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    Data Handling And Business Intelligence


    Data collection is an integral aspect of an organization which needs to be improved by adopting the best appropriate data handling tool. Weka software has been selected as one of the major components in the enterprise. The selection of Weka software will be beneficial for an enterprise owner that guides the business entity in handling of data properly by applying various measures. The current project report is all about explaining excel and Weka software in relation to each other. The practical application of the Weka software has also explained properly by the business entity. The decision tree and cluster analysis are explained properly by defining various variables affecting or improving the performance of the business entity.

    PART A

    Benefits of Excel with respect to pre-processing of data

    Excel is regarded as one of the important software used to present the overall data into spreadsheet forms (Kalmegh, 2015). The calculations are electronically performed using this type of software which is used commonly in processing raw data into finished form. There are various benefits enjoyed by this software in relation with the pre-processing of facts and figures which are given as below:

    Systematic arrangement- 

    The large number of data is arranged into systematic and chronological order which assist the top management in analyzing the facts and figures (Rao and Reddy, 2014). The haphazard data will create trouble for the owner in combining all data together in one form of data. There are various functions in excel which simplifies the large set of data by prioritizing the    highly important information from the worst set of facts and figures.

    Data analysis- 

    Excel uses different functions whose primary motive is to analyze the data as it is regarded as one of the important tool of data scientists. The facts and figures are collected to analyses its accuracy by applying monetary measures (Saxena, 2015). The researchers will use different set of data by dividing the values into the group of data. The use of conditional formatting is one of the option in which the data will be pre-processed the values enter in the analysis. The identification of the values will further helpful for an entity in order to form good business decisions.

    Effective comparison- 

    The current tool is efficiently used by an entity owner in order to compare the previous entered data with the latest facts and figures. The facts and figures will be analyzed properly in order to predict trends and patterns to ensure the accuracy of decisions. The application of excel will be used in summarizing the data which enhances the structure of overall data.

    Relationship among data-

     Excel will help in forming relationship between various rows and columns in order to link all the spreadsheets together in order to produce good amount of results. The final decision of an entity will totally base on the analysis conducted by an individual in testing the accuracy of the information.

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    Strength of Excel in analysis of data

    The analysis of set of values is possible with the help of various functions of Microsoft excel (Rianse, 2015). The functions of MS Excel are further classified into the various categories such as normality function and advance functions. The normal functions emphasize on the basic calculations such as mean, median and sum of facts and figures entered in form of data in this analysis. On the other side, the advance function includes VLOOKUP and HLOOK UP. The selection of the best suitable technique is on an individual in order to analyses the set of data. The functions of this software has further segmented into two basic divisions such as financial and non-financial or we can say that statistical and non-statistical tools and techniques (Saxena, 2015). The statistical measures include annova, T-test, correlation, regression, histogram and Z-test. Non-statistical methods will include LOOKUP and INDEX which is another name of analyzing of data. The variety of measures used by an entity owner in order to observe the current set of data in relation with the application of different techniques which are given as below:

    IF Function-

    The commonly used technique in the Microsoft excel is used as condition statements (Rao and Reddy, 2014). This function is used in order to allow the users in creating logical comparisons between actual and predicted value. The current equations of the IF statements are widely used in order to determined the specific output. The primary motive of this function is to assess the large set of data in a single attempt. The conditional statements will be able to produce good amount of results by comparing its performance with the previous variables entered in the analysis.

    LOOK UP- 

    The current function is used in the searching of variables specifically related to the complete set of data (Saxena, 2015). The discovery of the specific variables is not possible in manual form as it can be generated through electronically mode. This will save the time of an individual by analyzing the complex and large set of data using this source of application. The problem can be removed by using the LOOK UP as the problem statements. The identification of the variables is possible by using these statements in order to form specific relationship among different set of variables.

    PIivot Table-

    It is regarded as the summarizing tool which is used to present the data in visualizing manner to please the different users of the business entity (Gao, 2015). The current function will be able to generate various things associated with the single function. It helps in generating electronically such as sorting, counting, totaling or averaging the large set of data. Pivot tables is useful tool used by an individual in conducting calculations in spontaneous ways. The current tables use simplification method that stresses on online analytically processing concepts. It is that tool which is commonly used in assessing the trends and patterns of the existing data.

    Advantages of Excel in visual presentation of data

    Excel software is commonly used to assess the data entered into the analysis process of judging the accuracy of data (Kotthoff, 2016). The current application software is widely used in analyzing the current performance of the information tested on various parameters. This application provides automation of various business operations conducted in the firm. The data stored in the form of this analysis can be manipulated in order to present into the complete set of data and information. There are various benefits of the current application in the presentation of data which are given as below:

    • Visualization- The data entered in the analysis which allows the users to present the complex set of data into various bar charts and bar graphs. The attractive and pleasing effects created with the data in order to increases the chances of interpretation of data by different users of the business (Abdi, 2016). The information is presented among the various persons with a clear aim to make good decisions in the business entity to facilitate its variety of users.
    • Automation-The current application software used to generate various forms of charts from the given set of data. The spreadsheet generated through this particular application will be able to generate electronic and inter connected spreadsheets. The basic advantage of this tool is that the generation of output is quite easy without demanding higher input.
    • Integration- The data entered into the sheets will be integrated by creating link with each other in order to produce the good amount of results. The results will be beneficial for an entity owner in order to form good decisions in the business related to the current aim of the project.

