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    Sales Planning and Operations

    Introduction to Sales Planning and Operations

    Sales planning and operations plays an important in the organisation. To synchronize the functions effectively within the organization, these operations and planning intended to help the teams of the business. The various task includes in the sales planning and operations are sales team, strategic initiative plan, product development plan, financial plan, production plan, inventory plan, etc. The present report is based on the ASDA, an American-owned, British-founded supermarket retailer, headquartered in West Yorkshire, deals in Grocery, general merchandise etc. In addition to this, The report also explains the different ways through which personal selling supports promotional activities in organization. To understand the roles and objectives of sales management, the importance of recruitment and selection procedure is explained in this report.

    Task 1

    1. Explaining how personal selling supports the promotion mix

    From the different activities, marketing is one of the activity that form the back bone for any company. To run the marketing activities for the grocery products, ASDA has build an efficient sales team. Marketing ensures effective consumer relationship management in addition to this, with the customers it also ensures efficient communication. Marketing campaigns are important for the organisation and hence it runs in order to benefit the stakeholders. To carry out the marketing activities in the business in order to achieve the objectives and goal, companies build marketing mixes, this are the marketing tools. Marketing mixes are consists of four P's that are Price, place, product and promotion. Along with the marketing mix, promotional mix are also developed by the companies. The activities covered in the promotional mix are sales, personal selling, direct marketing, advertising, public relation etc.


    It is the mass media method, provides exposure to the largest dispersed audience at low cost. The different forms of advertising are newspaper, posters, leaflets, social media etc.

    Direct marketing

    This method enables companies to reach out directly to consumers without intermediary any source of channels. The components include in the marketing communication process are direct mail, telemarketing, online marketing etc.

    Personal selling supports the promotion mix

    It is one to one communication between the seller and the buyer. It is selling of the products and services by personally meeting clients along with ensuring to form effective customer relationship. Personal selling plays a crucial role from all the activities that are included in the promotional campaign. Incentive programs or trade presentation is usually conducted by the sales teams, in order to personally sell products or services. ASDA consider personal selling as one of the most effective selling tools, the reason is it is highly flexible. In order to sell the products to the customers, sales team of ASDA make customers presentation about their products in which the cited company is dealing. The presentation is prepared keeping in mind the needs and motive of the customers and also with a motive to impress them. On the other hand, to convince the customers effectively, sales professional should be with high energy and processes the skills, this must be needed at the time of personal selling. Hence, personal selling supports the promotion mix as it enables the mentioned company to gather suggestions and feedback from different people and also get to know about the target audience well.

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    2. Comparing buyer behaviour and the decision making process in different situations

    Buying behaviour

    While purchasing any product or services, the attitude adopted by the consumers is often defined as buyer behaviour. It is one of the crucial component for the organization to consider buyer behaviour while formulating their marketing activities and strategies. Buyer behaviour helps the company in decision making process in different situation. In case of ASDA, due to economic recession the sales of the products were down. Five stage process were adopted by the ASDA as to study the consumer behaviours. Such as:

    Determining the problem

    At the time of choosing electronic products for themselves or for-others, consumers often face numerous problems. ASDA determine the problem in the situation, when the electronic market is low.

    Gathering information

    After Determining the problem the next stage is of gathering the information related to the problem. This is the duty of the sales team to gather the information. This is done by look into the problems, which is faced by the consumers regarding the electronic products along with this to solve the problem they also look for solutions.

    To evaluate different options

    Sales team of the cited company gets numerous option for consumers, at th3e time of gathering information. According to the problem, sales team have to find specific options. In the case of ASDA, if customers faces problems in selecting the electronic product for example mobile, cameras, then company can present different varieties of products at the same price.

    To make customers buy

    This stage is to maker the customers buy electronic product of his own choice. After selling the product, mentioned company have to ensure after-sales maintenance services is given to consumers, this process comes under the last stage.

    Post purchasing evaluation

    In this last stage, mentioned company have to ensure that the customers who buy the electronic products are happy with their purchases and are not facing any issues related to product or services.

    ASDA adopted a five stage process with a motive to ensure that the customers is satisfied with the product or services and their problem is rectified. This model is important, at the time of taking marketing decisions by the sales team.

