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    Strategy Information System

    Introduction To Strategic Information Systems

    Strategic information systems are mainly target on the corporates needs and to make a response on it (Polkowski, 2013). Most of the companies are using an strategic information system which helps to the company to make a better transmission of the data in between the teams which are working in the organisation. It is a silent feature of an organisation which supports in to the success of them by achieving goals and objectives. It is having huge importance in a business which can help to the company to attain their business objectives by making a proper communication of the data and information. The present report is based on the Jasol Chemical Products which is an Australian chemical manufacturing company and they are having huge need of the data transmission in the different units. This report is having an organisational structure of the company, operational problems, system acquisition methods, flow chart of the sales procedures and control problems. After it, it is having content on accounting software, current market size, leaders of the market and challenges to use accounting software.

    Organizational structure

    On the basis of the views of Polkowski (2013) organization refers to that system which help organization to separate and control the work in the well and efficient manner. According to this overall work of the company is properly managed through which companies are able meet their set of goals and objectives. With the help of this management system entire can be flow from one department to another department which is beneficial for the entire management system (Tallon and Pinsonneault, 2011). Through this various types of structure has been follow which able to meet organizational set of target.

    According to the views of Grewal, (2011), every organization have various types of departments such as finance, HR, marketing, production and much more. With the help of these departments companies are able to manage their performance and try to earn large amount of profits as well. Through which they are able to leads towards success and attain their set of target as well. These area are able to manage other operations and which are also helpful for them to manage their geographical area. In Hierarchical factor it has been stated that leaders and managers are able to provide proper guidance to their subordinated and try to manage their work as well.

    Operational problems

    According to the view of Shapiro and Varian, 2013 some problems which are related with the organisational structure are has be consider as operational problems. These having impact on the overall performance of the company and which are drag down their performance and working efficiency as well (Jenkin, Webster and McShane, 2011). Through which companies are not able to achieve their goals and objectives. They are greatly influence the performance and work of the firm as well. Through the operational problem Jasol Chemical Products are not able to meet their standard goals and objectives and also not able to earn large amount of benefits.

    Majchrzak, (2013), at the time of delivering goods and services inn the international market companies have to manage their over all operation and try t achieve their set of target as well. Also communication problem is also arise in every company due to lack of interaction among members. This can effect the overall performance and profit margin as well. Due to communication, the interaction among member has been reduced and its growth are goes down as well. Employees of Jasol Chemical Products have to maintain coordination among them in order to achieve their set of target and complete their task in the timely and efficient manner.

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    System acquisition method

    There is the growing concern that various types of system acquisition method has been opted by the companies in order to resolve their problems and try to meet their goals and objectives as well. Various software such as custom software, ERP and commercial software. With the help of these software-systems companies able to provide better quality of goods and services and attain their target in well and efficient manner.

    On the basis of the views of Tallon and Pinsonneault, 2011 system acquisition methods are able to manage overall operation of the Jasol Chemical Products company. Through they are able to attain continuous development of the organization and try to improve their work efficiency as well (Majchrzak and Malhotra, 2013). With the help of this system entities are able to enhance their work quality and earn more profit margin as well.

    According to views of Bélanger and Crossler, 2011, system acquisition method is the database through which companies are able to receive data which are related to the their performance or can be used in the future in order to provide best quality of goods and services to their targeted customers.

    System flowchart of the sales procedures for Jasol Chemical Products

    System flowcharts are stated with the procedure that how the information and data are effectively flow in the overall department of the organization. The diagram of sales procedure are able to define that how process can be flow in the organization how it can be all functions of the firm are completed step by step (Choi, Lee and Yoo, 2010). With the help of this system they are able to increased their sales and improve quality performance as well. On the basis of the views of Galliers, 2014, information flow diagrams are manage overall work quality of company and improve their performance as well. With the these diagrams companies are easily get their performance in the systematic form and also try to find out their weak and starong points as well.

