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    Unit 16 Managing Communications Knowledge and Information


    Communication played a prominent role in each and every business unit. A poor communication create conflicts and confusion between the staff member and the management. Therefore an effective communication is required to communicate with their stakeholder. There are various stakeholder involves shareholder, employees, customers, suppliers, investors, government and the society. Samsung is one of the leading brand in electronics and consumer durable goods. It is one of the leading brand in UK (Cahn, and Abigail, 2007). The company are investing a large amount of money to promoting the brand and their products. The purpose of this report is to identify and analyses appropriate communication system and strategies to attain the organisational goals and objectives. It is also to make a effective communication with their stakeholder. It is also important for an effective decision making process of the company.  The report contains the range of decision to be taken in the entity and analyse the information and the knowledge so that effective decisions can be take

    Task 1

    There are various decision are to be taken by Samsung to improve the performance of the company. For that an effective decision making is required to take managerial decisions. There are various managerial decisions which includes organizing, planning, directing, staffing and controlling (Cornelissen, 2014). It is important for a company to make their decision more effective so that they can attain their goals and objectives.

    To maintain the brand image of the company it is important for Samsung. In a organisation there are three level of decision which are to be taken by the management. Strategic decision are played a significant role to achieve the goals and objectives of the company. These decision are more risky there fore these are to be taken by the top management of the company. These decision are greatly affected by the external factors. Tactical decisions are to be taken by the middle level of management. These decision are related with the performance of the company. The third decisions is regarding the operational decisions. These decision are related with the daily operations of the company (Ulmer, Sellnow, and Seeger, 2013).

    There are various information which helps to improve the decision making process. It is Important for Samsung to make their decision effective so that they can attain their targets. This company use the value judgement which is the basic part of any decision making. These information essential in a strategic plan for their business. Because for an effective strategic plan and to implement these plan effectively the information and knowledge is significant. So that they can achieve their strategies objective. It is important for Samsung they their decision to considered the Law of UK (Allen, and at el., 2007). Because they can not operate their business activities to breach these laws and legislation. For taking an appropriate decisions making, the management required that right data and information and the advantage and disadvantage of these information.

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    There are various sources of information which helps improve the decision making process of Samsung. Company can gather these information through internal and external sources. The internal sources of information is collected internally by the company. These information can be gathered from financial, marketing, sales, production, and administrative data and information. Financial information includes the revenue and profit and loss of the company, marketing information is used by the company which helps to success of the product and services (Sriussadaporn, 2006). The sales information is used to the sales targets, past sales records and other information. Production information includes information regarding economies of scale, quality check information and the production target.

    External information is collected through news papers, magazines, government websites, and other websites. These information can be used to make their decision more effective. So that a company can attain their organisational goals and objectives in a time manner.

    Today business is more competitive and complex there fore a appropriate information is essential for each business unit. It is also important for a company that to analyses and selecting a appropriate information for decision making. There are various improvement which can help for the company:

    The first stage for improving a management team is that to acknowledge all different things which re to be related with the goals and objectives. The another important task is to identifying the needs and desire of the customers. It helps to to meet the exact need of the customers to producing their products and services accordingly. To knowing about the competitors also important for the company (Anantatmula, and Thomas, 2010). Because it directly to helps to design their strategies and tactics in much better way. The organisation also make sure on their financial plan. Because an effective financial plan can help to improve the performance of the company through on effective control over the resources. These are improvement can help to attain the organisation goals and objective.

    Task 2

    Stakeholders of an organisation are the person or a group which are influence of a company. There are various stakeholder for the company, it involves employees, suppliers, customers, investors, shareholder, government and society at large.

