 2016). Google value chain analysis framework assists to identify activities of the enterprise it creates value and attain competitive advantages as well. It includes following aspects at workplace:

    Primary activities of Google

    • Inbound logistics: In this aspect, Google generates more value with inbound logistics activities which compare to others. Internet users use Google to find relevant information to generate more systematic work performances at workplace. Content Google generates private and organizational internet which can be free of charge. Hence, unique aspect consider core search business. It contains extensive range of hardware, technological equipments, etc. (Rezaee, Dehghanian and Beamon, 2017).
    • Operations: Google operates their functions with more than 70 offices in 40 nations. The offices are famous to create design and presence distributive features as well. Major source of value generate technological capabilities with advance information search. In this way, different elements included such as Android, chrome, search Ads, maps, YouTube, etc. In addition to this, other bets consider that is access, calico, nest, etc. (Prajogo, Oke and Olhager, 2016).
    • Outbound logistics: Online search and integration of advertisement represent core business and associated logistics with running proper business functions. In this way, Google need to sells physical technological products such as technological accessories and other products as well.
    • Marketing and sales: Marketing strategy of Google is based on the integration of online and offline communication channels to communicate marketing message (Laudon and Laudon, 2016). In this way, popular content of communication mix such as event, experience, advertisement, etc. Google sales predominantly work through online sales channels.
    • Google services: Google also form instrumental aspect in term of customers to deal with the wide range of the technical and other issues. There are customers service for Google to dealing in different services and operations. In this aspect, exceptional customers services create value in the specific primary activities (Isberg, Mordalski and Gloriam, 2015).

    Supportive activities of Google

    • Firm infrastructure: Google evolving different kinds of business model which started from 1.0 to 5.0. All these aspects continuously growing to make innovative results at business environment. Google follow task oriented, people, risk, innovations with culture in which employees to make effective results (Thatchenkery, Avital and Cooperrider, 2010).
    • Human resource management: Human resource management consider several operations and functions to make energetic, internet, technological enthusiast as per interested work.  Human resource managers works at Google with refined process to attain effective results and functions at workplace (Rezaee, Dehghanian and Beamon, 2017).
    • Technological development: Technology development activities consider internet revenue stream on the cloud computing. Therefore, it is important to look towards the technical capabilities which embedded in the business model. It allows benefits at Google with reduction in operation costs and use of Paas.

    Information Technologies and Information Systems

    In respect to deal with the systematic work performance, Google has mission to considered society to give proper overview to establish industry and goals as well. In this consideration, business strategy, etc. It means to foresee the goals and objectives to develop methods and reach towards the goals as well (Rhee, Cho and Bae, 2010). Main motive with implement information technology is that implement innovative projects such as Google Maps, Google images, Google earth, etc. It helps to gain relevant information towards the business to make effective functioning at workplace. Information system strategy includes understanding business needs and requirements in the business and then plan for IT as per the requirements (Laudon and Laudon, 2015).

    In respect to fulfil this aspect, Google promotes creativity and innovations among the employees. It helps to encourage come up with new ideas in the project. It proves that new project launch with free time consideration. Therefore, when project is finalising, team and management meet with the effective products and services as well (Slater, Olson and Finnegan, 2011). Hence, right activities design which is used with the latest features and put up suggestions and thoughts as well. Google provides flexibility to select variety of computers and operating system in respect to work and make sure that access of information gain in the project. Along with this, it is also helpful aspect which shows location through internet. It moves to make proper coordination with colleagues in the project to connect and create same vision and ideas. In respect to develop IT infrastructure and IT department, maintenance needed which create balance between buying products from outside vendors (Isberg, Mordalski and Gloriam, 2015). Customer relationship management also needed that developed by own software. Data also available to all employees which make sure that unauthorised sources removed from the business environment. It encourages develop new software through internship program.

    Further, this way helps to get new ideas and outcomes to deal with the systematic work performance at workplace. With the help of the common applications such as Google Apps, internal and external purposes also accomplish at workplace. Search engine algorithm updated continuously with relevant information that are accurate for the business. Google also allows make proper balancing on the server program (Clemons and Madhani, 2010). Therefore, it divided into the several types of assigned specific functions. Nature of the enterprise also consist their focus on the Google security which make it critical. Formula also consider for search algorithm to keep proper security. Apart from implement strict policy measures, company also considered infrastructure to maintain security at workplace. In the detection system, it helps to avoid security breach. In respect to implement IT system, proper functioning can be made at workplace with keep security as well. It shows recruitment standards to develop work performance and outcomes at workplace. Pictorial representation shows that hiring process in Google continuously developed at workplace (Isberg, Mordalski and Gloriam, 2015). In the standpoint, it is establishes with different strategies. Therefore, it helps to concentrate on the crucial part of the successful results. Organisation able to make successful results and Google believe that money generated through offering traditional system consideration at workplace as well.

    Organisational Cultural and Structure

    Organisation cultural is focus on internal working environment and improved employees relation inside the organisation. There are importance of understand the organisational culture. It is important to understand the value of organisation culture (Fang, Tsai and Lin, 2010). The culture of the organisation is unique configuration of norms, values, beliefs way of deport and so on that characterise the manner in which groups and individuals corporate trust to get things done. This kind of terms may be used to many aspects of structure and manage work on time. There are some condition is to be engaged, when the goal of the organisation is completed on time, with effective manner. There are some elements of organisation culture is, that is leadership of organisation (Czinkota, Knight and Steen, 2010). In this context, leader is a person who guide each and every team member about the job and work is to be accomplish on time. Nevertheless, looking at the big image, it looks that Google on its staff much more than scooters and ping pong tables, with health care services, travel protection, childcare installing and academic aid among its more meaty payment. In internal organisation culture employees are doing their own task or project in one week, give their chance to improve personal habit and holding regular Q&A session (Cameron, Mora and Calarco, 2011).