    Identify any control problems in the system

    According to the views of Oinas-Kukkonen, 2010, every organization have to face various types of problems and conflicts which are arise with the premises and they have to take corrective action in order to resolve them and provide best possible solution for these problems. Members of Jasol Chemical Products are responsible to manage the system in the efficient manner then they can able to increase sales and attain continuous growth of the companies. Some issue which has been arises are related to the errors, inefficiency, maintenance etc. Those issues are controllable in nature which can be easily resolved by them and able to attain their target as well (Oinas-Kukkonen, Lyytinen and Yoo, 2010). If they conflicts which are arises then they are able to enhance their current market presence and improve their actual performance. Through continuously checking of information in database then they can improve internal as well as external position of the firm.

    Development and adoption of the accounting software packages

    According to the Polkowski (2013), accounting software are based on the needs of the organisation so it is essential for the managers and leaders to analyse the needs of the accounting. They have to make a proper analysis of the accounting systems which can help to the company to make a better accounting process. Jasol Chemical Products is working on the high level and they are having different manufacturing units so it is essential for the managers and leaders to analyse the needs organisation to transmit their accounting data to their accounts department.

    As per the views of the Physica.Grewal (2011), different types of accounting softwares are available like; Single entry, Mid market accounting etc.. So these accounting systems are based on the use of the organisation and needs of them. As the Jasol Chemical Products are working on the higher level and they are having different teams so they are having need of the Mid market accounting by which they can make proper accounting of the transactions.

    The current market size

    As per the view of the Grewal (2011), market size is related to the market in which a company is dealing and making their business activities. Market size is having is relevant to the purchaser which are having interested to buy products from the company. So the company which are working in the market has to be use their market size and they have to make their production accordingly.

    According to the Shapiro and Varian (2013), Australian chemical industry is having a huge market to provide a sale to the company. This industry is providing more employment more than 60,000 people in the chemical manufacturing companies. Chemical industry is making more than 20,000 million Dollar which can help to the company to increase their market share. So this is a market size of the chemical industry in which Jasol Chemical products are working so they have to make their better efforts by which they can make better market share. They have to improve their business activities to increase the profits and revenues.

    Identification of the leaders in the market and what gives them the competitive advantage

    Companies which are working in the leading position and which are having potential to make changes in to the market can be stated as a market leader. It is essential for a company to attain the success in the market to make a standard in their business activities which they can use as a standard. So they have to make an appropriate strategy to attain the position in the market. As the Jasol Chemical Products are working in the chemical industry so they have to follow the market leaders, many of the companies are working as a market leader like; Orica limited, Incitec Private Limited and Dulux Group. These are the market leaders of the chemical industry which are having a net profit more than 300 Million Dollar (Watson, Boudreau and Chen, 2010). Market leaders are those companies which are having higher sales in the market and which are having a high rate of profits.

    Market leaders are having potential to provide a standard to other lower level companies which can help to them to use them as a standard and it can help to the company to increase their workings and as well as to improve their profits and revenues.

    Identification of the current challenges encountered by users of accounting software and relevant recommendations

    Many of the companies are using accounting software system which helps and supports them to make business activities as per the accounting standards. It help to the company to manage their data and transaction which can help to the company to ensure the success. As the Jasol Chemical Limited is working in the chemical industry so they are heaving different teams which are working in the demographic zones so it is essential for the company to make a proper accounting of the particulars of cash inflow and cash outflow. Some of the problems are here which are faced by the company in the accounting system.

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    Skilled people to use: It has a huge need of the skilled people which can handle the software to input the data in it (Bélanger and Crossler, 2011).

    Data loss: Some of the time software is having a problem of the data loss which can reduce it's effectiveness for the company and as well as it can make a negative impact on the accounting.

    So it is essential for the company to make a proper solutions on it so they have to provide skills to their employees by which they can use the accounting system easily and to reduce the risk of data loss, it is essential for the company to improve their data base of the system which can help to the company to make a better accounting.


    On the basis of above report it has been concluded that, organisation structures is having impact on the overall performance of the company as well as of the employees. Through this companies are able to met their set of target and goals as well. Most of the organization are opted accounting management software for maintain transactions of the company and able to attain set of target as well.


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