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    L/508/2448 - Ethical Dilemma And Its General Characteristics

    University: Charles Stuart University

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 3 / Words 734
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: L/508/2448
    • Downloads: 601
    Question :

    This unit is based on writing essay on Ethical Dilemma in relation to rights of children and determination of child interest for professional consideration

    •       Brief essay about ethical dilemma and its general characteristics.
    •       Explain the rational of the resolution and draw conclusion on children’s best interest as phase of ethical cycle.
    •       Provide explanation of working process through ethical dilemma in regard to area of teaching, advocating and enhancement of children’s right.
    Answer :


    A situation in which an individual face a mental clash between two situations is known as ethical dilemma. If individual obey one decision than it results in disobeying another (Lo, 2012). It is also known as moral dilemma these are the one that make the situations too complex and difficult. In this kind of situation, an individual has to choose only one way. A case study of 2.5 year old child is consider in this essay for study. 


    An ethical dilemma is a problem faced by an individual during decision making in which he has to choose between two possible moral imperatives. Ethical dilemmas increase complexity of the situation. Mainly there are three conditions those presence is essential to be consider as ethical dilemma. First situation occurs in situation when a person known as agent must take a decision between two courses about which course is best (Miller and et. al., 2012). Second condition of ethical dilemma is related with that there must be different courses of actions and individual require to choose from.   Third situation in an ethical dilemma is when no matter which course of action is choose by the individual, some specific principles are require to be compromised, in this kind of situation no perfect solution exist. Mayah is a 2.5 year old child, after lunch she get very agitated and tired after the lunch and she want a nap but her parents  do not wants her to sleep as they said that it is difficult for them to get her sleep in night after she take a nap in afternoon. But an educator recommend that let Mayah take a sleep as according to her child really need the nap. When parents of  Mayah visit the child care centre and find that she is sleeping so they complaints it to the director. Care taker of child face a ethical dilemma as she has to choose between two options which is let the child take the nap or not. I believe that that it is right that let the child take the sleep because as she get tried after the lunch so after the little nap she will feel fresh.  But at the same time I  analyse that  perspective of her parent is also right after take a nap during the day it will be difficult for her to sleep in night so I require to examine various aspects in order to take right decision about child's  nap in afternoon. This case can be examine from two perspective one is it I very necessary in order to allow the child to take a nap in afternoon as she is very tired. Care taker of child remain responsible to take care of child and make sure that they are happy and feel fresh. If Mayah get tired and need a small nap so it is my responsibility to allow her to sleep so she can feel fresh. Being her take cared  I m liable to make sure that I am able to fulfil all her needs and can take care of her. It is very important for child to take proper sleep otherwise it affect their health. As I am responsible to maintain health of all the children who come at child care centre so it is my responsibility to take care of their sleep and other necessary requirements (Skovdal and Abebe,  2012). Other perspective of this case is that parents of Mayah don't want her to sleep her during the day because after that it become difficult for her to sleep at night and due to this her parents face problem. So they don't want her to sleep in day son that she can take a better sleep in night. If she take a nap during the day then she will find it difficult to do the same in night and this will also affect her health so this perspective of her parents is also right. 

    Both the perspective of this case are right but parents of Mayah require to understand that it is very essential for children to take nap during the day otherwise it affect their health negatively. Proper sleep is very important for so they can stay happy and healthy. One thing that can be done by me and paren

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