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    PEV205 Organisational Behaviour GSM London


    Organisation behaviour is considered as one of key aspect for every business firm so that goals and objectives can be accomplished. It has been noticed that by having an analysis of diverse behavioural values related to human resources the issues can be resolved in desired manner. In addition to this, it can be said that understanding of organisational behaviour will assist in getting knowledge regarding diverse activities which will assist in meeting sustainability. Present report will be focused on working of Tesco PLC in order to evaluate work practice. By having an improved level of focus on leadership style, cultural values and other norms the issues in terms of organisational practice can be overcome. It will lead business firm to impressive level of success.


    Organisation structure decides how the obligations, exercises and duty are controlled and composed in the association. Association culture alludes to the qualities, convictions, vision, mission, images, and propensities for the association.

    It is necessary for every business firm to have appropriate consideration of organizational values the issues can be resolved. It will assist in meeting objectives and lead to impressive level of success. In addition to this, it can be said that using diverse aspects in terms of human resource and culture the overall work practice standards can be advanced (Griffin and Moorhead, 2009). It helps in meeting standards and ensure that goals and objectives are being accomplished. In addition to this, it can be said that organizational behaviour need to be understand by having a review of values. It has been witnessed that leadership style application is significant for promotion of intelligence and ensure that constant development is being taken into account. For continuous opportunities the leader’s behaviour is also a significant measure which will assist in meeting objective.

    Through having promotion of motivation values the teams can be managed in desired manner. With an effective application of motivation theories the issues in terms of motivation can be resolved. It will allow to assist in meeting the organizational goals so that long term opportunities can be attained (Jelinek, 2010). Along with this, consideration of communication practice is also significant so that long term opportunities can be attained. By having an application of human resource practice the essential information can be shared with members in significant manner. Communication also assist in resolving the issues.

    In order to make assessment for the business, there are different type of tools that can be used. In this context, it includes SWOT, PESTLE, Porter five forces, etc. Among these below given is the SWOT analysis done for TESCO. This is a tool that enables to evaluate competitive position of company.

    Strength: This is focused on providing details that make a firm different from others. In perspective of Tesco, there are number of awards that is achieved by cited firm for customer service, overall shopping experience, etc. (SWOT analysis of Tesco, 2015). Further, the firm has significant cash revenue and variety of properties in its portfolio. It has improved the use of technology throughout its operations and thus it has raised customer experience.

    Weaknesses: These are barriers that affect the business to operate in effective manner. Due to competitive pressures price wars have occurred and thus it has eroded the retailer’s profit margin. Main market by Tesco is covered at UK and Europe and they are highly depended for its sales. Further, there are some of the subsidiaries which are not operating and they are vulnerable to external factors.

    Opportunities: These are considered to be the favorable external factors that can be used by company to attain competitive advantage. Tesco has the opportunity for developing strategic alliance with other companies in order to offer product. In countries where cited firm fails to operate effectively, then they have the opportunity for joint ventures. There are many markets in which Tesco can start up their business.

    Threats: These are factors that can harm the firm. Many companies have come up which deliver similar type of products and services, this has reduced the sales and profitability. There are frequent changes identified in government regulation and these have affected the business due to changes in prices.

    In accordance with the findings done, there are different type of areas that can be taken in to consideration by Tesco. In this context, below given are the advantages and disadvantages:


    Perception created by Tesco among people in these years have highly contributed in raising brand image. Further, numerous rewards that cited firm attained has helped in boosting up the perception of customers. Further, firm needs to focus on other markets as well so that they are able to raise their sales and profitability.


    Support from the side of workers is low. They are the one who provide the products and services, when they fail to perform their set of roles in effective manner, then it affects the business to grow. Further, there are threats that can be worked on but management has not working effectively to make it an opportunity.

    Current practices in Tesco PLC

    Organization structure determines how the duties, activities and responsibility are controlled and coordinated in the organization. In this respect, management of Tesco is well focused towards divisional structure which assist in meeting objectives. It has been witnessed that company is currently focused towards functional structure. In this, structure is framed on the basis of each function accomplished within organization (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010). In addition to this, it can be said that there are number of departments under which operations of company is being taken into account.

