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    Effective Business Communication - Compass Travel Company

    University: University of Suffolk

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2264
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: CFPBUS004
    • Downloads: 324


    Business communication is one of the most useful tool for the organizations. With the help of this people are able to share their informational, ideas, theories, and point of view within the business. Every organization need to maintain good communication in their work environment to understand each aspect in proper way. Business communication is also depends on the term in which how management and employees interacting with each other to achieve organizational goals. The main objective behind communication in the businesses to reduce errors and also to improve business performance. This is discusses the business communication within Compass Travel. It is a small private bus company in the United Kingdom.

    Literature Review

    Definition of business communication

    As per the view of Hargie, 2016 the business communication is a useful aspect within the business environment which provide facility to the all humans in the business to interact with each other. This is important for all interactive bodies like; management to employees, employees to employees, company to customers etc. It is giving great contribution in the growth of company.

    Importance of business communication

    As illustrated by Neuliep, 2016 there are many important roles of the business communication in the business operations;

    • Business communication helping to the people within business environment to understand each other by interaction.
    • It also provides various communication skills to the business which useful in making large customer base in the market.
    • With the good communication values a company will able to gain high brand value in each market segment.
    • Communication in the businesses are work for the remove errors to get productive response from all business activities.

    Challenges in business communication

    As noted by Chaudhri, 2016 there are various challenges also faces by businesses in communication aspect. Suppose a company's headquarter is at the place where external noise is very high. In which this noise pollution is become barrier or challenge for the staff in headquarter to interact with each other. Devise chaos is another big challenge in the business communication. It faces by companies while their communication devices not work properly. Language barriers is also too challenging for the business. These all challenges negatively impact to the good communication in any organization.

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    Purposes and Principles of organizational communication


    Communication is too essential for the Compass Travel bus company to improve the interaction values of their drivers. It included various purposes of the business communication below;

    1. Build effective relationship: Build good and effective relationship with others is one of the main purposes of business communication (Ahmed, 2018). With the help of this, the company can easily maintain good relationship between bus drivers and customers.
    2. Flow of information: It is most necessary tool for transfer important business information with other party. Suppose top-level management want to give some discount to the customers. In which management inform to the employees to give discount to the customers.
    3. Coordination: Its another main purpose is to build great coordination between employees, because with the help of communication they easily know and understand each other. Coordination is necessary because in the company there are all employees are work for achieve same business goals.
    4. Maintain effective leadership: It helps to the team leaders to give their best performance the team work, because each leader needed good communication skills to take productive work from their team members (Wilamowski and Irwin, 2018). In which many times they need to motivate their members by some motivational lines. So, in this it helps in maintain effective leadership.


    It also included some major principles which the company highly need to follow in their business environment;

    Principle of clarity: The message and information need to be clearly spread in the business. Means the manager release a message for the employees, in which it depends on each employee within company clearly understand that message or not. Basically this principle said each information and message need to clear and understandable for all. Every one can easily able to understand actual meaning of that message.

    Principle of attention: To make an effective communication the receiver or second party also need to perfectly participate in the conversation by giving their full attention on speaker. Proper attention is very necessary to understand each word of speaker systematically (Rohde, U. L., Zahnd, H. and Whitaker, J. C., 2017). Suppose receiver not give their full attention, in this case that conversation become totally unproductive.

    Principle of feedback: In the principle of feedback this is the responsibility of the massage sender or receive to be make sure about both understand the message perfectly or not. For example; sender said anything to the receiver, then the sender need to ask receiver that he or she understood thing or not. The receiver also need to ask again to repeat if he or she not properly get that message of sender.

    Principle of timeline: Systematic timelines are very necessary to make communication effective. Conversations need to be small and meaningful in the business, because many times long conversations turn into boring lecture. Company need to advice their employees in few and effective lines to improve their performance.


    Common barriers and challenges to effective communication

    A business faces many barriers and challenges in its effective communication aspect. Some major barriers are described below;

    Physical barriers: This is one of the major barriers to effective communication. The company face it when parties in any conversation not proper maintain their body language, do unnecessary things which not related the communication topic, use mobile during conversation, etc. Every one need to maintain effective personality during physical conversation to make that communication meaningful.