    3. Analyzing the role of sales teams within marketing strategy

    Sales team plays an important role in the organization and have a substantial influence on the profitability of business. As to reflect the strength of the products, definite roles are assigned to each and every sales team. There are various roles and objectives of the sales team or management. On the basis of the roles taken by the sales team, marketing strategies are build, they can set achievable targets. Within the market strategy, the main role of sales team is to advocate for the needs of target market. Sales management is referred to training and managing of sales staff as well as reporting of company's sales to the senior level management. In ASDA, the primary role of sales management is having knowledge of company’s long and short run goals, production process, consumer behaviour and competitors. Sales team adopted some of these strategies, such as

    SMART objectives and goals

    It is crucial for the company for setting up the SMART objectives and goals for each products and services in which the organization is dealing. To build effective sales strategies, objectives and goals are set by the sales team, hence it must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-bound.

    Analysing target market

    The next strategy adopted by the cited company is of analyzing of the target market along with determining of the customers needs what exactly they require. On the basis of the customers needs, sales team can easily build efficient sales strategies.

    Deciding of sales channel

    Sales channel plays a crucial role, it includes personal selling, selling via internet. Taking right channels and reaching the right customers to reach consumer is crucial.

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    Task 2

    1. Explaining how sales strategies are developed in line with corporate objectives

    Without proper planning of sale strategy and selling the products and services directly to the customers is likely to yield poorer results for the company. To invest in a particular product or services, managing and planning of an appropriate sales strategy will help the business to convince its bank managers and prospective investors. Developing a proper sales strategy by the sales managers lays a significant concern. By considering all the major factors this will help the company to attain its corporate objectives. In order to achieve the heights of corporate growth, sales strategy lays an important concern over market segmentation, targeting and positioning. On the basis of present scenario, to achieve the overall corporate objectives, the report emphasizes on implementing appropriate sales strategies for ASDA. Implementing of such strategies will help the mentioned company in increasing its sales along with this it also helps in capturing the eyes of its audience, this result in generating more revenue. This strategy will achieve, by setting up the primary objective for each of its services and products.

    By setting this ASDA company should lay its attention over the following key characteristic

    1. What does company want to sell? (Major products and services include- groceries, general merchandise and home services)
    2. Who are its target market? (people of UK)
    3. Its superior attention towards specific services and products? (electronic products, groceries)

    After analysing on the key characteristics, ASDA undertaken the sales strategies in order to attain its corporate objectives.

    Product focused sales strategy

    The first sales strategy is adopted by focusing on the major products or services in order to gain customers satisfaction. This strategy is helpful for those companies who posses wide range of products. Hence, this strategy can by used by the ASDA as they possess a wide range of complex products in their business.

    Territorial sales strategy

    Through this sales strategy, ASDA is able to sells its products line to its various customers that are situated in different locations. In this, the sale managers of ASDA focuses on selling the entire product line involving different products to its customers in that particular location.

    Customer focused sales strategy

    The last strategy undertaken by the company is of focusing on providing specific products and services to its target customers. With the use of such strategy, ASDA is able to gain huge customer loyalty and this will help the company to build strong brand image in the corporate business world.

    By analysing the above sales strategies, this will help ASDA to attain the overall corporate growth. Moreover, with the help of these the mentioned company may come to know its successful implementation of strategies by gaining worldwide market share and increasing customer.

    2. Explaining the importance of recruitment and selection procedures

    Recruitment and selection plays an important role, as it reflects the criteria of employing the right candidate for the right job. The selection process is proceeded, once the recruitment applications are received. In the selection process, important tests based on their skills and knowledge are conducted along with this it also monitors their overall performance of the candidate. The procedure of recruiting and selecting is very effective as it helps the company to reduce its employee turnover by selecting the best candidate for the appropriate job and also helps in retaining the best personnel within the workplace. By generating the best outcome through an effective selection of right candidate procedure, will help the ASDA in increasing the overall performance as well as profitability of the company. Screening and interview process gives an opportunity for the company to focus on what the selected candidates can offer the company. In addition to this, the mentioned company will be able to achieve higher productivity by implementing and using the right skills and knowledge of its selected candidates, this is done by adopting an impressive and flawless recruiting criteria. Through sustainable and efficient use of resources, this procedure will serve the company to attain the heights of success and enhance the economies of scale. Furthermore, by hiring appropriate candidate, ASDA will enhance its overall business operations, hence this will help the company in achieving a global exposure in the hyper competitive environment. Therefore, the recruitment and selection process not only reflects the selection of right candidate for the right job but it also represents to hire and recruit those applicants who endorses and shares the core value of ASDA in an impressive manner.