    Each bit of the association is assembled by its motivation. The fundamental downside of this structure is essay help the coordination and correspondence between divisions can be confined by the hierarchical limits. In addition to this, it can be said that working of company is classified in different departments on the basis of function. Classification of different departments can be as marketing, human resource, finance, etc. Tesco, organisation structure is configuration to convey its business objectives and technique (Lussier and Achua, 2009). Its authoritative structure is generally useful chain of command and there are just couple of layers inside it and mirrors the market openings in the business. Introduce structure is intended to reproduce the arranged results of the undertaking. The group of senior supervisor will take abnormal state of obligation regarding correspondence administration. Culture of this association mirror its centre estimations of business and it shows that qualities does exclude and transparent connection between workers that depend on the shared regard. Authoritative structure and culture impact the execution of the business as it doesn't holds the business together and it is the necessary piece of administration and correspondence (Pardey, 2016).

    Design of the structure is not much accurate which create issues in terms of communication. Hierarchical level in functional structure is high which creates an issue of miscommunication. It has been noticed that business is not having employee participation which also impacts the working culture. In addition to this, it can be said that coordination among all departments is not appropriate which also creates issue in terms of operational values (Robbins and Judge, 2018). By having a continuous development in regard to such measures the overall practice can be developed. It is necessary for business firm to ensure that inter department coordination need to be accurate as per standards so that communication among members can be resolved. It is very essential to have a good organizational structure in the industry so that they can lead a successful business. In order to have sustainable development the growth opportunities need to be framed according to collective culture so that issues can be resolved. Improper reference and communication among all departments affects the overall outcome in diverse manner.

    Conduct at work can be depicted as a work conduct one uses in business. It is a formal way which changes from calling to calling. Work conduct is about how an individual carry on around their associates. Representatives are to approach each other with deference and respect and they have the duty to add to a sheltered work environment. To meet the guidelines the administration of Tesco PLC is engaged towards utilization of absolutist initiative style. Totalitarian authority style utilized when pioneers enlighten their representatives regarding their work (Saame, Reino and Vadi, 2011). What they need to done and how they need to achieve it without the assistance of their adherents. An absolutist authority style will be style in which pioneer takes every one of the choices. One might say that all the basic leadership powers are brought together in pioneers. They don't include the proposals of workers or subordinates. This sort of administration styles is utilized at where representatives don't any involvement and they require supervision. The pioneers of business element utilize dictatorial style as representative need bunches of supervision. It enables association to take snappy choice and considered as best style that propels the workers of Tesco PLC. It is significant in a few kinds of business where choices should be made rapidly and unequivocally (Sheard and Kakabadse, 2014).

    However, application of autocratic leadership style also create number of issues for the business entity. It has been noticed that lack of involvement of employees in decision making practice creates situation of dissatisfaction. In this, needs of employees is not being communicated well to the management because of less engagement (Susaeta and et. al., 2013). It has also affected the policies formation process and creates an issue in terms of policies application. It has also impacted the employee’s productivity in diverse manner. Tesco also faces issues in terms of risk identification. It is also because lack of engagement with employees, as they are not willing to share which risk is impacting business in diverse manner.

    In this administration style pioneer settles on choices without counselling their colleagues, regardless of whether their info is valuable. This can be appropriate when the two associations need to settle on choices rapidly or there is no need of group input this can spare time of association. In this approach pioneers settle on the choices alone, having complete specialist. Pioneer can settle on any choice in associations nobody is permitted to provoke them (Tohidinia and Mosakhani, 2010). This style is by all accounts useful for workers that necessities close supervision to play out specific errands.

    In addition to this, it can be said that organisation is focused towards consideration of power culture which assist in meeting objectives. It has been witnessed that power culture does not allow employees to have flexible working which might affect the overall outcome in desired manner. It is necessary for business firm to ensure that standards in terms of work place are properly maintained in order to have promotion of power culture. In control culture the control is the key component at this sort of association. In this, basic leadership control rests at few individuals as it were (Waltz, 2009). Choices are made rapidly as there is no or less meeting. It indicates that decisions within Tesco PLC are being taken into account by having a consideration of situation but members does not consult about facts with another person. By having an improved focus on power culture the business firm is effectively dealing with emergency situations as such practice is effective to deal with members and ensure that goals and objectives can be accomplished.

    In addition to this, it can be said that Tesco is currently focused towards Maslow motivational theory. It allows to have impressive level of success and lead business to sustainable development. By having an effective consideration of such measures the overall practice so company can be transformed. It allows to meet the standards and ensure that long term opportunities can be attained in desired manner. It has been witnessed that Maslow's chain of command of necessities that extents from lower to higher (Waltz, 2009). This hypothesis keeps up that individual does not feel a higher need until the point when the requirements of current level have been fulfilled. It incorporates physiological inspiration, Safety needs, Social needs, Esteem helpers and self-realization. By having an actual understanding in regard to members the issues can be resolved and lead to impressive level of success. It has been noticed that organization is not having effective identification of needs of members which impacts the overall outcome. By having an application of diverse measures in regard to sustainability the issues can be resolved. It has been noticed that major issue that business firm faces is regarding application of measures so that key outcome can be attained.

