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    D/601/0578 - Specifying The Role Of Software Based Information

    University: UKBC College London

    • Unit No: 6
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1206
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: D/601/0578
    • Downloads: 559
    Question :

    A primary and secondary research will be undertaken on the given topic “How is technological innovation and the evolution of multichannel shopping impacting on high street shops and malls?”. The purpose of undertaking this investigation is to identify the underlying factors and motivations and socio-economic impacts.

    1. Creating a plan for survey identifying the methodology and sample frame and research approach.
    2. Summarising and conducting an analysis with the use of representative values.
    3. Reporting the major findings supported with graphs chart and trend lines.
    4. Specifying the role of software based information for decision making.
    Answer :


    Multichannel shopping can be understood as a marketing strategy through which companies can offer its consumers with ample number of opportunities through which they can  buy products or uses services according to their needs. In today's business environment, organisation makes plan to sustain at marketplace for a longer period of time. This action is helping firms in building up their reputation in front of business society which can directly aid in giving rivalry to their rivals (Groebner and et. al., 2011). Long term plans aid companies in attaining a good position at market through which profitability and productivity can be enhanced and maximise and in an appropriate sense. Funds estimation, planned budget and many more are some major sources through which firm can hit its long term targets. This project is based on Amazon which is delivering its services to consumers in all over world through using e-commerce system. Report is enclosed with a plan in which data has been collected through using different strategies and methodologies, questionnaire has also been developed, after that interpretation of gathered information. After that, computation is being done that are related to dispersion, percentiles, quartiles so that to pull up outcomes.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Create a plan for collecting primary and secondary data

    Creation of a plan needs relevant data so that investigator can draw favourable outcomes. It is required for companies to develop both long and short term plans so that to grab attention of consumers and to attain all the goals and objectives that organisation carries so that to maximise both profitability and productivity. It is being analysed that companies which are looking forward to expand their business should keep on developing plans, execute and then monitor them so that to grab good position at marketplace of United Kingdom in short period of time. Under present report, investigator is looking forward to know all reasons that impacted on consumers behaviours which are related to new and updated digital technology (Ferrell and Fraedrich, 2015). Main motive researcher under this is to reduce all the negative impact of technology and improve profitability of Amazon with the help of developing relationship with customers so that they can stay connected for a longer period of time.

    In context to this, it is being located that main there are two methods that can be used by researcher in order to collect data which is related to people's perception, point of views of authors, scholars and many more. Two methods are: primary and secondary method which are being described properly beneath:

    Primary source: This sort of method can be stated as one of the most relevant one for any investigation because under this researcher can directly ask questions from respondents in order to draw or come to a conclusion. Gathered information through this method aid researcher in pulling out relevant data in specific time of period. But, it has also been analysed that this sort of method are contains ample number of problems like this sort of method takes time and money which it might be possible an investigator cannot afford. This method contains things like survey, online, questionnaire, face to face and many other approaches through which researcher can gather information from different areas. All of them are described beneath:

    • Survey: This sort of method includes face to face interaction that a researcher have with respondents that he/she have selected where perceptions of them plays vital role (Ford and Richardson, 2013).
    • Questionnaire: Under this, Amazon's researcher can ask questions which is being prepared by them to grab relevant data which may aid him/her in near future like in decision making process and many more.
    • Online: This method is mostly being utilised by investigator in modern world, because it is much faster than a survey or a questionnaire along with this, it is also do not ask for much cost because votes are being taken from respondents even when they are sitting at their home.

    Secondary source: Author's point of view is being stated as one of effective knowledge that can help a researcher in grabbing good and authenticated information. This sort of data can be collected from various mass media and some of these are: articles, newspapers, online sites, search engines and many more (Vercellis, 2011).

    1.2 Survey Methodology and sampling frame use

    Surveys are being conducted by an organisation to use pull up relevant information so that it can be analysed in order to draw conclusion and with the help of this, organisations can hit its long term targets (Tufféry, 2011). It has been located that a survey is filled with information which is being gathered from different point of views that people have and under this, respondents can be selected through different methods like random sampling, purposive and many more. Here, Amazon is doing business in almost all the countries where it is hard for investigator to select best approachable method through which data can be collected. Main aim of Amazon under this assignment is to conduct a survey so that to look into different aspects, perceptions of responders  in order to draw conclusion which may aid them in looking to impact of innovative technologies consumers behaviour. With the help of developing a survey researcher or investigator can make decisions so that to improve profit margins of Amazon through making modifications or adopting strategies if it is needed (Stine and Foster, 2014).

    Survey methodologies: In order to get information which is related to existing performances of business firm there are ample number of methods that can be used by companies (Maxwell, Jeffrey and Lévesque, 2011). Under this case, investigation is being conducted by investigator in the form of survey where researcher is looking into different aspects and impact of innovate technologies behaviour of consumers after using e-commerce system. Under this, Amazon's investigator has used primary method where questionnaire is being prepared where 10 questions has been developed by investigator under the questionnaire.

    Sample frame: It has been located that Amazon can use various methodologies in order to select respondents from whole number of consumers that are present in all over world. Some of method under this are: simple random, cluster, stratifies and many more which comes in two sort of methods and these are: probability and non-probability sampling process (García-Peñalvo and Conde, 2014). These methods differs from each other thus, it is vital for researcher to look into different aspects and select the best suitable approach in order to pull out favourable outcomes in specific period of time. 20 respondents have been selected in order to know about their perceptions regarding impact of digital technology (Multichannel shopping) on human behaviour where questions are going to be asked from individuals that have been selected.

    On the other hand. basic subject that gets cover under the investigation (Survey) through which questionnaire have been developed are given below:

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