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    M/508/0495 (Rcf) Case Study On Brown's Hotel

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 14 / Words 3512
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/0495 (RCF)
    • Downloads: 701


    “To identify the impact of performance appraisals on employees performance and their productivity: A case study on Brown's Hotel”.


    Within an organization, employee performance appraisal is an essential career development method and technique for company managers and staff members. A company manager can guide their employees towards the direction of corporate advancement and employees get to evaluate and understand their duties in a better way (Sweetser, English and Fernandes, 2015). Performance appraisal is the periodical understanding and evaluating employee's performance that can measure common requirements. The main objective of this research is to determine the effect of performance appraisal on their performance for identifying the effects of career development.

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    1.1 Formulate and record possible project outline specification

    Performance appraisal is that process which integrated with written and oral components that will help management for evaluating and understanding employees feedback regarding job. In addition to this, performance appraisal can assist in increasing the advantages of organization and it will delivery the benefits in some cases. Performance appraisal play an essential role for measuring employees performance that can help organization for analyzing the progress towards the potential goals and targets (Hughes, 2012). Brown hotel required to identify the impact of performance appraisal on employees performance and its productivity in effective manner.

    Aims- “To identify the impact of performance appraisals on employees performance and their productivity: A case study on Brown's Hotel”.

    The research determination is based on importance of effective performance appraisal and along with this it will effect on maintaining employees productivity in better manner. The investigation report provide best opportunities for learners for enhancing skills and abilities in specific field.

    Research objectives:

    • To determine the impact of performance appraisals on employees performance.
    • To analyze the requirement of appraisals programmes for staff members.
    • To ascertain the relationship between performance sessions appraisals and employees productivity.

    Research questions:

    • What are the influence of performance appraisals on employees performance?
    • Assess the requirements of appraisals events for entire staff?
    • What are the relationship between performance appraisals sessions and employees productivity?

    1.2 Identify the factors that contribute to process of research project selection

    Research can be consider as one of the main factor in the study which help an individual for increasing their skills and abilities by executing new techniques and methods for eliminating disputes and conflicts (Casey and et. al., 2011). There are some effective steps which can be followed by researchers at the time of conducting appropriate investigation are as under:

    • Introduction– In the research project, introduction is the main section because it will start the research work in proper way and the main aim of this report is to choose effective research task towards right direction.
    • Literature review– It is another important element of researching work as this will describing the different authors or scholars views regarding research questions.
    • Research Methodology- This is that section of research which assist in giving appropriate guidance to investigator for framing valid and reliable outcomes in effective manner. It is based on selecting the quality of specific research effectively.
    • Data analysis- In this part of research, authorized appraisal can improving the entire situation which can be used for evaluating the feeling of specific person regarding hotel services and facilities.
    • Conclusion and Recommendation- This is the last stage of research where accurate outcomes and results of whole work is discussed.

    1.4 Produce research project specification

    This is most essential section of research work as it is the factor which are conducting investigation work for analyzing and examining it in better manner (Howard and Hussain, 2013). The main purpose of this research are related to ideas and thoughts can be described. Brown's hotel need to focus on providing effective services and facilities to their guests. Research questions and objectives also help researcher in giving right direction while implementing all required functions within this sector. The effective outline specification help investigator for executing all activities so this will gathering reliable and accurate outcomes (Drucker, 2012).

    1.5 Provide an appropriate plan and procedures for agreed research specification

    In this part, time can be determined as most essential elements because it will evaluating feasibility of research work in better manner. The fundamental role and responsibility is to develop effective time as it will assist in executing all research functions properly. Through the time line, investigator provides right direction to the whole research work that has been operating to implement in correct way. Along with this, Gantt chart define as graphical representation of entire learning area for achieving different employment in given period of time. It is the valuable apparatus that can be used for reaching with desired targets and goals.


    1.3 Critical review of Key References

    Literature review is the section which help in conducting in-depth research for analyzing views and reviews of different scholars regarding specific research topic. It provides appropriate theoretical framework that can assist in completing appropriate research in efficient way.

    Determine the impact of performance appraisal on employees performance

    In an organization, employees performance appraisal is an essential career development method and techniques for managers and employees. There are various factors which impact of performance appraisal on employees performance that are described as follows:

    Motivation- Within an enterprise, an employee performance appraisal can be seen as motivation for staff members which help in improving their productivity in proper manner (Orton-Johnson and Prior, 2013). When an employee show its goals in clear way, identifying performance issues and career development solution for assist employees career.

    Teamwork- At the time of performance appraisal, the hotel manager require to take lot of time for demonstrate the employee how their performance impact on productivity of whole organization. An employee evaluating and understanding how their performance impact the ability of other person to do their job, which assist in their job work in proper manner.

