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    Inclusive Education in Early Childhood

    University: University of Melbourne

    • Unit No: 4
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 10 / Words 2410
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: CHCPRT001
    • Downloads: 391
    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions:

    • Explain current inclusion policy and legislation in the context of early childhood education.
    • Evaluate theories and approaches to early childhood inclusive practices.

    Determine the importance of family perspective in influencing educators' pedagogical practice.

    Answer :


    The inclusive education refers to providing the high quality of instruction, support and intervention to the students. This education refers to the equality among all students who have many challenges including the disabilities. The school are work on the premises that each child can attain the education and can build the competence between the disabilities students with no disabilities students (Carter, 2018). With this, the child can increase their learning abilities by improving their skills that can help in achieving the acquired goal of the students. The presence of these inclusive education can provide the new opportunities to the disabilities students. This given assignment will focuses on implementing the inclusive education among the early childhood. The various different policies and laws are occur in order to providing the education at early stage. In this, the role of family and community occur that how they are influencing the educators to promote the inclusive education.


    1.) Critique current inclusion policy and legislation in relation to early childhood education

    There are different policies occur in the country which works for the betterment of the child. These policies provides the acquired education to those who are not able to acquired the proper knowledge in the education sector. The aim of this policies is to set a vision among all states and country. There aim includes to recommend these policies in all schools, private childcare program and other childcare settings. This policies access the high quality of education programs to the various child (Clark, Dyson and Millward, 2018). Basically, there are some children who have different complication and disabilities from which they are not able to attain the high quality of education. These policies also aware about the disabilities of young child that can be prevented from earliest age to the public. It also helps in identifying the resources of inclusive education in the various childhood programs.

    This will increase the learning opportunities by initiating the inclusive education to all the children. The Equality Child Act works for establishing the right of a children in acquiring the inclusive education. This legislation provide education to all students equally in which they implemented the necessity of a child to attend the school including disabilities child. The Australia implemented various policies in all primary, secondary and other schools. With the help of these policies, the educators are able to provide the required education to appropriate settings. The inclusive education is supported by these policies as a wide range of disabilities children with no education are occur in the country. The legislation council standing committee supports the disabilities students in their learning process. This policy identified that the there are least number of policy which are work for transition of education to the disabilities students.

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    The NSW legislative council, put all the disabilities students in segregation sector so that they can meet their requirements. The Disability Standards for Education (2005) are supposed to provide the education to the disabilities students. This also includes to provide the rights of a child which are providing to other students who does not have any disabilities. This policy also apply on the educators of schools such as teachers and principals so that they can provide the same opportunities to disabilities students (Cook, Klein and Chen, 2015). It also promote them to influencing the students to take part in the various training program of education so that the students can improve their skills and knowledge.

    Before nay implementation, the policy makers consult with the schools, parents and student so that they can provide the required care to disabilities student in a proper way. The purpose of their consultation is to analyse the barriers from which the students are not able to gain the education. Their are some steps occur with in this policies in order to promote the inclusive education includes supporting the parents and local community so that they can promote the importance of inclusive education which enhance the development. It also includes the elimination of different barriers from various group of people so that they can raise the learning environment to enhance the quality of outcomes.

    2.) Debate theories and approaches to early childhood inclusive practice

    There are different theories which show the practices of inclusive education to disabilities students. Basically, there are three types of theories are occur which argues on the inclusive education. These includes Behaviourism, Constructivism and Cognitivism learning theories which enhance the learning process to students. The learning strategies are different from each theory and this will help the in practice of providing the inclusive eduction care to disabilities students. The behavioural theory occur on the basis of the reaction of students and others. With this, the students learn about their behaviour or create an idea about it.

    Although, the learning affects many factors including environmental factors whoever it is the group of different stimuli and reactions (Follari, 2015). The Constructivism based on the learning process in which the learner or student create ideas through the inquiry based learning or from the different process. Both the learner and environmental factors are associated in influencing this theory. In this, the learner seeks ideas by interpreting the recent situation to the past situation from which the learner can creates knowledge. The Cognitivism deals with theory process by analysing information that are perceive by the learner. It also includes the mental structure of learner that how they can remember the information. This theory helps students to build the alteration of any problems and the skills which are required to learn from the educators.

    There are different approaches that can be used in early childhood inclusive practice. The human right based approach address the social, cultural, political and protection rights of the children. This approach provide the importance of both right to education and right of equality opportunity to all the people. In this, they include the rights of child from which they are to be heard equally. There are several approaches which works on the interdependent, equality , non-discrimination and empowerment (Hardy and Woodcock, 2015). There are multicultural approaches of education in which they address the needs of education with in a society that are necessary to be developed. These societies contains more than one group of cultures people. The aim of this approach is to help the the students who are different culture or society and who have disabilities from which they are not required appropriate amount of education. In this, the prejudice reduction, pedagogy equality and empowering the school environment in order to promote the

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