    Therefore, act of the leader in organisation is modelling, guiding, coaching and teaching of each and every worker in organisation. This all such is to be instil in system culture. In case of Google, Sergey Brin and Larry Page have got all these three acquisition. They have set the path by having a mission to sort message reachable to the world, aligning the worker with the way by motivating and authorise worker (Debortoli, Müller and vom Brocke, 2014). To be manage each and every activity inside the work place. In the same way, motivation of employees is most important part to manage work and improve productivity and profit will be increase over the period. Organisational discernment refers to the values, evaluate and demean or which hold the structure together. The worker engagement is big issue inside work place. Those who activity with passion, motive, and have deep sensitivity toward their institution. These abstractions are the ones who move the arrangement. It basically supported on customs, cognitive content and rules which make over time (Evert, Martin and Payne, 2016). This is help to improve market share, with the help of organisation culture may be changes inside the organisation. On the other hand, different organisation culture is as follows:

    • Power culture :- In power culture top management as to make new decision in organisation in the hands of top, level management in work place. The relationship is to be adoptive and formal for improve the culture of organisation and manage work on time.
    • Role culture :- In the role culture is to be manage the work as per the need and role of the each and every employees inside work place (Smith, Louis and Schultz, 2011). The employees are to be work as per the job description is to be made in activity place. The relationship is to be formal in nature and improve the overall development in market rate.

    The structure of GOOGLE system is to be focus on formal way. It is help to identify the need to have thee organisational structure. Organisational structure is to be manage work come for the large enterprise is to be followed. This is to be help for improve the growth rate and increase overall market (Pisano, Pironti and Rieple, 2015). There are some effective management or a new idea is solved nay issue in organisation. It is to be required time, efforts and will work is help to manage work on time and reduce the level of any issue inside the organisation.

    This is to be reduce the level of loss and improve market conditions. There are solved any issue with the help of manage work or indefinite quantity overall productivity. The level of communicating is most essential part to solve any kind of problem in organisation (Thatchenkery, Avital and Cooperrider, 2010). In internal work place human action can solve misunderstanding between employees or improve profit and productivity will be addition in organisation. The employee engagement is big issue inside work place. Those who work with passion, motive, and have deep sensitivity toward their institution. These group are the ones who move the organisation.

    Motivation is one of the most important part to solve any kind of issue to improve the productivity will be increase, if employees will be motivated and solve any such kind of issue inside work place (Rhee, Cho and Bae, 2010). There is certain productivity and profit will be depend on employees' relation, culture and structure of system. As the result is out, GOOGLE Company see that 26 % of employees engaged with work or 56 % or employees are not engaged with working environment. This is because of culture and structure of organisation is not proper or according to working condition. This is give the direct impact of profit and productivity inside the organisation.

    Ethical Issues

    There are one important part is ethical issue is to be focus on some improve internal and external working environment. Ethical issue is to be focus on collection base, has given rise to the misconception of substance privacy (Slater, Olson and Finnegan, 2011). The vast subject matter on the Internet faces legal document needs. Some private documents is to be safe and secure for improve work. In this way, data privacy is to be focus on legal rights or inculcated in ethical issue in work place. There are some ethical issue concerning the social networking site or manage work. There are some social networking sites is help to improve the overall improvement and manage work or improve the productiveness in on the job state of affairs. Google has ethical approach toward the company future performance (Clemons and Madhani, 2010).

    There is a contention going on the privatives issue concerning these societal networking sites. There is United States who is in-cognizant that their profiles, representation, pictures, etc. are being social class by such sites. All such factor is to be inculcated in ethical factor or do not give any contract information, uploaded financial factor on site (Fang, Tsai and Lin, 2010). This is give direct impact on ethical factor or manages work or improve productivity and market rate will be changes. There are one of the most ethical issue on stakeholder and manage work or improve ratio and complete safety will be generated in work place.  On the other hand, Google gathers astounding sum of money of data on grouping who use its hunting engine. As of 2011, the establishment website states that although it mercantile establishment records of searches as a tool to better corporate skilfulness, it renders them synonymous after nine calendar months and deletes used to track visitant after two years (Czinkota, Knight and Steen, 2010).

    In the ethical issue is to up-lode photo on website is give the negative impact for organisation. Some ethical factor is photo accumulation also has brocaded privacy question, In 2008, a couple sued on the information the online photograph of their location violated their privatives, but a justice threw out the suit in organisation (Cameron, Mora and Calarco, 2011). On the other hand, some changes in ethical factor are given direct impact on internal environment. Some changes in overall observation and duty to generate most profit stakeholder in work place.


    From the findings, it can be stated that in all the aspects management need to be focused on considering the needs and requirements of customers. It is important that all the issues that are faced by the customers should be considered and appropriate steps should be taken so that positive perception can be developed within the mind of people. Apart from the all the workers should be have appropriate knowledge regarding the roles and responsibilities that has to be played. When they fail to understand their roles, then it causes serious issues for the firm as it can causes the business to face loses. In addition to this, proper monitoring should be done for the performance of workers. When these are done, then steps should be considered to provide then training. This way, the areas in which improvement are required can be made and skills can be developed.


    • Cameron, K., Mora, C. and Calarco, M., 2011. Effects of positive practices on organizational effectiveness. The Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, 47(3), pp.266-308.
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