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    ACR301 Criminal Justice


    It becomes important to provide criminal justice to the child when he / she has been murdered, even if by his / her father only. In such cases, comparative analysis can be made between he investigation and scenario that took place in two different cases of same nature. hence, the case of a father who killed his 2 daughters will be considered for this purpose. The report will make a criminological responses and issues that are commonly faced by investigation team in it. Various cases related to child abuse and murder will also be discussed in the report for comparison purposes.

    Key Justice Or Crimilogical Responces

    The case study describes regarding murder of Luke batty, who was murdered by his father at the age of 11. Rosie Batty, Mother of Luke, fought for justice of her son where ultimately, Luke father was sentenced to prison as a criminal for murdering his own son. Rosie started a campaign in the name of her child in order to reduce domestic violence in the society. The chosen scenario for comparative analysis is the case of a father who killed his two young daughters by drugging his children by crushing an antihistamine in their juices so as to take revenge from his wife. He was penalised for 31 years of imprisonment for murdering his two young children (Bottoms and Tankebe, 2012).

    The cases are quite similar and both of them have mentioned regarding a father responsible for killing his own child. Comparing the both cases, it can be stated that, domestic violence have been the main reason of killing a child out of innocence (Luke Batty: killed by a father no one truly knew. 2013).

    The child protection legislation of Australia is a leg framework that runs in the country guiding safety in child protection. The main principal of this act is to work for the interest and welfare of child in the maximum possible manner. It is the preferred way of ensuring the welfare of a child through support of the family. Family is required to play adequate role in order to plan and sdeci9de best methods that can help in protecting the child from any unforeseen activity. In case of any type of murder or abuse taking place with the child, it is the duty of parents or the guardians to ensure that the same is reported to then police and justice is claimed out of it.

    Article 12 of United Nations Conventions on the Rights of Child states regarding protection and freedom that is required to be present in case of children. The convention came into functioning in September 1990 protecting and ensuring that all the rights of child are protected as well as ensured (Reiman and Leighton, 2015). The conventions have been designed as per the four basic principles. These are, non- discrimination, taking the best possible decision for the life pf children, considering children’s right to live, survive and develop and in the end, respect all the views of a child.

    One of the core issue that is faced by the investigation team is to find right kind of evidence that can help in supporting the preparation of trails and prosecution. Sometimes, it becomes difficult for the investigator to discover critical flaws in the case and assess the difference between evidences received and prosecution carried on to (Pound, 2018).

    Another issue is that crime is generally seen as a straight-line process rather than considering it as a dynamic and revolve around process. Immense amount of evidence is collected related to the case, but effectively analysing the same and reaching to an ineffective conclusion is not carried out by the team leading to ineffective outcomes. Analysing the evidences in a dynamic manner can help in reaching to an effective set of conclusions. A strategic approach to each individual case can help in ensuring use of appropriate legal theory and elements related to it to be proved by developing an investigation plan and focussing upon the relevant and effective evidences. Investigation process must be analysis driven and hence the culprit can be proven in this manner in the light of legal duties.

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    A case of Australia stated that a22 years old mother killed her 14 month old daughter, Sanaya sahib in Melbourne North east. It has been analysed that in majority of the cases, the reason for killing child is mental health issue of the parents. Mother killing her child is in mental state. However, a father killing his child has direct relation to revenge response. The cases of parents killing their child have been on increasing state where their anger becomes the culprit of their all doings (Lynch, 2014). The reason for murder is different in different cases. In the case of Luke Batty, his father, who was the murders, was proved to have mental health issues which led him to conduct this activity.

    Due to an increasing rate of murders of child, the government of Australia have attempted to increase and tighten the laws that are related to child protection act. The main objective of this law is to protect the child from any kind of abuse or murder. The ongoing intervention on the same is related to keeping the child away from the parents care I order to ensure that he / she is safe and healthy there. It is an acceptable standard of care where a child is extended with foster carers, kinship carers and care services. The care that is generally provided out of the house is required to be licenced by the department (Kappeler and Potter, 2017).

    The child welfare laws in Australia is related to critical issue that has commonly being faced by the country these days. Maltreatment refers to non-accidental behaviour, outside the particular conduct of safety, having substantial risk of causing physical and emotional harm. Exposure to family violence is generally considered as one of the psychological issue is considered to be a risk to the child and hence require appropriate actions to be taken by investigation team. It can help in dealing with the murder that generally takes place where parent themselves are involved in it.


