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    Foundations of business communications in Pret A Manger

    Question :
    This respective report is divided in to two parts in which 1st part will cover the following questions and 2nd part will cover the reflection. 1. Understand and analyse how to apply the business model and their tool to analyse how evidencing how a business is impacted by macro business environment. 2. Give the reflection based on the learning of the individual and developed the key skills and all the discussion must be referenced to the entry in the respective journal.
    Answer :


    Business communication is essential for the effective management in the company. It is necessary for sharing the information between  persons within the organisation that is performed for the commercial benefit of the enterprise. In this report chosen company is Pret a manger which is an international sandwich shop chain based in UK. The aim of organisation is to develop effective business communication so that operations can manage smoothly. This report covers the following topics such as impact by the external environment influences which includes PESTEL analyses and Porter's five force model etc. Apart from this it includes evidence and links to key skill development in the following cases like: communication, numeracy, ICT, problem solving and working with others.

    TASK 1


    External environment factors can influence the business and its operations in the company. This report talks about the Pret a Manger company. The aim of this report is to analyse the influence of external environment upon business. It covers the following topics such as industry data, PESTEL analysis, key organisation issues faced by the managers and poster's five forces model. 

    Topic industry data

    Pret a manger is an organisation which is established in United Kingdom. It has products like: sandwiches, soups, snacks, coffee and salads. It is an international sandwich shop which currently operates in 500 shops in the world wide 9 countries. The main motive of this company is to provide fresh and quality foods to its consumers. It is basically famous for its sandwiches but it also deals in the business of varieties of snacks. It is a private organisation so it does not have pressure to develop and grow quickly (Keegan, 2013).

    Its main target is to focus the youngsters and adults so it always try to attract them with its quality product, taste and service to the persons. Its provides the 100% organic products like coffee and milk. Its opens the first shop in 1986. Now it is doing its business in  USA, UK, Hong Kong, Paris and Shanghai. It deals with more than 300000 consumers on daily basis and all persons like the products of it.

    Key businesses, customers, suppliers, competitors, performance, strengths and weaknesses and challenges faced

    Key business:  Key business of the pre a manger is related to sandwich but it also have snacks, coffee, milk and  soup. It is known for its world famous sandwiches.

    Customers: All age group persons are like the products of pre a manger but it mainly focuses on  to attract youngsters and adults because they are important consumers of company and almost all youth like to eat fast food and ready made products. Its maintain the quality in the products so that people are interested to buy (Ulrich, 2012).

    Suppliers: It has various supplies who provides the raw material to the company. For an organisation it is important to take quality material from its suppliers so it can produce better products. Bread makers supply the bread which is used in making the sandwiches and milkers providers supply the milk which can be used by the company in preparing coffee and milk. So pre a manger has good suppliers who provide better products at reasonable prices.

    Competitors: Pret a manger has various competitors like Burger King and McDonald because they also deals in almost same industry. The prices and quality of its competitors can affect the business of it. The prices of this organisation is little bit higher than its competitors but its has maintain better quality and services in food delivery.

    Performance: Performance of pret a manger is effective because it starts its business in UK with one shop and it only sells the sandwiches but now it has more than 500 shops around the world which shows its effective performance and growth. Today is also have various food products in its menu like: soups, snacks, coffee and milk (Galegher, and Egido, 2014).

    Strength: Pret a manger provides the fresh and quality products to it consumers and its the main strength of it. It has entered in business of coffee and today it has a global coffee brand. It provides fast services to its consumers.

    Weaknesses : The products of Pret a Manger is little bit high as compares to its competitors such as McDonald and Burger King. It has limited items in its menu so consumers are bored from it because they have very few items to eat and customers does not get any new food item to eat.

    Challenges faced : There are various challenges have been faced by the Pret a Manger. These challenges are such as follows: how to minimise the prices of its products, how to improves its services and how to beat its competitors like McDonald and Burger King to capture the more share in the market.

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    SWOT analysis of the Company

    Swot analysis helps the company to know its strength, weakness, opportunities and threat in the business so it can take the management decisions according to it.





    Provide quality and fresh products to its consumers

    High prices of its products

    To minimise the prices of its products so that sales can be maximise

    Its competitors like Burger King and McDonald

    Innovative and fast services to its consumers.

    Limited items in the menu.

    It can add more items in its menu so that consumers will have more alternatives to eat and it can increase the profits also.

    Health conscious persons does not like to eat its products (Seele and Lock,  2015).

    Analyse the competitive position of the organisation through Porter’s Five Forces Model

     Porter five forces model is an important tool to understand the competitiveness and helps the industry to analyse the weakness and strength (Porter five forces model.  2018).It has divided into five parts which are as follows:

    Competitive rivalries:

    Burger king and McDonald are the competitors for the Pret a Manger and they are the rivalries for the company (Vogelgesang and Avolio, 2013).