    3. Evaluating the role of motivation, remuneration and training in sales management

    In implementing appropriate strategies, motivation, remuneration and training plays a significant role in sales management. This will help in leading the organisation towards the direction of achieving corporate growth in the global market. In accomplishing the organizational goal, this acts as an immune system. According to the mentioned company, the main motive of the company is to provide its staff an appropriate training and motivation programs in order to motivate them. This will help the cited company in gaining a strong sense of commitment with a positive attitude and loyalty from its employees towards achieving the goal of the organisation. To attain the expectation and satisfaction level of its core customers, proper training session helps in motivating the employees of the mention company.

    To promotes the company products and services in an effective way, ASDA view sales training as an important measure. They promote in the entire market and also expand its business operations by attracting the new customers towards its alien and additional services. In addition to this, to improve and enhance its overall level of productivity, the mentioned company emphasizes on providing remuneration to their employees, sales team etc. In order to bring the best outcome, concerned company provides remuneration to the employees, as this will help to boost the morale and also feel them with a strong sense of commitment and confidence. Providing of the remuneration, training etc. act as a basic source of employees motivation and also provides a strong base to the employees. Furthermore, it acts as a basic source of employee motivation and provides a strong base to the employees of the ASDA, with a motive that they can perform their job in an efficient and effective manner. To achieve success, the cited organisation provides its staff with the following motivational techniques such as, providing of remuneration, both praise and recognition, Catering challenging opportunities to them, total job security is offered to the sales team, satisfying the employers and managers expectations etc.

    4. Explaining how sales management organise sales activity and control sales output

    In planning, organising and controlling the sales output, sales management plays a crucial role. It starts its activity by preparing a proper and appropriate plan, company starts it functions. This matches the objective of the company, after that plan is implement it in the workplace and then it finally monitors its execution in the organisation. The planning is done with a motive to achieve the target goals and objectives. The key role of sale management in organising and controlling the sales activity is discussed below

    Defining goals and objectives

    The making role of the sales management is defining the overall goals of the organisation in an proper way. As defining of the goal will help the managers and the employees of the company to work accordingly so as to meet the set targets effectively.

    Deciding the operations and techniques

    After defining the goals and objective of the company, the type of operations and techniques is decided by the sales management. In order to closely accomplish the objectives the needs of the customers are to be implemented and adopted.

    Allocate and divide the work among its employees

    After deciding the operations and techniques, sales management of the company segment the work load and allocate it to the employees, according to their skills and knowledge. This will help the company in gaining work specification along with work specialisation.

    Implements effective communication

    Once the work is allocated to its staff, the next step is of motivating and giving instruction to the employees so that they can perform their job in an efficient manner. In order to perform their work efficiently, there should be a strong communication channel with their workers so as to get the work done.

    Establishes standards

    After achieving all the stage, the next stage is of focuses on establishing the standards. As this will help the ASDA to analyse and access the performance of their employees in order to control and organise sales activity.

    5. Explaining the use of databases in effective sales management

    In the 21st century of globalisation and strong competition, many companies are heavily investing in database marketing to gain a global exposure in the corporate world. Each and every organisation tries to maintain an impressive database management system or Customer relationship management system with a motive to achieve an effective customers' relationship. To manage its sales systematically and effectively, these systems helps the company. To handle and manage the accounts, this database serves as a significant tool. In addition to this, this help in giving a brief understanding about various kinds of opportunities available in the sales outlet at a particular point of time. In achieving organisation's success, effective database plays a significant role. The use of database in effective sales management is listed below-

    Improved productivity

    In order to make the marketing and sales campaigns more effective, Sales management use database or a CRM software, as this assists the sales team to lay their major concern over special verticals like restaurants or real estate firms. When the sales force of the organisation is efficient enough to put calls using a centralized and effective database instantaneously, it results in enhancing the overall efficiency and productivity of the sales department. Sending of the relevant information through emails, writing quotes and other necessary and important administrative activities can be achieved with much more comfort and ease using such a database system.

    Improved marketing and sales information

    By closely analysing the major needs and demands of its target customers, CRM software or sales database provides the company to enhance their marketing and sales strategy, after then it takes measures to fulfil such requirements. With the help of this, the mentioned company is able to improve its overall sales information and gain worldwide vulnerability in the global market.