    On the basis of above child issues company facing many challenges and issues. It has been cleared that child exploitation has been increasing in continuous manner (Kappeler and Potter, 2017). As per the case of murder of Luke by his father. The main reason behind the case were domestic violence. Due to this negative influences family fails to enhance child confidence and growth level. Government or regulatory body should adopt some set of rules and regulations in order to protect these kinds of happening. As per the issues discussed in above section, it has been proved that child growth is not getting strong and stable (Maxfield and Babbie, 2014). As per the first issue of first issue is to collect proper evidence and productive manner of investigation process. For that, to get right kind of proof and material investigation team requires the best approach and procedure to make case more strong. For that investigator requires to adopting systematic process of findings and keep the culprit into the prison.

    On the basis of another issue that crime is generally seen as a straight-line process rather than considering it as a dynamic and resolve around process. On the behalf of which company required to adopt the best possible action plan. For that, investigation teams requires taking various tools and techniques to evaluate the best possible action. It also influences the major goals and objectives (Pound, 2018). Case is just like the process of finding the original culprit and give him the best possible punishment. Investigator requires investigating most possible action prove goals and objectives to take the best effective outcomes. Straight-line should be modified with new method which can easily measure the long process into smaller one and get the best outcome results. Besides, government also influence

    As per the another case of Australia stated that a 22 year old mother her 14 years old daughter. In order to protest child from domestic violence families or population needs to understand child value in the development (Reiman, J. and Leighton, P., 2015). In order to overcome from the productive nature and tools which protest child domestic violence. Dozens of activity have held a rally in Belgrade to condemn domestic violence. Many country facing issues and loss of life due to domestic violence. It gives negative impact on the behaviour on the consumers. It makes negative impression on the country image as well as child development. It also creates fear among other children. Along with that, it also helps to influence more negative impact on the environment.

    According to the other issue that investigation team also facing trouble to investigate that maltreatment refers to non accidental behaviour, as per the survey it bas been cleared out that there are some misconduct has occurred with the children in terms of negative sense.   The main purpose of the investigation process is that to examine the overall case and determine the veracity of allegations of corrupt people (Roberts, 2018). As per the issues and case scenario investigator needs to acquire the best possible action plan. And process making task.  It also enhances the proper implications of project and tools and technologies to identify the best process. Protestors and investigators requires to make strict laws and impressive manner of growth. Moreover, another implication process is that to implement process.

    On the basis of above discussion, it has been cleared that domestic violence is the biggest crime which influence negative environment in the company development. It also covers new task making process in order to protect child death. Besides, government also influence negative changes and negative influencing process making work. Moreover, domestic violence is the more negative influencing process which has been increasing these days (Surette, 2014). This may gives negative factor influencing and negative process of making negative skills. In order to make the best productive nature growth and factor making task and growth factor. Proper effective and productive manner of growth enhance the effective process of making good legislations and target goals.

    Government requires adopting some strict actions against criminal and give them high punishments. Along with that, to make awareness among peoples. It requires adopting the best possible actions against culprits. It also enhances long process factors and it makes good impression in front of the crime (Wesson, 2017). Besides, with the help of social media country also needs to adopt more awareness and knowledge awareness growth to reducing crime. It also very much influencing and effective process of making good in order to take the positive environment and reduce child exploitation. Due this negative environment this process gives negative impression on the child development. Child development is the most important and essential part for the new development process. Parents should guide their child to protect themselves from danger things.


    From the above section overall study or report based on criminal justice which showed that in the Australia country crime has been increasing in rapid manner. Present study based on the case study of father who killed their two daughters under domestic violence. Under the further study, it has been discussed overall study material and influencing target goals which enhance the negative influencing along with that, it also discussed about overall case study on the basis of given scenario. It also discussed different issues facing by the investigator in order to study the case. Many of the social context treat case study in their different manner. Moreover, another analysing process are going to influence different goals and techniques. Moreover, another process of making the best productive manner. In order to analyse the case study approach. On the basis of other case study of Rosie Batty whose father killed under domestic violence. Child protection is the biggest duty for parents or for government as well.


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