    Threat of new entrants:

    To enter into a new market it is required huge investment and time and to become more profitable d of scale id needed so that company can prduce in bulk and earn more profit margin.

     Bargaining power of suppliers:

     Pret a manger is a leading brand in the various countries so suppliers has no power tto bargin with the company.

    Bargaining power of buyer:

    There are many restaurants in the country so there are many alternatives and they can switch one restaurant to another. If they want to cope up with them than it is essential that they have to provide high quality products at reasonable prices (Chiang and Stohr,  2012).

    Threat of substitutes:

    Pret a manger has provide the different meals to the customers as compare to the other restaurants in the United Kingdom.  So it has been shown that the organisation has a strong force as compare to the other restaurants.

    Identifying key issues faced, resourcing and any management / operational issues facing the owner/managers of the business

    Pret a manger has faced various issues and it affects the profits of the company also. It has not much items in the menu so consumers get bored because they have to buy almost same thing. Menu includes: sandwiches, soup, coffee, milk and snacks. The prices of the products are also high as compare to its competitors. Burger King and McDonald has provides its products as reasonable prices so its a challenge for the company so that more consumers can attract and buy the food products of the organisation.  It has limited resouresc in the business because it provides the limited items to the people (Brannen,  and Tietze,  2017).

    Any key findings or conclusions you can identify from your research and reading

    Pret a manger is a shop and it operates its business in various countries and it established its shop in that countries. It is famous for the sandwiches around the world. It has serves products like soup, snacks, coffee and milk. It has a limited items in its menu so consumers has not much alternatives to eat. The prices of the company are high as compare to the McDonalds and Burger King. It has serves fresh and quality products to the customers and it has effective and fast delivery system in the organisation which makes its different from the others restaurants in the country.


    It has been concluded from the above report that Pret a manger is a famous company which want to improve itself so that it can earn more profits. In this report it takes the help of porter five force model and swot analysis so that it can know its strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats so that company can improves itself. It wants to expand it business so that it analyse about all these things which can help the company to manage its business effectively and satisfy its consumers by providing quality and fresh products (Jussila and Aramo-Immonen,  2014).

    TASK 2.

    Key skills which are required in the business for its success

    Communication ( verbal and written):

    Effective communication is required in the business for any company. If it is effective and better than other person can easily understand that what any persons wants to say and inform. There are two types of communication is required in the organisation. Verbal communication is that type of communication in which one person want to express its things to other person by speaking and it should be use proper language which should by the other person. So other party can easily understand that what is first person try to communicate. Written communication is that  type of communication in which a person can inform to the other person with the help of hand written notes or written message. It is a another medium of communication which can be used by the companies in contract making process. Every organisation has to make contact with its clients such as suppliers, creditors etc.  Written communication is more effective because a person cannot deny from it and it can be shown as a proof (Leminen and et. al., 2012).


    Every company has to use various data and statistic in the organisation. Data can be use to describe the sales and profits of the organisation in the current year as well as previous year. Statistic can be also used by the organisations to analyse the growth of the company in current year. Pret a Manger can use data and statistic in its company to analyse the sales, purchase, profits  etc. Statistic and data can be used by the enterprise for the comparison and analysis.


    It is used by the companies in making projects and its day to day important tasks. It is required by the companies to use it for the smooth work in its organisations. Every organisation  has to prepare its plan and investment strategy so that it can expand itself and more profits. It can be used by the enterprises to understand the other persons that what they will do and how they will do any task or any important project for the growth of the organisation (Gretzel and et. al., 2015).

    Problem solving skills:

     Problem solving skills are required by any one so that it can tackle the difficult situation in the company. It is most essential and required skill which a person has to be possess in it.  A company has faced many challenges and issues in its business and its day to day operations so it is important to it that all members of the organisation has possess problem solving skill. So that they can solve the problems and issues as soon as possible. If a company want to survive in the long term than it is essential that it can understand the situation and as per the requirement it can take decision and solve the problems in the business. Today environment is dynamic and changes are happens very fast and if Pret a Manger is not able to make changes and solve the environment influence factors than it can not survive for a lomg period of time. This company has good managers and leader in its organisation so that it is operating its business in various countries and make its brand famous.

    Working with others: 

    In a company there are various persons who work for the achievement of the goal of company. All persons have different attitude and working style in the work. They came from different – different backgrounds. All persons have to follow the rules and regulations of the the organisation so that work can be done effectively and efficiently. Manager and leaders of Pret a Manger are very good and they work as a team. They have effective communication and coordination so that company can operates its business successfully in the various countries (Kwok and Yu, 2013).

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    As from the above report it has been shown that Preat a Manger is using effective communications so that it can survive in the dynamic environment. Company is using various effective skills in its business so that it can achieve success in its business. It is focusing on better commouncation, problem solving skills, team work, ITC and numeracy. These all tools helps the company to achieve its goals and objectives and it is able to gain sustainable success.

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