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    Business Process


    Business Process is a set of activities undertaken within a firm in a structural manner or sequence so as to produce a good or service for customers. Business processes take place at various departments, units and levels of organisation and at times, may not be clearly visible to customers. In other words, it is a flowchart which represent a range of procedures that take place within an entity. This report is based upon Complete Office Supplies (COS) Pty Ltd. which is a 100% Australian owned enterprise dealing in products of a wide range such as technology, kitchen, furniture, cleaning that are required for the upkeep of a workplace premises. This will include the mission, strategy and target market of company. Also it comprises of two business processes of organisation along with relationship and cross-functional maps. Besides this, the use of automation within the enterprise is explored together with ethical considerations.

    Part 1 – Identification and Justification

    1.1 Introduction to Organisation Along With Rationale

    Complete Office Supplies (COS) Pty Limited is  the biggest Australian owned and operated corporation which has been functioning for last 40 years. It is a family owned company which has 9 distribution centres with the assistance of which the organisation delivers more than 5000 orders to around 3000 locations of Australia. This enterprise deals in a wide range of products from different categories such as technology, furniture, promotional products, kitchen and hygiene, print and office supplies. Being an active member of Family Business Australia, COS is ascertained to be one of the major contributors towards the daily routine life as well as future of Australians. This company has largely been focussing upon adopting sustainable business activities and processes so as to leverage innovation within the business and industry as well as creating opportunities for enterprise to be able to deliver excellent customer services.

    Rationale for Selection Of Organisation

    COS has been chosen due to the observant inefficiencies within the company. The core business processes of COS have been observed to be accounting, sales, management and delivery handling. The issues that have been noticed within the organisation exist in the core business process of order handling of company. This business process is suffering from lack of centralisation, adequate communication and proper integration between the various departments of organisation. These issues have largely been affecting the operations of COS as well as disrupting the effectiveness and efficiency of business of. The business processes are open to a number of threats and errors and should be given due consideration by top management and leaders so as to avoid any discrepancies within the organisational premises.

    Solutions for Problems

    There is a need for better communication and centralised system within COS so as to enhance customer service delivery and render a better value for the consumers. The barriers associated with communication process have been affecting the financial performance of company. This has further led to some other problems within COS. The impact of ineffective integration of business processes can be seen in terms of reduced operational capabilities as well as performance of entity. By strategically carrying out the integration of various departments of organisation, company can gain a competitive advantage over its rivals and cut down the cost caused as a result of miscommunication. Once the whole system of this enterprise will get streamlined, business process that take place within different departments of COS can be addressed in an appropriate manner. The problem of losing clients due to inefficiencies of processes can be overcome by way of integration and would lead to enhanced capability of organisation to provide value to clients. Another benefit associated with integration of processes is significant increase in productivity by eliminating the redundant processes. This interdepartmental collaboration will not only boost the client service but also facilitate the growth of company.

    1.2 Mission, Target Market, And Strategy

    COS is a B2B supplier that aims to render office supplies to clients and associates within the country and develop opportunities for other wholly owned Australian enterprises to grow.

    Mission: “To offer best quality products and services to clients without compromising with honesty and fairness in business dealings and user service excellence.”

    Vision: “To be the foremost choice for office products as a professional supplier that continuously deliver products to ensure user satisfactions.”

    Target Market

    COS is a 100% Australian owned office supplies enterprise and operate to serve the needs, demands and preferences of local people. This company possess local Australian values and ensure that all their profits stay within the country so as to give a boost to the economy of nation (Why COS? Australian Owned, 2018). COS mainly targets enterprises and government of Australia and their target market is limited to all the businesses whose roots are of this country or they are operating within the nation. This is done with the sole objective of creating new jobs and employment opportunities for local audience. This enterprise strives to share their success with wider community of Australia and they are immensely passionate to make a substantial difference in the lives of Australians. COS is committed to promoting and fostering the growth of other Australian owned business enterprises, inclusive of indigenous suppliers. COS offers thousands of products for every room that exists within any Australian office premise. This business enterprise offers innovative goods of varying categories for the workplaces within the country so as to tap the advantage of local businesses as well as to give them a chance to easily conduct business. Be it a large government agency or publicly listed multinational corporation, COS evaluates the requirements of users and offer tailored solutions to fulfil those needs.