    Clarity- Employees perform their job responsibility and duty to the best of their abilities in the year which is based on appropriate direction regarding management. This is also part of performance appraisal when employee or manager review the job description as well as compare with actual expectation (Laudon and Laudon, 2015).

    Analyze the requirement of appraisals programmes for staff members

    Appraisal program is an important part for employees growth and success within an organization. This will help them in contributing their skills and abilities among others in better manner for gaining desired goals and objectives for the company (Markham, 2011). Brown's hotel also conduct appraisal programs for their staff members which assist them in improving their knowledge and learn how to deal with different type of issues and problems in effectively. There are various requirement of appraisal programs for employees are described as follows:

    Improving communication - In appraisal program, employees can enhancing their communication abilities and skills which assist them in interacting with other person in proper manner. By this they will understand and evaluate their customers issues or barriers which occurs within an organization.

    Providing right direction – The appraisal program is effectively conduct for their employees which gives them accurate direction regarding set goals and targets in proper manner. For attending this session, employees learn new things which can easily increasing their skills and knowledge so they are getting all fixed objectives in better way. The successful path of career inspire them towards loyalty and stability and improving the business growth or success level.

    Motivating effective work and improvement – This is required for employees is to conduct appraisal program within an organization through this it will assist in improving their company work and also make proper changes in better manner.

    Relationship between performance sessions appraisals and employees productivity

    Performance appraisal define as simple it is mainly used in performance feedback and also identifying the person strength and weaknesses in better manner. The usage of performance appraisal system by business organization (Mellis and et. al., 2013). The performance appraisal help them in increasing skills and knowledge for conducting sessions effectively. Along with this, it will also establish reward system which will integrated with effort of leaders and employees of an enterprise for desired goals and targets. For achieving with high performance goal of organization as performance appraisal is very essential elements of human resource management. On the other hand, employees productivity also interrelated with performance appraisal if employee take such reward like cash, gift and any other manner so this will enhancing its working efficiency and productivity in systematic manner. It is required for manager is to providing rewards and appraise them through which their productivity level automatically increasing towards specific work in better manner.


    2.1 Match resources efficiently to research question or hypothesis

    This will consist with most essential section of research that are totally based on various technologies and methods which help them for going towards right direction for selecting appropriate methods effectively. In addition to this, it is the part which provide proper framework to investigator for implementing all functions and activities (Hwang and Wu, 2012).

    Type of research – It is one of the important part of research so this is the main role and duty of researcher is to analyze various forms of investigation. There are two method of research such as quantitative and qualitative.

    Research design – This is the outline of research that provide rough thought and idea regarding research. It is systematic approach are used for conducting scientific study. This is overall synchronization of recognized data and information in better manner. A research design is strategic methodological that includes how data can be collected, equipment and techniques for executing, how to divide whole work among employees. This is an imperative section of investigation that will identify the various research design on specific topic (Sweetser, English and Fernandes, 2015).

    Data collection – This is a procedure where investigator gather or collects accurate information to identify various answer to the specific research issues for using tests that includes hypothesis and evaluating results. There are two methods of data collection that are as follows:

    • Primary data
    • Secondary data

    2.2 Proposed research investigation with agreed specification and procedures

    Brown's hotel can mainly focus on satisfying their customers requirements and needs by making innovative goods and services in large market place. It can be determined as one of the most important factor that will assist in satisfying all buyers demand and wants in proper manner. There are two important methods which can be implemented by investigator for gathering relevant data and information which are explained as under:

    Random sampling – Data sampling is the statistical analysis which can be used for collecting accurate data and information n better manner. The method and tool can be used for defining the issues, problems, barriers and process that are necessary at given time period (Hughes, 2012).

    Questionnaire – It can be determined as one of the essential techniques and method that will consist with different series of questions so the main motive of this is to collect relevant facts and figures from such respondents. It will help researcher in conducting accurate marketing survey for analyzing the reviews of various respondents effectively. In such form of research, data can be gathered for developing and making questionnaire in which question are make on the basis of research major issues or problems.

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    2.3 Record and collate relevant data 200

    Data can play an essential role in carry out appropriate investigation functions in relevant manner. An investigation can mainly focus on adopting several methods or techniques that will assist in evaluating regarding such type of issues of research regarding views of authors and scholars. This is the best method by which they can properly implemented researcher for examining and analyzing real facts or figures that will help them in framing correct outcome in specific manner.







    Phone Number:

    Q.1. Can credibility of appraiser affect the Performance Appraisal Systems In Brown's Hotel?

    • Yes
    • No

    Q.2. Who conducts the performance appraisal in Brown's hotel?

    • Immediate supervisor
    • Peer appraisal
    • Rating committees

    Q.3. Does Performance appraisal interrelated with employees productivity?

