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    Different staff Members perceptions

    Introduction to staff members perceptions

    Emotional literacy is the key component for improving communication skills that is to understand and share feelings and ideas to each other. It is useful for self-awareness and building relations more efficiently. The present assignment is to prepare a research proposal related to staff perception on Small Independent School on emotional literacy sport for students. In this regard, different views of school staff are to be determined for helping pupils' emotional growth. Moreover, several data collection methods to obtain views of staff on developing students' skills are recognized. In addition to this, learners are able to understand various tools for sharing ideas effectively. Thus, through this assignment, research methodology and collecting information methods are to be expressed for creating a positive environment of school entity that influences the students' development.

    Research Proposal

    Rationale of the study

    The research proposal study is significant to understand different aspects of school’s staff views on students' emotional literacy term. In accordance with this, it is useful to assess several tools and techniques to develop children’s efficiency by improving their communication skills and maintaining strong relations with them (Bartram, 2015). However, the study of this assignment is useful for expressing several opinions of staff regarding students' emotional stability and cultivating pomposity for creating effective environment of organization.

    Objectives of research

    The research proposal set several objectives that can be expressed as follows:-

    • To understand staff’s perception on emotional literacy for pupils
    • To determine significance of emotional literacy support
    • To obtain different tools for improving communication skills

    Research questions

    1.What is the perception of school’s staff on students' emotional literacy?
    2.How staff perception is sifnificant for increaing students' skills?.
    3.What are the different tools by which communication skills can be improved?

    Literature Review

    Staff’s opinion on students' emotional literacy

    According to Bays and et.al., (2014) teachers of any school understand students' strengths and weakness. In this way, different perceptions and views of staff are obtained in several manner to emerge emotional balance in students. It is useful for increasing the efficiency and proper focus on children's activities is recognized as well.

    On the contrary to this, Crystal and Crystal, (2016) expresses his views that differences in opinions of staff is unable to understand students' behavior properly. In accordance with this, wrong predictions and misunderstanding for expressing feelings are considered as against to adequate forecasting. Therefore, it is required for the entity to conduct a systematic research and get proper views of staff over pupils' emotional stability.

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    Significance of staff perception for pupils' proper development

    As per the point of views of Domhoff and Fox, (2015) staff perception is crucial to recognize students' qualities and weaknesses that are useful for emotional balanced. However, systematic management and development of pupils' can be determined. In addition to this, behavior of students at workplace and family is also obtained through this process. In this way, actual accuracy and performance of students are analyzed. Hence, it is determined that staff perception is beneficial for emotional balancing and improving different skills of pupils such as communication, relation building and problem solving abilities, etc.

    Dyas and Leighton, (2014) argues that wrong perception and negative attitude towards students' role at workplace are considered as difficulty for emotionally stability. In other words, it is risky for examining actual abilities and performance of students related to working environment. Moreover, understanding atmosphere in classroom and school entity is considered to be very challenging. Thus, it is necessary for the organization to determine actual performance of pupils that lead to generate different ideas for improving students' skills and cultivating positivist in pupils' behavior.

    Research Methodology

    Researcher of Small Independent School conducts program at different levels for collecting information related to environment of organization. It includes primary and secondary data collection for analyzing perception of staff on student’s behavior (Grant, Kinman and Alexander, 2014). Under collection of information at primary level, analyst gathers data through conducting survey, face to face interviews, applying sampling technique, etc. In this, data is collected at initial stage as well as remains related to obtain actual performances.

    On the other side, secondary data collection is an approach for gathering information through ready materials such as newspaper, articles and analyzing each students' performance and behavior. However, it generates variety of ideas for creating accurate organizational structure. In addition to this, it presents different tools to be focused on emotional stability and improving different skills of pupils' of the entity through perception of staff.

    Sampling method is also useful for conducting research efficiently. Under this process, analyst selects respondents and asks questions related to emotional literacy support for students' development. It is considered as a systematic method for obtaining data and analyzing actual performance of organization (Henderson and Mathew Byrne, 2016). Along with this, various opinions are obtained through implementing this tool that remains helpful for recognizing positive and negative perceptions of staff. On the basis of same, further, planning procedure is created for implementation of students of Small Independent School.

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    Data Analysis/Result

    As per the collecting data from above mentioned techniques, interpretation of these information is determined. In this process, manager of Small Independent School recognizes perception of each staff on students' emotional literacy. Under this tool, different views are obtained for increasing abilities and skills of pupils. It includes positive and negative perception over students' role and behavior to create a positive environment in school. Therefore, actual performance and organizational structure of organization is recognized. On the basis of same, further, action planning is implemented (Kurtz, Silverman and Draper, 2016). However, as per the critical evaluation, it is determined that maximum staff faculties favor for children's emotional literacy that there should be developmental programs organized for improving communication skills of pupils. Moreover, it is beneficial for teaching different etiquette to create school and family environment more effective. In accordance with this, students will be able to build an effective relationship with family members and friends. It improves their problem solving abilities to recover conflicts and create a peaceful environment. Thus, staff of Small Independent School presents different views that resulted to generate varieties of ideas for teaching emotionally balanced approach that is useful for teaching them to create innovative ideas and emerging positivity at high level.

    Ethics Consideration Of Research

    Researcher uses different methods for conducting research effectively by concentrating on various ethics. Therefore, it is obtained that analyst do not force each staff member to share their views and only express positive aspects regarding emotional literacy of students. For conducting survey and sampling research, analyst do not discriminate among faculties. He selected workers by himself. In addition to this, research is conducted by analyzing last years' school performance related to pupils' performance and behavior (McAllister and et.al., 2014). Thus, it is recognized that the gathered data is accurate and permitted to be analyzed. In this process, different views and ideas through online way, researcher did not try to open up restricted sites. Hence, it is obtained that researcher conducted event in different ways with keeping in mind the ethical considerations.


    The report has concluded that perception of different staff members can be determined through conducting research program effectively. Actual performance and behavior of Small Independent School pupils is considered. In this regard, significance of emotional literacy for students is obtained for developing their skills. However, role model of school entity and family is determined for teaching several abilities and increasing working efficiencies through this research proposal. Apart from this, different data collection methods and results are expressed. Thus, several approaches and ideas are presented for improving children's skills by teaching etiquette's and organizing events for students to learn different abilities as well as for creating a positive and friendly atmosphere of entity.


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