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    Human Resource Management in NANDO'S

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1643
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 567
    Question :

    The aim of this report is to evaluate functional activities of Human Resource management in an organisation. This will be determining the effective working approaches that can helps in skill and talent management in business context.

    • Determine models and approaches for the human resource management in NANDO'S.
    • Discuss recruitment and selection to strategic human resource initiatives.
    • Identify the approach to human resource development and how this could be improved.
    • Analyze classical and hybrid theory that can assist in determining practical values in NANDO'S.
    • Evaluate the characteristics of effective leader within NANDO'S.
    Answer :


    Manpower is an essential part of firm and are considered as backbone because no company can perform its operations successfully without them. Employees are the individuals who highly contributes in growth and success of a company. Their hard work leads an organisation towards attainment of goals and objectives (Wright and McMahan, 2011). So, it is required by firm to keep motivating their workforce to learn new knowledge and skills which enables them to enhance productivity of company. Human capital is defined as the collective value of intellectual capital, i.e., knowledge, skills and competencies of firm which influence their earning potential and productive capacity. One of the main role played by human resource department is to manage their human capital which are the most vital asset of firm. The present assignment is based on NANDO'S which is an international restaurant of Malta, South Africa. The report includes analysis of approaches used by company to manage its human resource. It also includes recruitment and selection process along with HRD approaches. Apart from this, classical theories of motivation and characteristics of effective leaders are defined in this project.

    TASK 1

    Relevant models and approaches use by firm to manage its human resource

    NANDO'S was started by Dick Enthoven in year 1987 at Johannesburg, South Africa. It is one of a private casual dining industry which operates all over the world. It offers its goods and services in around 30 cities with approximately 1000 outlets. They are known for their Portuguese style dishes made with chicken with different Peri Peri marinades. Several eating alternative are provided by them such as Brunch, late night dinner, lunch etc. Along with that, they also administer different services like free Wi-Fi, high chairs available, seating, serves alcohol, Waitstaff, take out etc. High quality of goods and services are offered by them which is the main reason behind their strong position in market (Stevens, 2010). Effective promotional tool is used by company through which they reach to large group of people. Various practices related to human resource are implemented by firm but, due to sudden increment in competition, they need to revitalize their policies in order to stay competitive in market and maintain their shares as well. In NANDO'S, various approaches and models are executed by managers to get their efficiency back.

    Models and approaches:

    One of the prime objective of NANDO'S is to administer high quality goods and services to customers in order to satisfy them and encourage them to visit again. It is the responsibility of human resource manager to frame and execute best strategies as well as select appropriate model for firm so that operations can be performed in an effective and efficient manner. Administrator should ensure that policies and strategies are design in such manner that these provides benefits to company in future. Proper implementation of these strategies ensures improvement in performance of workforce as well as firm (Ployhart and Moliterno, 2011).

    Basically, 3 types of human resource model are there that are utilized by company at the time of performing their business operations. These are defined below:


    It is one of the effective approach which is to be utilized by company in order to attain high success and growth in competitive market. This model states that it is the responsibility of human resource manager of company to take care of those processes that are going on within firm so that high profitability ratios can be attain. In this approach, several aspects are covered such as process based controls, individual, bureaucratic and technical outcomes. It is an effective model that should be utilized by management of company as it allows them to measure all the problems or issues that are prevailing within firm. According to this, human resource strategy and management structure are considered as the most effective methods that assists in bringing good control inside the company. Therefore, it is required by management of NANDO'S to ensure that they properly manage their employee's behaviour so that they enable to perform up to the expectation of firm. So, manager have the responsibility to provide proper guidance to workforce so that they enable to contribute in attaining pre determined objectives and goals of firm in an effective and efficient way.


    Basis of this approach is reward exchange effort technique and in this, employees are considered as an essential asset by management and they take care of their work force in better way. It is stated in this model that, if firm has good technology and have available all the required resources along with that then it provides an ability to employees to perform in more effective manner and attain better outcomes (Nyberg and et. al., 2014). Model also states that if workforce have good knowledge and competencies then, they have the potential to administer competitive edge to company over their rivals. Different work competencies are exploited by this approach. This model classify resources into 2 parts, that is, Intangible (brand name, goodwill) and Tangible (technological, human, physical and financial). So, it is required by management of NANDO'S to have all the resources in sufficient manner (Luthans and et. al., 2010).


    This model is a combination of resource and controlled based model so, it mainly aims on discussing about 2 essential dimensions of human resource management strategy, i.e., “Locus of control” and “ Acquisition and development”. Former components are said regarding to the extent to which strategies of human resource are utilized to develop human capital, that is, development of manpower. Firm should majorly emphasize on development of internal resource rather then external factors. Whereas latter variables tells about the level to which strategies of HR are utilized to keep emphasize on monitoring of manpower in order to improve their performance.

    TASK 2

    Critical analysis of recruitment & selection regarding strategic human resource initiative

    For managing employees in proper way and attaining goals and objectives of company, human resource manager are required to anticipate manpower needs and recruit skilled and knowledgable workforce (Makri and Scandura, 2010). So, a vital role is played by HR manager in growth and success of company. They are the one who have responsibility to recruit competent individuals. Both, internal as well as external method are used by them for recruiting employees. In NANDO'S, individuals of human resource department are given the responsibility to find out talented and skilled candidates for a particular position as per the needs of business firm. They are responsible to select right number of employees for appropriate position on right time.

    Both methods of recruitment are used by NANDO'S in order to hire skilled candidate within firm. These approaches are prove to be very effective for company as it gives them better outcome. The company use online recruitment system in which they are taking assistance of  job portals such as indeed.com, shine.com, Naukri.com etc. In this, an individual who want job is required to submit their CV or resume through an online activity. This will gather a large talent pool and firm have more options to choose best candidate among that (Ling and Jaw,  2011). This will assists in saving cost as well as time of company. The entire process is associated with:

    Listing Jobs on firm Websites:

    It  is the initial step of online recruitment process in which firm needs to register themselves on online job site such as indeed.com and then list vacant positions on it. This will allow desired candidates to apply for job position through website. This method will save hiring cost of company that occurred when they recruit externally (Jiang and et. al., 2012).

    Posting jobs online:

    In this, manager post vacant position along with all the essential details that are required for that position. From this, individuals who want to apply for that particular position is aware about all the requirements and  required criteria for job. Various options are held by firm to post online vacancies such as Linked in.

    Using Linked In:

    Linked In  is selected by NANDO'S  to post vacancy online. This job website is highly utilized by firm as it is an authenticated site. After posting jobs, candidates are able to apply for vacant position.

    Social recruiting:

    This is the method which is widely used by firm for recruiting candidates in current market. In this, social media sites are they way through which company select their desired candidates. Twitter is used by NANDO'S for searching skilled individual (Gutiérrez, Hilborn and Defeo, 2011).

    Job application process:

    This is the step from where recruitment and selection process gets started. In this, received applications are shortlisted and a test is conducted for shortlisted people through which skills of individual will be tested. Scrutinization is done here and after that, selected individuals are called for process of interview.

    Interview process:

    In this, an interview is conducted for selected individuals in which various questions are asked by them in order to judge their analytical and critical thinking skills. After this, a job letter is provided to those individuals who are selected in interview process.

    Hiring process:

    Under this process, backgrounds of selected candidates are check and medical examination is done by human resource manager (Guest, 2011)

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