    • Yes
    • No

    Q.4. Which form of appraisal are effectively providing by Brown's hotel for enhancing employees productivity?

    • Reward
    • Award
    • Gifts and others

    Q.5. Does performance appraisal is useful for employees growth and success?

    • Agree
    • Disagree

    3.1 Use appropriate research evaluation techniques 200

    It is the major consideration regarding accurate direction that will assist in using appropriate strategy which can help in getting required practices in given time period. Along with this, there are number of research assessment method that can be identify for increasing correct results or outcome for acquiring specific goals and targets in better manner. It is mainly consist with one of the essential section of research that will help in breaking the quality and disadvantage of doing effective work of an organization. In addition to this, it is the major section of investigation which can assist in describing relevant results or outcome by different firm policies and procedures so work examination can be competitive to overcome with these arise issues or barriers in proper way.

    3.2 Interpret and analyze the results in terms of original research specification

    In this section, data and information can be analyzed for developing and making appropriate questionnaire. Along with this, it will play an important role in gathering or collecting valid outcomes for particular research work.

    Theme 1: Credibility of appraiser affect the Performance Appraisal Systems In Brown's Hotel

    Q.1. Can credibility of appraiser affect the Performance Appraisal Systems In Brown's Hotel?


    • Yes


    • No


    Interpretation: As per the above table, it can be analyzed that in an organization credibility of appraiser that will direct effect on performance appraisal system in Brown's hotel. There are around 15 respondents who agree with this statement and on the other hand, there are approximately 5 respondents who are disagree on this consideration.

    Theme 2: Peer appraisal conducts the performance appraisal in Brown's hotel

    Q.2. Who conducts the performance appraisal in Brown's hotel?


    • Immediate supervisor


    • Peer appraisal


    • Rating committees


    Interpretation: From the above table, it can be concluded that organization is required to appoint appropriate person who is having good knowledge the work which is being performed by the employees. Out of 20 respondents, 15 says that the immediate supervisor is the person who is conducting the performance appraisal and 3 respondents says that it is being done through Peer appraisals and only 2 were in favor of Rating committees.

    Theme 3: Performance appraisal interrelated with employees productivity

    Q.3. Does Performance appraisal interrelated with employees productivity?


    • Yes


    • No


    Interpretation: As per the above information, it can be concluded that performance appraisals are having a strong connection with the productivity of employees because if the employees get good appraisals in return of their performance then it will built their confidence and productivity at the same time. Out of 20 respondents, 18 were in favor of this and 2 were not.

    Theme 4: Reward form of appraisal are effectively providing by Brown's hotel for enhancing employees productivity

    Q.4. Which form of appraisal are effectively providing by Brown's hotel for enhancing employees productivity?


    • Reward


    • Award


    • Gifts and others


    Interpretation: From the above information, it is understood that appraisals given in the form of rewards are being considered as the main source in developing the employees productivity. Out of 20 respondents, 15 were in favor of rewards, 3 said that gifts are also preferred and 2 says that awards increases productivity.

    Theme 5: Performance appraisal is useful for employees growth and success

    Q.5. Does performance appraisal is useful for employees growth and success?


    • Agree


    • Disagree


    Interpretation: From the above table, it is concluded that it is very important for each and every company to provide appraisals to their employees so that they can get motivated and perform in a more better manner after this. This will lead to the growth and success of employees as well. Out of 20 respondents, 17 were in favor of this statement,s and 3 were not in favor of this.


    3.3 Make recommendations and justify areas for further consideration 200

    Conclusion- As per the above-mentioned report, it can be analyzed that Performance appraisal is the periodical understanding and evaluate employees performance that can measure for common requirements. Performance appraisal plays an essential role in measuring employees' performance that can help organizations for analyzing the progress towards the potential goals and targets.

    Recommendation- In this project, performance appraisal is totally interrelated with employees' productivity so Brown's hotel need to adopt various essential methods and techniques which assist in getting high level of growth and success. Also, they require to implement effective tools which help in analyzing the best employee selection who are doing efficient work.

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    4.1 Use an agreed format and appropriate media to present outcomes of research

    Covered in PPT


    • Sweetser, K. D., English, K. and Fernandes, J., 2015. Super PACs and strong relationships: The impact of digital interaction on the political organization–public relationship. Journal of Public Relations Research. 27(2). pp.101-117.
    • Hughes, L. M. ed., 2012. Evaluating and measuring the value, use, and impact of digital collections. Facet Publishing.
    • Casey, E., et. al., 2011. The growing impact of full disk encryption on digital forensics. Digital Investigation. 8(2). pp.129-134.
    • Howard, P. N., and Hussain, M. M., 2013. Democracy's fourth wave?: digital media and the Arab Spring. Oxford University Press on Demand.

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