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    Principles And Challenges Behind Business Communication

    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions:

    • Identify and explain common challenges which act as a barrier in effective communication.
    • Devise and develop strategies and techniques for overcoming communication barriers.
    • Elaborate and provide awareness of cultural influences on communication and negotiation.
    Answer :


    The process of business communication is being refereed to sharing data and information either among the people of same company or from outer world (Bovée, Thill and Raina, 2016). So as to reach the missions and objectives of an organisation the workers has to use effective business communication, it's soul intention is to regulates the going practices and process of enterprise and also aids in lowering the errors which may occur due to less communication. The company has been considered as a tiny private bus company which is placed in south east of England. The aim of such company is to provide supreme bus services to the customer anytime. The bus drivers work in 12 hour shifts and 6 days in a week. The report will focus on principles and challenges behind effective business communication. Strategies for overcoming the barriers and awareness of culture on communication will be discussed in the report.


    Assessment 1

    Describe and analyse the purposes and principles behind different forms of organisational communication

    Effective communication has been considered very important for the leadership management in respective organisation so as to execute the basic roles and functioning of the management department like, the preparation, coordination, mentoring and guiding the team for enhancing their productivity and quality of the work. Communication actually aid the managers to conduct their duties and roles which further encourage the team members to perform more efficiently so that they can accomplish their aim is less time (Darics, 2015). The process of communication assist in socialising with the people, the bus driver thus guided to chat more calmly with the customers so as to build a healthy relationship with them and to socialise more to attract other new customers.

    The principles of the organisational communication are vast and they assist in controlling the business processes by making the associates understand the guidelines to work productively and to communicate more accurately with the customers. Principle of lucidity in ideas aids in clearing the thoughts of an individual by themselves so that they can properly indicate their ideas to the customers. Principle of appropriate language states that the interaction must be in decent language so that the thoughts can be cleared to all the diverse members who may belong to various cultures and countries. Principle of attention focus on making the receiver understand the information clearly, it centres not only on conversing but it lay emphasis on clearing the objects to the listener. As per the Principle of consistency, the interaction should regulate the consistency in the goals of the business, all the talks should be according to the policies. Principle of adequacy focus of delivering such information which is sufficient and appropriate enough to make a complete sense. Principle of proper time helps in providing the valid information to the team members or the customers at the given time, late data and meaningless message may not be considered valuable later. According to the principle of informality, informal communications are equally necessary as formal conversations, as they may help in solving such issues that formal interactions can not (Lucas and Rawlins, 2015). Such principle should be applied by the bus driver to make a healthy impact in front of the customers.

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    Apply principles of effective communication to enhance practice

    There are several principles of effective communication which needs to be applied by respective company. All of these principles will lead to have impact over performance of organisation as well as help in resolving issues. Manager of this company needs to set various rules and regulations that will help in implementation of effective communication within organisation. There are various ways through which manager of respective company is apply effective communication as well as achieve desired goals. These are mention below in detail.

    Have a strong goal – This principles of effective communication will lead to enhance communication flow within organisation. This company should set strong goals and objectives within organisation as this will help inn improving communication process. Goals and objectives will lead to set standards which should be followed by each and every staff member.

    Understand the audience – It is important for communicator to understand the audience as this will help in convey message and thought clearly (Coffelt, Baker and Corey, 2016). This principles of communication is considered essential because it lead to reduce communication barriers. This principle should be applied to respective company as this will help in improving performance. 

    Listen actively – Listening is considered as essential part of organisation as this help in effective flow of communication. This principles should be applied in respective organisation as this will help in effective flow of communication. Listen will help in getting complete and clear information about what communicator wants to convey. This will help in responding in correct and appropriate manner in order to lead effective communication.

    Use common language – It is very important for organisation to use common language which will help in effective communication. Manager of respective company needs to identify as well as analyse a common language which can understand by each and every employees of organisation. Application of this principle practice will help reducing the impact of language barrier communication.

    Simplify messages – In order to communicate effectively it is essential for individual to communicate their message in most simplest form. Application of this principles with organisation will lead to increase the process of communication. In this principle communicator will be using right and appropriate content of the messages as well as conveying ideas in concise manner (Dulek and Campbell, 2015).

    Evaluate the communication practices of themselves and others

    The practice of effective communication is so essential that it can aid in resolving the conflicts among the team members and also between the driver and senior manager. The communication has to be double sided, that is, between the driver and senior manager as well as among the customer and driver. The company is being receiving many complaints from the customers who are blaming the driver for not understanding their language and behaving rudely to people who can not speak English properly and also to physically challenged people. The manager of such business should implement some new guidelines and policies so as to motivate the driver to efficiently communicate with the customers. The manager should form some practices to promote better communication between managers and drivers as well as customers, such practices are given below.

    Show concern – The manager of the respective enterprise should listen to their subordinates very carefully so as to function in such a way that their issues get solved. The issues of drivers regarding overtime must be listened carefully so that such measures like hiring more staff and working in shifts can be adopted to make the workers efficient and productive.

    Respond in time – The bosses once heard the issues should act immediately or in the provided time frame so as to make their subordinate request count. They should return phone call and comfort the associates by making the requested modification quickly so that the drivers become less irritated and behave properly to make the customers satisfied and also to attract new ones.

    Be relatable – The manager should engage in forming informal chats with the team members so as to ease them at work. They should share some details of their own too and make eye contact while talking so that the workers can share their issues easily (Lyskova, 2016). They should provide extra money to those drivers who are working in overtime and should give them a day or two day off so as to enhance their working capacity.

    The senior manager after promoting every practices mentioned above can make positive changes in the behaviour of driver. The driver after getting a day off and receiving extra money for the overtime should make alteration in the behaviour towards the customers and show respect and soberness while talking to old and physically challenged people.


    It can be recommended that the workers should learn the basic for communicating effectively non verbally by interacting confidently and properly. Such method must be adopted while maintaining the posture straight, eye contact must be made while conversing because such habit make the interaction healthy. The driver should ask for honest feedbacks from the customers so as to make critically study the way a person behaves or should behave in front of the travellers. After getting the feedbacks an individual must work on themselves to up garde their actions so as to satisfy the consumers.

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    From the above report it can be concluded that the effective business communication is being defined as the process of sharing valuable information and data among the subordinates and managers in the same company or in the outer world. The psychological and language barriers make the effective communication less productive. The culture on the other hand greatly affect the behaviour and the way people interact with each other. Principle of lucidity, Principle of consistency, principle of informality are some principle of business communication.

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