    Cultural differences: Cultural differences are also become barriers and challenges to the effective communication, because all people in the company are comes from different background and take each business situation according to own motivations and point of view.

    Language barriers: Language also many times become big challenge to effective communication, because some time business need to deal with illiterate people like; labours, customers, gardeners, etc. In which some people are not able to understand the official English language of the business. So, this is also challenging for the company to face them.


    Development of strategies

    There are some ways available for the Compass travel company to devise and develop strategies to remove their communication barriers.

    Use simple language: Management of the company need use simple language in their business operations. This will help to the all type of people to understand each other which related to the company's business environment. This simplicity in language is necessary for the company to build an effective communication model within business environment.

    Active listening: Listening is the best part to make communication effective. In this each party which involve in the any conversation need to proper listen current time speaker. Proper listing is important to completely know what speaker actually wants to say.

    Use different forms: Company need to use different forms of the communication to systematically send own information or message to the employees and business

    relatives. Suppose manager give any information in meeting through physical communication. In which it also needs to provide that information in written form too. These all strategies will help to the company remove such communication barriers.

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    Applying principles

    To enhance practices within company the management necessarily need to apply and follow these communication principles in their business environment.

    • Drivers need to give full attention to the customers (Jack and Schyns, 2017). This norm included in the principle of attention. According to this principle all employees within company are responsible to give their total attention on other party during any conversation. Anyone includes in the other party like; customers and senior manager etc. Manager of the company need to create a healthy environment for the drivers where they always exited to communicate with all business bodies.
    • According to the principle of timeline the management of the Compass travel bus company need to set a perfect timeline or schedule for any personal meeting, oral and written communication with employees. Many times employees needed some time also to think on manager's message. In which manager need to give them that time too for thinking.
    • Clearness also very necessary in the any message of manager, drivers and customers. In which top-level management need to improve skills of overall business communication (Borggrefe and Cachay, 2016). These skills will help to the employees and management to clearly interact with each other. In the Compass travel both the drivers and the manager need send their message in clear form which easily understand by other party in the company.


    Communication practices

    Between drivers and customers

    Currently the communication practices are not much good and effective between bus drivers of the Compass travel company and customers. The company continuously receiving many complaints from the customers from the last six months. Customers said bus drivers not friendly behaving. They are completely rude and intolerant, and also very difficult to understand. There are drivers has valid reason also behind their current nature or behaviour. In which drivers not need to remove their stress through customers. They need to talk their senior manager to aware them about own issues regarding job by using systematic communication values.

    Between drivers and senior management

    Communication between drivers and senior management is also not much good in the current time (Brezina, Smith and Yahoo! Inc, 2017). Drivers are facing some issues on their job, like they are in under pressure because they need to reach their all destination which company allocated. It is hard for all drivers to complete this task within their work shift of 12 hours. They also stressed because they not get paid for overtime. The management still not aware about these all issues of employees because of lack of communication. In this situation the company need communicate with their employees properly to get productive work from them.


    To overcome these barriers the top-level management of the company firstly need to arrange a systematic meeting with their bus driver for personal communication. In this meeting the manager need to listen their employees issues regarding job. Company need to make a proper pay policy where employees are able to get paid for their over time duty. The money motivation is the only thing which drivers are currently needed to behave normal with customers, because once company fulfil their current demand, then they put their huge efforts at their workplace. Manager also need to provide them specific training session to improve their communication skills within business environment.

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    Cultural influences

    A company faces many cultural influences in their communication and negotiation aspects. There are Compass travel company has their work culture where it operates their all business activities to gain high profit. In cultural communication the company faces individual differences everywhere, because in the company's work culture there are many employees are currently working. These all employees not have same background. In this situation the company need to communicate each employee according to their understanding ability. The management of the company need to make effective work culture for the better communication in the business operations.


    It can be concluded that business communication is very important for the Compass travel company. It provides various forms in the business to proper interact with each other. In the company's business operations the manager need to focus on each aspect of the business. Management of the company need to make healthy and happy work culture for the all employees to improve their workability at their workplace. It also included various principles of the communication which company necessarily need to implement in their business activities for easily achieve its overall business goals in the market.

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    Möller and et.al, 2018. Handbook of Safety Principles. (Vol. 9). John Wiley & Sons.

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