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    Case Study Mother London


    Workers are considered as main resource of a company, as they give support and efforts for achievement of business success. In order to strategically manage the human resources, managers of an organisation used to adopt various HR policies. It includes training and development, high appraisals, good pay scale, accommodations etc. This would help in giving job satisfaction under employees and retain them for longer period as well.

    The present report is based on a case study of Mother London, which handles commercials for television and cinema. It has near about 280 people whose support helps in building its creative output. To manage these people, role of some HR practices are described in this assignment. Furthermore, legislation and key areas required for recruitment are also highlighted.

    TASK 2

    a) Role of HR practices in supporting the different forms of capital

    Human resource management usually depends on specific policies and operational system which influences the staff's behaviour, performance and personal attitude. As manpower is considered as main assets in a firm therefore, HR practices plays an important role in managing them at workplace. It is based on four main perceptive, that are- attract; develop; motivate and retain employees in organisation. Mother London is one of the branch of 20 companies of Mother Holdings which deals in creative and advertising sector. It has established in 1996 and given employment to near about 280 people.

    Currently it works with 40 clients including a number of some high-branded companies. Creativity is considered as an essence of this company, where its workers concern more on quality of creative output. The main principles on which Mother London works belongs to 'Holy Trinity' which underpins a statement of values. It includes- Produce best quality of creative output; Have Fun and Make money. In general, there are various forms of key resources on which a company draws its creative output. For Mother London, it includes human, social and organisation capital.

    Human Capital:

    Workers act as main resource of a company, as they have potential to get competitive advantages for business. In this regard, a firm having a stock of human capital consider as a key determinant of obtaining the quality of outputs. Therefore, the core principles of Mother London is completely depended on quality of human capital for its success. In order to increase productivity and performance of employees, managers of Mother London adopt an HR practice i.e.' talent or people-centric approach'. Under this process, performance of each employee is measured by giving them group activities. Here, strengths and weaknesses of individuals are evaluated to analyse the requirement of training. This leads to develop abilities and knowledge of workers as well as reduce gap skills also.

    Social Capital:

    It can be defined as network of relationship among workers who work in a particular society or environment. In this context, Holy Trinity of Mother London reflects that organisational culture plays an important role in increasing productivity of workplace. For this assistance, it concerns on giving priority to creativity while developing culture. Therefore, commitment of workers towards success of business refers as glue which holds people together. It leads to convert abilities, knowledge and experience of workers into valuable client outputs. Under this process, HR policies i.e. providing motivation to staff by recognising their performance, giving appraisals and more, leads to get high level of emotional attachment to workplace.

    Organisational Capital:

    It defines particular pattern of interaction or transform of information within organisation. It also reflects structure, roles and responsibilities of each employee as well as how people communicate with each other. In context with Mother London- structure, processes and procedures also shows its core principles. Therefore, to fit workers within organisational culture, HR practices play an important role. It includes flat organisational structure where every kind of information is given to workers. In this kind of structure, minimum level of management is shown between staff and higher executives. It also promotes employee involvement by a decentralised decision-making process.

    b) HR practices implemented at Mother London with theoretical perspectives of SHRM

    In order to strategically human resource and enhance their productivity, managers of Mother London has implemented various HR practices. It includes resourcing, training and development, performance management and rewards etc. Here, for managing the workplace and get high commitment of employees, owners have assigned responsibilities to three groups of staff. It includes HR team, Partners and Discipline Head. In this regard, sharing of responsibilities help in developing collaboration among upper level of management. It leads to create positive working environment also which ultimately helps in improving performance of workers. Therefore, concepts of these HR practices can be described in following manner:-


    For increasing performance of business and get high profitability, it is essential for an organisation to hire most eligible employees. In this regard, managers of London concern on external recruitment process to identify suitable workers. It is in hands of Head of Discipline who collaborates with Partners for hiring candidates. They approaches recruitment agencies for resourcing the employees from external environment.

    After getting list of applicants, HOD and Partners screen applicant's portfolio of work to analyse their working skills and experience. This would help in hiring best suitable workers as per business requirement. Furthermore, managers also emphasised on organisational culture by evaluating if new recruiters are fit or not with the same. For this purpose, Head of Creative Resource deal with unsolicited applications as well as internship, to make internal allocation of creative workers. The main task under this regard is to create a balance between interest and challenging work of employees. This would help in increasing productivity of workers and enhance their level of performance also.

    Training and development:

    After hiring new workers under business, it is foremost duty of HR team of a company to organise training and development program. In addition to this, training is also provided for existing workers as per their requirement to understand difficult tasks. In general, training is classified as formal and informal process. Here budget is set for formal training under which same kind of training is provided to workers to make them familiar with business. While, under informal training, existing workers learn by working under seniors and other experienced people. As Mother London deals in creativity and commercial events therefore, skills of workers are measured on the basis of creativity and blog writings.

    Performance management and rewards:

    It can be defined as a process of developing a working environment where employees feel able to give best performance. In order to appraise workers for their performance, an annual system is carried out by its line managers. They conduct meetings and discussions with head of departments to explore performance of each worker. This process is done by In this regard, they make reward packages as per contribution of workers, where any changes in salary is further approved by formal permission of key Partners.

    Thus, for implementation of these HR practices within business- HOD, key Partners and human resource department also emphasises on business and HR strategy. Business strategy refers to techniques for achievement of objectives and certain goals of a company. In this regard, strategic plans generally succeed when it helps in attaining growth and a strong competitive position. While HR practices is made to uphold performance of employees and make them able to face difficult and challenging roles within business.

    As business strategy focuses on building three types of competitive advantages that are- Cost leadership; Differentiation and targeted audience. Therefore, to formulate HR strategy, managers are also concern on these aspects. Here, resourcing employees from external environment helps in creating diversity and equality at workplace. By introducing most eligible applicants, Mother London gains advantage to create differentiation in products or services. They give more efforts and contribution in obtaining best quality of creativity. Furthermore, human resource practices like training and development aid managers in creating and sustaining high performance of workers. As by getting such classes, employees can develop their skills and level of knowledge related to blog writing, commercial events and more. Therefore, they can give more efforts for enhancing brand reputation of business. Along with this, performance and reward system policy, also aid managers of Mother London to link the same with business strategy.

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    c) Key areas and legislations in recruitment and selection

    Significance of recruitment and selection is highlighted to evaluate and interview candidates based on potential of employees which can be determined by legislation and good practices. Anti discrimination act is implied when some odd activities happen within organisation like priority is given more to men than women, they are paid higher then man. Vacancies in organisation signifies lack of human resources which are regarded as drawback or barriers during running of task for achieving objectives and goals of organisation. This can be considered as fact that organisation gets satisfied by more productive employees which will enhance profitability and productivity and will also build strong relationship between employees and employers.

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