    Build strong relationships

    The CRM database considerably focuses on building strong and positive customer relationships. In order to create a positive feeling in the minds of its target customer, some CRM software provides the exotic facility by allowing its agents to draw and send anniversary and birthday cards on specific dates, through this way the company can think of costumers in a crucial way.

    Task 3

    1. Developing a sales plan for a product or service

    ASDA focuses on developing a strategic sales plan for its products and services. The company has decided to open the other branch in London, in order to achieve efficient vulnerability in the global market. To render quality services and gain a huge market share, the cited organisation here forms a strategic alliance with Walmart. Walmart is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. With regard to such a big success of company in US, ASDA builds a strong strategic alliance with Walmart with a motive to construct a brand image in the country and gain wide range of market. Hence, ASDA decided to deliver customized kitchen appliances (Grocery) and electronic products to its customers in prime association with Walmart. It therefore prepares the sales plan in the following manner-

    Sales objective

    For rendering high quality and customised kitchen appliances and electronic products to its customers the said company lays its significant concern.

    Sales channels

    Distributive sales channel are undertaken by ASDA, in order to attract the customers from different locations as well as from territories. To reach the wide range of customers, the cited company adopted the use of telemarketing sales channels along with this they also focus on providing online marketing to their customers.

    Target customers

    On the basis of 2 major segments, such as premium class customers and the middle class customers, the mentioned organisation, classifies its targeted customers. It provides customised and high standard kitchen appliances (Grocery) and electronic products to the selected group of customers in order to maintain its brand image. The company does not seek to render its services to all of its customers. It also focuses on providing and delivering the quality product to the target customers with a motive to create and maintain the brand image in the country.

    Sales forecast

    It is estimated by the ASDA to increase its sales by 40% at the end of 2016. To double its profit margin, this measures in implemented, this will result in generating more revenue for the company.

    It can be seems that, by preparing the sales plan in the following way, ASDA is on the way to create a strong brand image in UK as well as in other countries. The strategic alliance with Walmart has tremendously helped the company to attain exposure and gain huge market share with customised products in the said country.

    2. Investigating opportunities for selling internationally

    In terms of selling high quality customised products in UK, ASDA gains a widespread vulnerability. The mentioned company focuses on the different possibility in order to investigate and analyses the opportunities of selling its products in a new international market.

    Uses local sales personnel

    To deliver quality products in an effective and efficient way, the cited company make a significant use of local salespeople. By focuses on providing of personal selling to its premium customers in a much impressive way. This will help the mentioned organisation, to maintain a strong brand image internationally.

    Undertakes the use of sales distributors

    By using different sales distributors, the mention organisation lays its prior concern. As this will help in generating efficient sales and also result in increase the revenue.

    Evaluating the local demand

    It is necessary for the ASDA to critically examines and evaluates the core demand and needs of its customers in UK. As this will help the mentioned company to attain the highest level of customer satisfaction.

    Using an agent

    On behalf of the cited company's sales teams, an agent will act as the business’ representative in the target market, selling and handling customer service. To enter into the internationally market, an agent is usually the lowest cost route.

    Joint venture or licensing arrangement

    Creating of joint venture or licensing arrangement will help the mentioned company to market and sell the product internationally. As this will allow the partner to manufacture the products locally.

    3. Investigating opportunities for using exhibitions or trade fairs.

    To attract a diversified basket of audience towards its high quality products, participating in the trade fairs held in UK, helps the company in a great deal. It helps the company to closely analyses the demands of its customers as well as to implement measures in order to meet them. In addition to this, to meet its core customers and reach out to its existing clients, it gives the company a strong and fascinating platform. Furthermore, using of exhibitions or trade fairs, also aids the cited company in establishing a reliable and powerful brand image in the said country. As a result, for the concerned company, such trade shows brings profitable results as well as increasing its overall sales.


    From the above report, it can be concluded that sales planning and operations plays an important in the ASDA. Furthermore, personal selling in ASDA plays a crucial role from all the activities that are included in the promotional campaign. In order to sell the products to the customers, sales team of ASDA make customers presentation about their products in which they are dealing with a motive to attract the customers. ASDA undertakes appropriate sales strategies to achieve its corporate objectives. From the report it concludes that to attain the overall cooperate growth the different sales strategies such as Territorial, Customer focused, product focused sales strategies are adopted by the mentioned company. In addition to this, the report lays its prime concern over establishing an exotic strategic alliance with Walmart in order to attain the company's exposure in UK. Moreover, this report gives an in-depth knowledge of various opportunities for selling its brand in a new international market.


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