    Authoritative hypothesis gives better data about outline, structure and relationship among organization and its outer condition factors. It helps in finding better approaches to conquer the issues and adjust quick changes in working of administration. Another clarification may be that it is the hypothesis which can help people to have better openings for work and improvement in their way of life. Authoritative hypothesis is comprised of different components like logical ways to deal with administration (Saame, Reino and Vadi, 2011). The present approach of Tesco PLC is bureaucratic that is influencing the execution and working of representatives. As per investigation of association structure and culture, firm can centre over regulatory hypothesis for better execution and having working as indicated by different standards of dynamic administration. The absence of coordination between various divisions is influencing the working of Tesco PLC so it is important for firm to have better coordination for development in execution. Association can likewise adjust diverse inspiration systems and initiative style for development in coordination. Chief can have better concentration over these components by better thought of motivational hypothesis. It is fundamental for administrator since they need to persuade representatives for development in execution (Sheard and Kakabadse, 2014). In the event that administration won't have any activities for advancement of worker's then it is conceivable that they can feel awful and not ready to give their best at work environment. Another clarification may be that inspired worker's will give different advantages to association by performing best and productive way. Trust additionally assumes a key part in viable group working so it is essential for firm to spur representatives to have trust among all. On the off chance that worker's won't have trust on each other than they won't ready to perform errand adequately and to have compelling sharing of data inside association. In current circumstance the business firm is confronting issues inside administration with respect to trust factor which additionally makes issues regarding long haul supportability (Susaeta and et. al., 2013).


    TESCO Matrix structure

    TESCO is the big multinational British supermarket in the UK, which deals with various and varieties of product and services such as clothing fashion retail, electronics, food services etc. Moreover, to grow up the business company needs to ensure the productive and competitive business growth. TESCO will be planning to adopt Matrix structure to make some more productive environment in the working surroundings. They must be more productive and impressive. Matrix structure is one of the most complex business structure which companies can implement (The Matrix Structur, 2018). It is a structure in which company reporting relationship are set as a grid, or matrix rather than in the traditional hierarchy. Besides, employees have plays dual relationship with product manager as well as product manager. They define each departments in each particular manner. They provide flexibility in communication level to all employees. For examples Tesco each employee can directly meet to any managers without taking any permission, they enhance the communication and better relationship growth. In this structure employees and team members are work as a team, they all ready to solve the query of anyone (Liu, Y. and et.al., 2018). This organisation structure are majorly structured by productive manner. It also helps to make good bonding different analysis process or impactful decision making growth. In this matrix structure employees usually work under more than one boss. Tesco is one of the biggest retail supermarket in which huge number of employees has been work their due to which they provide flexibility in structure to communicate with any manager to solve productive management task (The Matrix Structur, 2018).

    Impact of matrix organisation structure.

    Matrix organisational structure comparatively very complex organisation structure which might be decrease confusion between employees in working culture. There must be according to the nature and more productive manner. This gives more productive and approachable organisation structure which is generally based on large level of organization. With the help of this structure will allow for human resource to be shared flexibly across different products. This structure is worked on team building approach which proves productive for the more betterment for the organisation (The Matrix Structur, 2018). It will be more impressive or productive in nature growth Because of the large organisation matrix structure will improve Tesco functional areas are more improving or productive in nature growth. It also gives positive impact on the retention of good team leaders in the organisation. Moreover, it provides the best opportunity growth and profit making task for better customer service.

    Overall development through matrix structured in the company environment would be great and productive. It also helps to enhance the employees skills or productivity towards the effective work (Liu, Y. and et.al., 2018). Moreover, matrix structure has three categories strong, balanced and weak matrix structure. It has been the best organisational structure which improves better quality of work between the team members and maintain good working environment.

