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    Unit 3 Principles of Human Resource Management Pearson EDEXCEL HND Business Management Level 5


    The HRM is the main base of every company. In order to increase the business range, develop the service process and product quality and improve the employee's skill and the commercial site is under the control of HRM. Aldi is a retail company of grocery and founded in the year of 1993, in United Kingdom Aldi founded in 1990. The headquarters of this company located in Germany. This company has 7000 stores in 70 countries of the world and in the United Kingdom, 20000 people are working in the 500 stores. The aim of the company is to provide the best service to the customers around the world.


    1.1 Explaining the purpose and functions of HRM

    The most vital post of every organisation is their human resource department. According to Mondy and Martocchio (2016, p.125), the business of every company grows with the perfect performances of the human resources management. The main responsibilities about the business process and the management of the business depend on the performances of the HRM of the company. The whole business process develops under the observation of the Human resources management. The HRM of the company selects the objectives of the company with the help of the whole management system. Hendry (2012, p.123) stated that the goals and the planning to complete the goal happen under the observations of HRM of the company. The team leaders need to follow the instructions and advice to conduct the goals successfully. In order to grow the business range widely in the world, there are the important duties of the HRM of the company to conduct the process. The selection process of the employees is conducted under the proper observation of HRM.

    The process of monitoring the performances of the employees is also a big responsibility of the HRM. Apart from this to attract the customers to their products, the companies need to follow the proper process of the marketing system and the selection of the marketing process done by the HRM of the company. By the right choice and selection of the HRM of the companies, the companies can achieve their goal and reach the highest peak of success. In order to run the business process in the right way, the HRM of the companies needs to be creative about their work (Purce, 2014, p.214).

    In the case of Aldi, the responsibility of the HRM is to keep control over the whole business. By the proper performances of the HRM, the company can complete their goal successfully. The growth of the business of Aldi depends on the HRM. As the employees are the backbone of the company, so depending on the perfect performances of the employees the company can provide the best service to the customers.

    The performance level of the employees can be improved by the proper observation and cooperation of the HRM of Aldi. The training and the grooming process of the employees are conduct by the HRM. The main responsibility of the HRM of Aldi is to adopt the correct manner of training their employees in order to get the best performances of the employees. The process to deal with the customers is also conduct by the HRM. The HRM of Aldi instructs the employees the correct way to deal and the necessary thing of HRM of Aldi to have the pleasant attitude while dealing with both the customers and employees.

    1.2 Explaining the strength and weakness of the different approaches to recruitment and selection of Aldi

    In order to provide the best services to the customer, it is necessary for the companies to develop their performances level and the performance level of the company can grow by appointing the perfectly skilled employees (Brewster et al. 2016, p.54). To get the perfect employees for them, every company try to improve their recruitment and selection process. By adopting the perfect recruitment and selection process, the companies can get the correct employees and the team leaders for their company (Flamholtz, 2012, p.15). The perfectly skilled employees and the team leaders can increase the business process the company around the world and can make the popularity of the company. Dias (2016, p.21) stated that as the commercial profit of the companies depends on the performance and the product, quality of the company so in order to attract the customer every company needs to develop their service system.

    In the case study help of Aldi, this company mainly recruits for their two posts including general employees and the team leaders. However, the required skill for these two posts is different but the selection process is same. For the post of the general employee, the candidates need to be a graduate and for the post of team leader the candidates besides graduate needs experience in this field of work. The recruitment and selection process of Aldi follows some stages. The first stage is the online process of selection. Based on the data that are sent by the candidates the first stage of selection, Aldi calls the selected candidates for taking part in the written examination. The pattern of written examination is different for the posts of employees and team leader. Depend on the result of the written test the candidates need to go through the personal interview. On the interview, the candidates are selected for the posts.

    About the recruitment and selection process, the strength of this company is the process of written examination. By the written examination, the company can understand the knowledge of the candidates. The company selects the candidates who have the correct and proper knowledge. The weakness of the recruitment and selection process of the company is that this company has not the system to take the practical test of the candidates. By taking the written test, the company can understand the academic knowledge but the companies do not understand the skill of the employees. However, Aldi selects the experienced candidates for the post of team leader, but the company does not understand the proper skill of the candidates. Sometimes this process affects negatively on the performances of Aldi.


    2.1 Explaining the benefits of different HRM practice within Aldi

    Armstrong and Taylor (2014, p.65) stated that in order to increase the business level, the important thing is to improve the performances. To provide the best service and best products all the employees, team leaders and the HRM of the company needs to give their best performance for the company. The improvement in the performance of the employees depends on perfect observations of the employees (Ferdous, 2014, p.87). Besides the employees and the team leaders, there are also various other responsibilities for the HRM. The duties of the HRM are to develop the whole business process and the commercial sites under the observation of HRM of the company.

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    The total business process develops by the perfect effort of the HRM. The business process of Aldi depends on the performances of HRM of the company. The duty of the HRM of Aldi is to observe the performances of the employees, give proper instruction and advice to the team leaders. They need to train the employees, fix the objectives of the company, select goals and make planning to conduct the goal, the proper process of marketing and the methods to deal with the customers and to behave in a pleasant manner with both the employees and the customers (Madera, 2012, p.1276). The process is to expand the business range and the commercial sites under the observation of the HRM.

    By monitoring the performances of the employees properly, the HRM of Aldi can get the view about the performance level of the employees and based on the performance of the employees, Aldi can select the correct candidates for their next goal and the company can arrange the system of proper training for the employees who are not performing well. Thus, Aldi can achieve their goal. To complete the goal there are the vital roles of the team leaders. As the team leader leads the team during the project, so with the proper instruction and the advice of the HRM the team leader can complete the goal successfully. To improve the performance level the role of the HRM is the most vital.

    By selecting the objectives and the goals, the HRM can fix the proper schedule for the company. With the proper planning, HRM can take the company to the highest peak of success and the company can attract the customers by conducting the proper process of marketing. It is the main responsibility of the HRM to select the perfect process of marketing in order to build their popularity among the customers around

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