    Business Strategy

    The major goal of COS is to become a top supplier of office supplies by engaging in environmental friendly techniques and sustainable practices. For this, company adopts a wide range of strategies depending upon the area of focus. Thus, various strategies implemented by company in order to effectively and efficiently manage the business processes and activities are specified in brief below:-

    Competitive Strategy:

    The rivalry strategy of COS is two fold, a suitable and relevant selection of products associated with office supplies so as to make it an attractive shopping place and an effective service delivery where clients are treated as supreme for the business. For this, COS has appointed a specified Sales Agent/Manager which provides assistance to customers in their shopping experience. This organisations offers a strong product catalog where all the specifications and features of office supplies and related products are clearly mentioned so that business clients and associates do not face any issue while taking decisions regarding selecting COS as their supply partner. Further with the help of catalog, clients are able to place bulk orders for office supplies at one company instead of having to deal with a number of vendors every week or month. By professionally creating an impression among Australian community that all of the needs of any company's office supplies can be fulfilled at one place, COS enjoys a strategic edge in market over its rivals. Further, this entity tends to emphasize upon service excellence so as to ensure that maximum business clients place their orders with this company. The long term goal of COS associated with this strategy is to make sure that enterprise sustains in marketplace for a long duration of  time. Also, this builds a sense of trust and loyalty among clients to stay associated with the supplier for a long period.

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    Marketing Strategy:

    The marketing or advertising strategy of COS is based upon developing an effective communication with the target audience so as to enhance the growth of business enterprise as well as increase its profitability in marketplace. The largest supplier of Australia has built its marketing strategy focussing on the point that any entity can order for all of its office supplies from one point destination, Complete Office Supplies (COS). Their main marketing strategy is focussed upon conducting such advertising campaigns which can communicate the mission, vision and objectives of company to local community of Australia. These campaigns majorly rely upon print media by widespread distribution of product catalogs so as to gain attention of a large number of people. With this, COS strives to retain top rated business clients and other associates who have been linked with the enterprise for a long duration of time or give orders for bulk purchases in one go. The campaign is based on increasing the awareness among target customers about unique and innovative products developed and sold by the organisation. The development of a positive image of COS is the foremost step towards facilitating the increased sales, growth and profitability of company.

    Sales Strategy:

    Complete Office Supplies' sales strategy is based upon the conversion of top rated business leads into paying clients. The key focus here is to enhance customer service so as to analyse and evaluate whether the needs, demands and preferences of official clients are met or not. COS ensures that customers desires are taken care of so as to enhance its revenues as well as profitability. In addition to this, professional clients now want a seemless experience which can ensure that their expectations are recognised and met accordingly. They ensure this by assigning a specified Sales agent for each client depending upon the type of customer. This sales agent works to their full potential as they receive a commission for the individual sale they do as well as the leads that they provide to enterprise. Thus, this enterprise has developed economic incentives for its Sales managers so as to create an organisation which excels in products as well as their quality. This incentive system within COS is the key to company's sales strategy because it includes initiatives taken by representatives of enterprise to enhance the sales and overall profitability of organisation.


    The business processes noticed within COS are inefficient to deal with the large scale orders that it receives on a daily basis. Thus, it is recommended that these business processes should be substantially improved as well as enhanced by way of using certain methodologies like six sigma, lean etc. The six sigma technique consists of stages such as designing, measurement, analysis, improvement and controls. Also known as DMAIC methodology, six sigma tends to give a rise to the existing level of process performance and also significantly reduces the probability of an error occurring during the procedure. In addition to this, lean method  is focussed upon elimination of waste across the entity as it does not hold any value for the customer.

    There are a number of errors prevailing within the system which can be eradicated so as to enhance the pace at which orders are handled and makes it less prone to defaults or errors. This will improve the quality of business processes within COS. Thus, the implementation of lean and six sigma is recommended within the enterprise. The result of application of these methodologies will maximise the revenues of organisation as well as reduce the overall cycle time of order handling and delivery. Also, COS can reduce the order processing time by applying automation of processes as well as electronically executing the business process. Automation can also be  applied inn case of responses to customers. COS can eliminate the lengthy manual processes and execute these by utilising internet platform such as automated emails and calls. For more about your writing service get this.here we provide best assignment help services.


    From the above report, it is concluded that business processes are a vital component of any business organisation and need to be carefully handled so as to avoid any discrepancies within the enterprise. Also, it has been analysed that communication is a major process that can hamper the efficiency of any company and influence its financial performance to a great extent. Besides this, it has been assessed that there are certain portions of business processes that can be automated to increase the pace of operations as well as to enhance the overall productivity of organisation. Along with this, it is analysed that it is necessary to ensure that business processes within a company are linked to strategic alignment so that the goals and objectives of entity can be met and sustainability of enterprise can be taken care of.


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