    Cultural change

    Power culture means an autocratic style of management is followed by an organization. There are many advantages of this style of management but disadvantages of this style too. Issues of this autocratic style is like increased work burden on subordinates, bad for motivated workers, not proper communication, forced to follow instructions whether right or wrong, not proper utilization of creative ideas and so on. But these issues can be solved by following these instructions;

    • If a leader gives full freedom to their subordinates to perform their task then efficiency of productivity will be increased and outcome will be on highest level to achieve success of an organization. In power culture, there is needed to give independence culture.
    • Motivational factor is an essential factor in any organization. In power culture, there is lack of motivation factor, so subordinates cannot perform at their best level. If a leader motivate their subordinates time to time by rewarded or appreciation than they will be satisfied and they will perform their best.
    • To solve the issues of power culture, communication gap must be reduced. In power culture, leader only inform and instruct about the task to their subordinates. Subordinate cannot communicate to the leader directly. They have to be follow hierarchy. In some time, subordinates are forced to follow the instructions whether it is right or wrong. So there is requirement to reduce the communication gap for better involvement.
    • To resolve the issues of power culture, there is requirement to promote innovative and creative environment. It is done by encouraging the members and by giving proper attention on their innovative ideas.
    • There is a need of a leader who is typically excellent at solving the problems.
    • Improvement of job satisfaction is required for achievement of success. In power culture, there is lack of motivation factor that is why workers are not satisfied. If all subordinates are motivated than all subordinates will be job satisfied.
    • To solve the problems, there is requirement to builds strong teams. There has to be strong and supportive environment.
    • Leader should make confidence level and loyalty among subordinates.
    • If all subordinates are aware of what is happening and what would be happened then they will take interest, thus productivity will be increased.
    • If all the workers get full opportunity to perform their task and to implement their ideas than it is possible for leader to utilization of capabilities of subordinates.
    • In this power culture system, the decision making process is very easy but there is requirement to involve all the subordinates in an organization because if all the team workers are involved in decision making process then they will satisfy, thus the productivity will be increased and highest level of outcome will be achieved.


    Tesco adopted Democratic leadership in order to increase the

    At TESCO, employees can propelled through vote based authority style. Law based authority is a style in which employees are permitted to participate in basic leadership process and different exercises. Every individual from the gathering is given with the chance to propose their perspectives and assessments and offer their contemplations. Therefore, in this administration style, they can without much of a stretch trade their thoughts with administration. At the point when employees are given with significance, they get inspired and buckle down for the fulfilment of shared objectives of organization. Leader is as yet required to guide and control their gathering. It is otherwise called take an interest administration style. It turns out to be a compelling administration style at TESCO. By following this, employees get roused which builds the profitability of firm. By influencing employees to feel perceived, their gathering spirit increments. Group exercises support the working individuals as in this, they perform with higher effectiveness keeping in mind the end goal to substantiate themselves superior to others. Alongside that, in this initiative style, leader offer prizes to employees for their viable execution. A law based leader should be straightforward, inventive and astute who take reasonable choices in any circumstance of contentions. Effective leaders empowers employees on the off chance that they confront any issue in their work. They motivate them by acknowledging or by giving rewards.

    Herzberg theory for Motivation

    As indicated by this hypothesis, At Tesco if chief need to propel the employees they have to centre around fulfilment factor like duty, accomplishment, and so on for propelling the employees, it is required to kill the disappointment factor worker were encountering in the association. It is highly unlikely t spur worker if this disappointment factor are not understand by the chief. To get free out of this disappointment factor are make reasonable organization arrangements among the worker, Respect the way of life and pride of all the colleague and give employer stability. When contrasted with Maslow's hypothesis is to imagine that requirements are orchestrated in the progressive system require. Higher request require end up operational just when bring down level need satisfied. Be that as it may, Herzberg contends that there is no such chain of command needs of representative. There is just operational needs of representative constantly.

    Venture has received Herzberg hypothesis of inspiration which help with expanding employees' fulfilment and also association development. According to this idea, employees can be spurred by two segments that is cleanliness and spark factor. As indicated by cleanliness factor, employees can be propelled by compelling pay, incidental advantages, professional stability, perquisites and so forth, referred to organisation has effectively affected to this factor of inspiration in light of the fact that there has uncommon planning of reward framework for those staffs who perform adequately in the organization. Then again, according to inspiration factor, human asset can be fulfilled and persuaded by allotment, acknowledgement, testing assignment and development opportunity. With help of these open doors human asset can be more propelled for higher execution, which reflect organization development and achievement. On the off chance that association can't fulfil these two specified factor at that point work force's will be demotivate and friends' development will decrease.

    Human resource and communication

    There are several HR practices which are performed by Tesco that have certain impacts which are discussed in the report.

    Human resource department of Tesco performs the following practices for effective working of employees

    Recruitment and selection

    Recruitment and Selection practices of HR is generally based on the mission of the organisation and its working culture also. This practices finds out the potential candidate which can be a capable employee of the organisation. It includes many recruitment activities which are conducted at various place to attract lots of candidates and selection is done on the basis of matching up of essential qualities which are required for particular post at Tesco (Clegg, Kornberger and Pitsis, 2015).

