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    L/508/0431 - Relate Studied Topic With Real Life Experience Or Observation

    University: Viktoria University

    • Unit No: 7
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1009
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/0431
    • Downloads: 713
    Question :

    Overview about what is learnt from the lecture is needed to be written in a reflective format. Three lecturers, that are based on different topics, will be included in the project.

    • Provide opinions on the studied topics.
    • Relate studied topic with real life experience or observation. 
    Answer :

    Lecture 6

    The topics that were covered in lecture 6 were related to communication. Workplace personalities and employability skills. I have been able to gain thorough knowledge regarding importance of personality in communication. The professor discussed that it depends on personality that whether it is easy or hard to work with a particular individual. One can be able to generate deeper understanding with respect to a particular personality is through personality test conducted on the employees, at the workplace (Certo, 2018). It helps in gaining deeper insight of their nature which can further prove to be beneficial in achieving their goals. However, in my views, personality of an individual changes with age. One may reflect something ait the age of 20 and it may be totally different at the age of 34 or 35 years.

    I feel that it is quite effective to consider dichotomy while assessing the personality of an individual. It helps in understanding that to what information a particular individual may pay attention to and how decisions are being taken by him/her considering the same. Moreover, external lifestyle possessed by the individual helps in understanding their preferences (Wolever and et.al., 2012). I think that it can be effective enough to have a personality test conducted so that right individual can get right kind of job. One aspect that I was not agree with the lecture was that, analysing the personality of the individual with the help of test. It may have higher dependence on mood and situation of the individual. It has impacted people in my life that some of them are not able to understand their taste and preferences due to being a volatile personality.

    However, on the other hand, the information was quite helpful in understanding various aspects of personality that was actually discussed in the lecture. I am now able to effectively judge people and analyse the instances that can help me in guessing their personality through their lifestyle and taste and preferences.

    Lecture 7

    Lecture 7 discussed regarding stress and vicarious traumatization and burnouts. It discussed regarding various issues that can be related to stress, such as, financial and global issues. It has been ascertained through this that stress is generally viewed as a threat and ways are find out to defence the same which can be with the help of conscious and unconscious situations of the individual (Bhui and et.al., 2012). The lecture discussed regrading various defence mechanism that are adopted by people so as to combat stress. However, as per my views that content was quite specific and cannot be applied on each and every situation of stress. Moreover, defence mechanism has stronger dependence on behaviour and personality of the individual, which can ultimately vary from one situation to the other. Lecture discussed regarding various emotions that may crop up on individual, displayed in positive manner. In my views, positive and negative reaction have higher dependence on what kind of stress is actually hold by the individual and in what situation he / she is dwelling. When I get stressed, it depends on the intensity of the stress that whether I will be reacting in positives or negative manner. Further, now, I am able to identify as per the behaviour that whether somebody is stressed or not. However, there are certain aspects with whom I disagree to. In is inclusive of the concept of vicarious traumatization, where, discussion is made regarding cumulative transformation effect on the trauma therapist who work with the survivors of traumatic life events. Again, in my views, it depends on personality and attitude of the individual that to what intensity vicarious traumatization will be applied to it.

    Further, analysing the aspects that has been covered for management of stress. As per the lecture, it is important to have 4 foundations of health to get relieved with the stress. These foundations are, diet, exercise, mental health and sleep (Houghton and et.al., 2012). Therapist can help in achieving these aspects of health so that utmost benefits out of it can be adopted. In my views, it is difficult to manage health if the individual is stressed. Hence, management of stress and health goes hand in hand. If an individual will be able to manage stress, it will be quite easy to handle the health aspects as well.

    Lecture 8

    Lecture 8 discussed regarding conflict, negotiation and psychology of sales. It discussed regarding 6 hats methods. Definition of insanity is discussed which states that when an individual keeps on doing similar task with similar behaviour with the aim of expecting some different results out of it. It is where creative thinking of an individual lacks. As per my views, one must bring changes in the situation handling aspect where it must be changed if one has not been able to receive success at one aspect so that adequate amount of benefit can be generated out of it.

    Another aspect that has been discussed in the lecture is related to white hat, which refers to the information. It is related to gathering of facts when one is involved in addressing the reason of conflicts or handling one or the other situation (Lottrup, Grahn and Stigsdotter, 2013). However, as per my views, it is quite difficult to analyse both side of the aspects and then to reach to the decision. Moreover, decision made on this aspect can prove to be wrong as well as decisions are made based on emotions, gut feeling and intuition. I think it can deviate the overall aspect of the facts and figures as well.

    Black hat is the other concept discussed in the lecture which is related to caution and risk assessment in order to find out potential issues involved in a particular step. It has helped me in taking logical and effective decisions so that facts and figures related to it can be analysed in a well defined manner (Ashkanasy, Zerbe and Hartel, 2016).

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