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    Charity Presentation


    This presentation is going to make a critical reflection on save the whales for charity. The main purpose behind this project is to educate public about marine mammals. It leads to gain support of public for preserving and protecting the whales and its inhabitants.  

    Campaign to expose the threats facing whales and dolphins

    Aquatic animals like whales and dolphins are considered as intelligent beings like humans and Business. They are also capable of suffering pain and feeling of joy or live because like human beings , they also give birth to their young ones. They breathe from lungs, feed milk to offspring from mammary glands etc. Thus, all these things shows same characteristics like people. But due to some activities like whaling, killings, capturing aquatic animals for commercial use, submarine transportation and more, threats on peaceful creatures of living beings is constantly rise. In this regard, it has observed that to preserve whales and other vulnerable aquatic species, worldwide ban is not an enough procedure.

    Threats faced by whales and other sea mammals:

    (a) Ship collisions:

    This threat occurs when whales are close to the surface, which makes it difficult to see from the ship and causes a devastated harm to whales. In this regard, it is essential to implement improved detection equipment from which ships can prevent them from these type of accidents.

    (b) By catch:

    It is the major threat which is faced by whales, which is caused by fishing industry and their catching methods. In this threat, people with a motive to catch fish they throw nets in the water but sometimes it trap whales and whales and dolphins need fresh air to survive this will leads in restricting whales in taking fresh air. In this regard, it is essential for fishing industries to check in which area there are more whales in order to prohibits people from doing fishing in that area.

    (c) Water Pollution:

    The green house gases and dumping waste into water is making difficult situations for marine animals to live including whales. This will result in lowering immunity of whales and also causes many types of diseases. In this context, it is necessary to control pollution in order to save marine animals from diseases.

    (d) Climate change:

    Climate change is also a major threat for marine animals, it occurs when too many gases are released in the atmosphere including carbon dioxide. The excess of carbon dioxide in atmosphere leads to global warming, which leads in frequent climate change. Due to this, it makes sea water less salty as it used to be and warmer, which leads in reducing food products for whales.

    (e) Whaling:

    In this context, whaling refers to illegal hunting of whales in which people hunt whales in order to get oil for their machinery and also for some cosmetic product like products. In this regard, government has taken a initiative to stop all illegal hunting which leads in protecting these endangered species from unnatural death.

    (f) Noise pollution:

    This pollution is also very dangerous for whales as they are majorly depend on sound to detect their food and danger. It is caused by shipping and military industries as they are using loud noises in their activities. Very loud noises can also cause internal diseases to whales and also makes them difficult to hear. So it is essential to restrict pollution in order to save these endangered species from dying.

    Reasons to save whales and dolphins

    Save Whales to save planet:

    Ecosystem needs healthy marine oceans which helps in reducing carbon-di-oxide and other harmful gases. Therefore, it is essential to preserve and protect whales and other vulnerable species. For this purpose, human beings are required to stop whaling and using whales for commercial purposes.

    Saving Whales: The Next Generation

    Education is considered as the main key for saving and protecting whales from threatening activities. In this regard, by educating people especially youths, support of them can be gained to protect vulnerable and extinct species of whales.

    Save the whales to reduce pollutants from oceans and water bodies:

    Whales help oceans in meeting their emission reductions only if conversations efforts pay off. The deep oceans are stored a lot of carbon at ground level therefore, whales in this regard, facilitates carbon absorptions in two ways. For example: When whales dive then they used to push nutrients at surface level from bottom of the sea. It leads to feed the phytoplankton as well as other flora and which sucks in carbons. This activity helps in facilitating the carbon absorption. Similarly, the another way for reducing the same if fecal plumes produce by whales. This leads to enhance nitrogen, iron and other nutrients which are essential for growth of phytoplankton.

    How whales can be protected

    Save the whales is not considered as just a topic or slogan for campaigning. It refers to global necessity because increasing industrialisation, culling thousands of whales and marine transportation, etc. enormously damage the planet and ecosystems. Whales help in providing near about 50% of oxygen by combating climatic change and sustaining fish stocks. They help in recycling and moving nutrients from deep water to surface. Here, they acts as gardeners who fertilize phytoplankton on which ecosystem is dependent. Along with this, even after death, whales helps in sustaining life in water bodies. When Management whales die naturally, then they sink at bottom and become mini-ecosystem for sustaining life. For this assistance, they absorb huge amount of carbon and carcasses fight against climatic change. Therefore, it is necessary for human beings to protect whales from whaling and other activities that creates threats for their survival. Some ways to preserve and protect whales are given as below:-

    • An End to Captivity:  Capturing, keeping and killing whales for oil, meat and other commercial purpose is deplorable. Whales are also lived in complex societies and highly intelligent. In this regard, keeping whales in healthy environment and free from predators or other threats also lead to cause death. Therefore, it is essential to end this captivity.
    • Stop supply of whales for international trading: It is essential for government to stop trading whales and other aquatic animals for entertaining activities. Today, for enhancing tourism, public and private organisations used to keep dolphins and whales for entertainment. This leads to create threats for whales because the place where they kept consists fresh water. Under this kind of environment, whales and their young ones cannot live for longer period of time. Therefore, such kind of activities are also required to be stopped.
    • Strictly implement the laws to stop whaling in all over the world: Whaling is considered as cruel and inhumanity actions where whales are killed for making medicines, health capsules, meat, oil and more. Therefore, to protect and preserve whales, it is necessary to stop this kind of activities. Several laws are made related to stop whaling like Whale and Dolphin Conservation(WDC). But they are not running appropriately as per desired. Thus, in this regard, governmental bodies are required to strictly impose laws and regulations for stopping such cruel activities. 

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    As per World Economic Forum, failure to adapt climatic change is considered as the biggest cause for damaging ecosystem. It rise global risks for environment which significantly impact in terms of health and economy as well. In this regard, ocean species like whales play an important role in mitigating climatic change. I have evaluated that Whales and other cetacean makes contribution to reduce CO2 and maintain healthy marine ecosystems. They act as ecosystem engineers by transferring nutrients within water columns. Therefore, I am working to integrate the ecological role of whales into global policies related to biodiversity, environment, marine protected areas and climatic changes.  

    Thus, working on this project, have enabled me to make attractive campaigns related to prevent creatures in best manner. I have learnt that every being whether human or animal, give its contribution in sustaining healthy life at planet. As this project focuses more on role of whales in reducing harmful and other pollutant gases. Therefore, as a human being, it is foremost duty of us to prevent creatures and nature from threatening activities. We should reduce negative impact of industrialisation which affects water bodies. It would help in preserving aquatic animals for longer period of time. This kind of project also enhance my professional and personal skills.  Thus, it helps me to become able to take future projects and complete the same in set duration.

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    This project has entailed an overview of how aquatic animals helps in maintaining healthy ecosystem. Aquatic species like whales helps in reducing pollutants and presence of carbon from water bodies. Thus, it is essential for human beings to preserve whales and other aquatic animals from threatening activities. By running such campaigns, government and other organisations can gain support of people regarding charity.

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