    Reasons behind sales reduction of the firm

    The analysis conducted in order to identify that the reasons of reduction of sales has identified which decreases the sales of Audi company (Classification via decision trees in Weka, 2016). The researcher has ascertained that there are two factors responsible for the reduction in number of sales which are discounts and lower margin of profit. The current approach followed by this entity is to sell products at different range such as higher and lower profit margin will not create significant impact on overall margin of profit. The Audi sells at different range in order to gather the higher base of customers in their current organization. The amount of Vat is correlated with the prices offered by an entity in order to please its variety of customers. The results have been shown that the higher price of the products will be able to generate lower income coupled with the price of products offered by an entity.  The proportion of discounts will decrease the income earned by an entity during the financial year (John, Skaria and Shajan, 2016). The discounts given by the business owner to all the customers are relatively less in relation with the prices offered by them in order to seek their attention.

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    There are various instances seen in the analysis that helps an entity owner in order to guide their further business on a right track. For instance, The product offered by this entity through delivery truck by offering the price of product is around 5472 with a margin of 0.59. On the contrary, to this other product delivered at the door step of an individual through truck delivery mode at 1810 with margin of 0.77 (Seif, 2016). Both the examples have shown the deflating percentages of profit with the increased or decreased of pricing pattern. The results reveal that the first case the margin of profit set by an entity is low with the high price but on the other hand the margin gets higher with the lower amount of prices offered by an entity owner.

    PART B

    Reason of using Weka to gain competitive advantages

    The place of Weka in the current world is higher than compared to all the players who exist in the same market in simplifying the problems of an individual and the business entity.  The modern world pays to attention that methods which enhances the role of the existing business with the usage of new tools and techniques (Manimekalai, 2016). The Weka is commonly used technique which handles complex set of data into various fragments. The Weka gained more advantage due to the weaknesses of excel. Excel will not able to handle data very conveniently than compared to the Weka (Mir, Khan, Butt and Zaman, 2016). The data will not be mined properly in excel as this is only used for quick calculations of various facts and figures. The various competition faced by Weka software from powerful tools used by the data scientist in analyzing the current set of data (Seif, 2016). R language and SAS are one of the commonly used techniques which uses program language in which the coding needs to be performed by the analyst in order to make decisions in the favor of an individual. The Weka will present the data into the output and decision tree without using complex coding. The current software saves the time of an entity in order to perform tough calculations by selecting algorithms and various data set. The calculations are performed automatically as it facilitates its users to get the quick solution by entering the data (Weka, Ikeh and Kamani, 2013). This software is useful for the owner to be used in tough and emergency conditions faced by an entity. The problems will be rectified by an entity by using various factors of this software in resulting the right amount of output.

    Advantages and disadvantages of Weka in relation to MS Excel


    • This application is strong enough in order to handle the bulky set of data in single attempt
    • It saves the time and energy of a person by generating accurate results in less time period
    • The algorithms and selection of data set are automatically programmed into the application software.
    • It beaten excel in relation to the generation of accurate outcomes very conveniently
    • Excel will crash by handling large set of data which is compensated by an individual by using Weka software.
    • The Weka utilizes the different set of statistical functions which is helpful for an entity in order to produce accurate amount of results.
    • The data are analyzed by the users in different context in order to help the business users.


    • The basic limitation faced by an individual using this kind of software is to focus on only calculations related to the statistics.
    • The limitation of this software are compared with the strength of Excel which is to perform calculations in both manner such as statistical and non-statistical measures.
    • The wrong programming of functions in the software will generate wrong results that divert the mind of an individual towards different things.
    • The focus of an entity will get shifted to another level by not emphasises on their current aim which is to resolve the issue.

    Application of J48 Algorithm


    The Weka software uses this particular algorithms in order to present the set of values and data in form of decisions in order to ensure proper decision making in the business (Read,  Reutemann, Pfahringer and Holmes, 2016). The algorithms will define the overall process that guides an individual in completing their tasks to support the aim of the research. The J48 algorithms will be used by an individual in order to predict the target variable which is the reason of decreasing the amount of sales in Audi company (Rianse, 2015). The decision tree is the outcome of the analysis conducted by the researcher by using this software. The information will be gained by a person using this application in which the knowledge of an individual will get refined with the passage of time.


      The above mentioned decision tree is reflecting the true position of Audi by showing two different possibilities (Rao and Reddy, 2014). The possibilities generated by this decisions tree is related to the purchases made by the customers that is first and either purchases. The analysis of the above diagram reveals that the buyers who purchase cars of Audi prior to any month of 2005 year will not taken the benefit of extended warranties option provided by the firm to all the customers. On the other hand, the first purchaser is made by the customers after the month mentioned in the analysis. The customers who are taking the advantage of first purchase of products are using the advantages of extended warranties (Kalmegh, 2015). The results of both the options are opposite to each other as one option are not using the facilities but the other option utilizes the facilities provided by the busine

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