    Impact on Organisation

    Recruitment and selection practices make sure that company have adequate amount of employees they neither should have shortage nor surplus of workers as it leads to wastage of resources. It is also important to have an appropriate employee for all the post so that right most suitable person should work on right post to produce an efficient output.

    Work Life Balance

    Human resource department implements flexible working hours, provides options for telecommuting and maintains the organisational culture of Tesco through which every employee is able to achieve work life balance. They also provides counselling for balancing stress of an employee (Tzabbar, Tzafrir and Baruch, 2017).

    Impact on organisation

    It has an immense effect which helps to create a result oriented environment of working which leads to greater efficiency of workers and provides a balanced life in which employee is able to give time to their work and as well as personal aspects also.

    Training and Development

    Training and development is an essential human resource practice which includes orientation of new employee, training for job skills, training for enhancing leadership skills and overall professional development. Training must be provided to every employee so that it can adapt with the changes occurring in an environment for their smooth functioning.

    Impact on organisation

    Training and development helps to improve the skills of employees at Tesco, required for their current positions which helps increasing their value in the company. Also it facilitates by developing an individual professionally which helps HR department to take decisions for succession planning.


    It considered to b the reward system for an employee in which they are rewarded by Tesco for their excellent performance. They provides rewards like incentives, fringe benefits bonuses to workers in accordance to their performances to motivate them for providing such quantity of work with a great quality.

    Impact on Organisation

    Reward system can highly motivate every employee and can provide a greater satisfaction of their work. It will lead to enhance their performance so that it may provide a greater result with quality aspect also. It will lead to make the working environment very positive which also attracts other new people to join the organisation. Most attractive compensation can lead to generation of more interest in their respective jobs (Ruth Mayhew, 2018).

    Effective communications is build up good relationship with others it is very helpful to every organisation for expanding their business.

    • TESCO Company needs to improve their communications with their employee within 6 months and maintaining workplace. They should check worker meet regularly or not, they discuss their problems in every three days.
    • This company should take few steps for improving their communication process assessing current internal communications method it is not easy to improve the internal methods but they should try and apply new methods like message send emails through, telephone, face to face clear all the doubts.
    • They also need to improve their communications skill at till end the 3 months workplace also. TESCO should create an open environment they talk not only individuals while they give the right every one discuss comfortably.
    • One of the biggest issue that is employee’s face how they communicate with manager or top level management they feel not comfortable so in that case many employees may choose to avoid leaving a main point.
    • So this company should making implement with in 12 months an open door policy where their employees feel comfort and giving a full time that is benefits their organisation.
    • TESCO needs to identify their actual goal of the business it is important for their employees to be on work same level to identifying and clarifying common goal through communications.
    • Listening is the part of the communications TESCO manger also need to follow this listening skill it is most important for every one participate. Both the employers as wells as staff member listen in active way they reflects their listening skill abilities. So it is easy for everyone to find out the difficulties what other worker want to say.

    The impact of commutations process on TESCO they increasing their profitability of the business and expanding their business one country to another nations. It is very help full for this company they maintain their relationship with whole staff, and easily understand. Communication is very vital part of the every business through this process easily achieve target of the business. Its impact on TESCO operate a new strategy for the success and solve a internal misunderstanding related to the work. They build a network with new operations if they talk about internal communications then it is construct mutual understanding between management and the employees. So if their employees are directly communicating with their manger and other staffs then they feel connected. Effective communications can help improve the internal or external environment of the company it is beneficial for TESCO to develop a formal, healthy and internal its process. They also follow outlines strategies, it is very help full for this company in building effective communications with the organisation.

    achieve a goal of the organisation.

    There are different type of assessment tools that are being used and these are effective enough to identify the areas in which improvement that are needed to be made. With this respect, below given are the assessment tool for implemented change that is being used:

    Suggestion from employees: Workers are the one who have direct interaction with customers, they have proper understanding about the issues that are faced by customers. When suggestions are taken from employees, then it becomes favourable enough to make changes in effective manner.

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    Feedback from customers: They make use of the products and services that are delivered by company and so that know better regarding the areas in which improvement needs to be made. This way, it becomes helpful for the business to improve those areas and make changes in effective manner.


    • Allio, J. R., 2013. Leaders and leadership – many theories, but what advice is reliable. Strategy & Leadership. 41 (1). pp.4 – 14.
    • Buchanan, A. D. and Huczynski, A. A., 2010. Organizational Behaviour. 7th ed. Pearson Education, Limited.
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    • Griffin, R.W. and Moorhead, G., 2009. Organization Behavior, 9thEd. Cengage Learning.
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