    Shareholder are too important for the company. These are the actual owner of an organisation. Therefore, Samsung can call their stakeholder at the occasion in launching new product in the market. Investors are one of the important stakeholder of the company, because they invest their money in to the company. So that it is the responsibilities of the organisation to call them. Higher authorities can send a formal invitation letter for their programme or they can also call them which is also suitable tools for communicate them. It can also increase the sense of connection with the business unit, if they will invited such occasions. Suppliers are those who supply the raw materials and other components to the company at the right time and right price which can provide competitive advantage to them. Therefore, if management can call them they feels confident. Firm can send a formal mail for invitation or they can also send printed invitation letter. It can help to build long term relationship between company and suppliers. Samsung can also call their selected employees which can help to increase their confidence and motivation towards the target. It can leads to increase the productivity and performance of the company. To call them in the event they can indirectly informed for the programme or they can formally send a mail to them. It can help to increase the personal networking of the company which can leads to increase the potential sales of an organisation.

    The relationship between the stakeholder is significant for the company. It is requires an effective communication process so that they can communicate on a regular basis. There are various channels of communication with their stakeholder. For that a cost effective communication tools can be used to invite there stakeholder on that event. Communication with their shareholder is important on the regular basis. It is responsibility of the company to call a meeting with their shareholder for taking important decision. Management can invite in these meeting to all shareholder for that event (Liu, and at el., 2012). It is most appropriate method for communication. If any shareholder are available for the meeting they can call them directly. The most appropriate way to call their employees in the event to sending invitation through email. For the investors the company can sending a invitation letter which is one best way of communication. The company also send fax to their suppliers to inviting for the event

    The participation is important of all stakeholder of the company. Feedback of their stakeholder is significant for the success of the event. The opinion can be help for the improvement of that event and also helping them to design and implement the strategies in much better manner. Opinions and suggestions can be shared between the company and their stakeholder which can help to improve the performance of the company (Vidyarthi, and at el., 2006). New type of participation increase the influence of the citizens through the citizen charters and the panels and also increase the influence of the community or the society on the process of decision making of Samsung according to the policies of the public. By involving the group of the investor in the judgements and the opinion can reduce or diminish the powers of the society members because they are involved in the choices to improve the opinions

    To make the event more effective and memorable it is important for the company to implement different types of strategies. Company requires to set the goals and objectives of that event. Once goals are to be set the management to select an appropriate location for that right event. There are various factor to select a right location. The sufficient space must required for that company. The guests which are coming for the event the management provide good gifts for them. It shows a good impression with their stakeholder. Apart form that it helps to maintain good and long time relationship with them. They can also use various promotional strategies for their events. It is important for to the success for the event. It creates and develop the awareness about that event (Axelsen, and et al., 2013). So that more and more people can attract and make their event successful. To promote this event the use of social media platforms which includes Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and other media. Apart form that the news paper and electronic communication channels to be used by the company. Apart from that higher authorities also can taking feedback from their guests and other peoples which can help to know the mistakes and errors of the event. Suck kind of feedbacks help to improvement in the near future events.

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    Task 3

    A effective communication is make the organisation better and helps to maintain the good relationship with their stakeholder. Therefore effective communication is necessary for the company like Samsung. Their existing communication structure of the company are as follows:

    To promote their products and services more effectively the company are using an extensive sponsorship through sponsors a sports and other event at the international level (Oetzel, and at el., 2015). For example in 2012 the company promote London Olympic and other programmes and events. For advertising their brand and products they are using other TV and print media according the regional area. Apart from that the organisation also using their traditional communication tools like emails, letters, website, memos, and formal and informal meeting. Company website is important for a company to promote their brand more effectively. Therefore the company is more focused on that. Social media platform also played an important role in 21stv century. So that company is also concentrate on  these platform also.

    It is essential for the company to improve their existing communication system. So that they can meet the new challenges and changes which are happening in a business environment. There are multiple channels to be used by the company to communicate with their various stakeholder (Zhong, and Pheng Low, 2009). It is important for the company to evaluate and regular review of the existing channels. The feedback is one of the important element in the communication process. Most effective communication tools involves emails, meeting with their management, telephone, letters, faxes etc. These tools are help to make strong communication between the tom management and lower management. So that it can improve the performance and productivity of the company. The main problem is their existing communication system is the transmission of the massage and the feedback. So that the make a smooth environment at the work place and outside as well.

    It is significant for a company that to make an effective communication with their local community. Samsung requires to make effective and regular conversation with their stakeholder specially with local community. There are various tools to make and maintain communication with them. The electronic and print media are the most appropriate assignment online method for this situation. For plan and conduct meetings in the company town hall with their local media. It helps to create and develop a good relationship with them (Monalisa, and at el., 2008). It also develop a sense of connection with the local community. Because a company working in the society so the it is responsibility of a company to make effective communication. It requires an effective strategies to improve the existing communications process and system. So that they can attain their organisational goals and objectives in a effective manner.

    As a trainee at the managerial post it is important for a management trainee to identify his strength and weakness which can help in the personal development and professional development. There are following SWOT analysis of a management Trainee:


    Strong communication skills

    Positive attitude

    Positive thinking and open-minded

    Effective time management


    Say 'Yes' which create problem sometimes

    Straight forward

    Too frank


    Plan ahead

    Learning new things


    Loss enthusiasm

    Take too much time for starting a project



    Personal communication skills played an important role as manager in the company. Therefore it is required for a manager to focus and improve the his/her personal communication skills. As a Samsung company to concentrate on the personal communication of their managers. So that they can communicate with their subordinates and staff. There are various steps which can be used to improve the personal communication skills (Decker, and at el., 2007). It helps to make a employees smart and more capable. Apart from that it also reducing the conflicts between the management. Because effective communication helps to resolve a conflicts in a much better way. It can leads to increase the performance and productivity of their employees. In this they have to complain if required. The staff members would not complain constantly. If it is happens then the persons would not attract to the Samsung.  

    Task 4

    The data and information are significant for the company. These information are helps to make their decision making more effective. Samsung requires to make an effective tools to collect these data and information for the betterment of the organisation and their products. There are various approaches to be used to collect the information and data. These data are to be collected through internal and external ways (Okoro, 2012). The internal information is gather from the different department of the company. And the external data is collected from the external sources like government websites, newspapers, magazines and other external sources. Once these information is collected, there are a team which is dedicated to the verify these data and information. So that it can be used for the decision making. After verifying these information these are sending for the formatting. It is important for element to format the relevant information for the company. Data and information storage is one of the significant task for the management. These information can be used in the near future. Therefore an appropriate and effective data storage system is required for the company (Managing Communications in Health Care, 2017). It is important for the company to make sure that these information can not miss use by the company and others also. Because there are various information of the stakeholder and the company.  

    There are various modern techniques can be used to collection the information and data for the company. For example if the company wants to conduct the customer survey about the quality of their product. They can use online survey for that. It is one of the cost effective and most appropriate way to conduct these type of survey (Holtz, and Whitten, 2009). The advantage of these type of techniques. These are user friendly and easily analyses by the company. Another important part is to upgrade their verify and formatting system of the company. So that it can increase the efficiency with in the company. They can also improve the storage system of the company. So that these data can be safe for the future requirements. It is important for Samsung is that to make and implement their strategies so that their information can be shared to their shareholders. Organisation can make a effective system and strategies so that these information to be accessible for their stakeholder (Managing Marketing Communication, 2017). An effective communication system help to Samsung operational and management strategies. They can communicate with various stakeholder such as employees, customers, suppliers, government and the community. It is important for Samsung manager to make an effective communication on regular basis which can help to build long term relation with them and create a good image of the company.


    As per the above report it has to be concluded that a effective communication helps to Samsung to implement their strategic plan. Company has to use the various methods and tools to collect their data and information which help in to the decision making process. It also described that how a company can use their communication channels more effectively to attain their goals and objectives.


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