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    Leadership and Entrepreneurship in the Service Sector

    University: University Of East London

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2331
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: TM5102
    • Downloads: 278
    Question :

    Assessment Task

    Write an essay of 2000 words and address ONE of the following essay questions.

    Question One

    Leaders can and do make a difference while meeting a company's success – analyze and evaluate this statement.

    Question Two

    Few groups can accomplish much without an individual who acts as an effective leader. The leader can and often has a significant influence on the group and its direction – analyze and evaluate these statements.

    Question Three

    Which leadership skills are needed to successfully cope with the Industry 4.0 organizational requirements?

    Question Four

    How can organizations develop leadership in individuals, teams, and organizations?

    Learning Outcomes:

    LO1: Generate an understanding of models, theories, and concepts about leadership which can be used to promote the effectiveness of individuals, groups, and organizations.

    LO2: Determine the developed skills for analysis of the individual, group, and organizational functioning which help in enhancing their effectiveness as leaders.

    LO6: Develop an understanding of the use of creative thinking as a tool of entrepreneurship, enterprise, and personal development.

    Structure of report:

    1. Introduction
    2. Main body
    3. Use of supporting data and evidence
    4. Conclusion
    5. Overall presentation
    6. References
    Answer :


    Leaders are the individuals who are having the responsibility of influencing, guiding, and directing employees with the aim of improving their performance and making them more competent and efficient therefore, play a crucial role in the success of a company (Northouse, 2019). Leadership includes setting a clear strategic vision, communicating objectives and shared goals of the organization with employees, and finally developing effective policies and strategies to motivate and influence employees to perform tasks assigned to them in an effective manner therefore, leadership ensures timely completion and attainment of goals and objectives of the organization. The main aim of this essay writing is:

    • To understand the crucial role played by the leaders in the success of an organization.

    The objectives and targets set for this assignment include:

    • To evaluate various theories and models to develop an understanding about how leaders motivate employees and facilitate success for organization.
    • To have an objective to evaluate the concept of critical thinking.

    Main body

    A leader is a person who is having the art of motivating a group of people to act according the directions and guidance provided to them in order to achieve the common and mutual goals and targets of organisations. Therefore, the most important factors and main focus of a leader is towards influencing and motivating employees so that a better coordination and balance among their efforts and various activities can be easily maintain in order to achieve the set the targets and goals (Guhr, Lebek and Breitner, 2019). For this, purpose use of many theories, approaches and models are made by leaders that includes participative or democratic theory of leadership, Transactional leadership theory, Leadership Jigsaw Model, etc. that lead to better coordination and flow of activities through having a better communication and perspective in the organisation.

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    Democratic leadership or participative theory emphasis on the fact that leaders must allow an involvement and participation of all employees, subordinates and other associated parties in decision making process so that a more effective and mutual decision can be made (Theory of Democratic Leadership, 2020). This approach of leadership facilitates a better communication and interaction among leaders and its subordinates that enhance their moral and also lade to improvement in efficiency. Timely discussion and consent from employees and staff ensures proper flow and smooth functioning of operations through motivating employees for effective and proper execution of task and activity allocated to them. Use of democratic approach by a leaders built a feeling of trust, commitment and loyalty among the employees as their view point and opinion are considered important by their leaders and proper involvement and participation of staff is allowed in decision making which enhance the efficiency and creativity level of employees and lead to success of organisation.

    Beside the use of participative theory, many leaders also adopt use of transactional leadership theory as it facilitates an effective way to monitor and check the efficiency level of employees on the basis of which timely rewards and punishment are provided by leaders to its subordinates that lead an improvement in their performance and productivity. Use of transnational theory involves providing motivations and direction to followers and subordinates through appealing and cresting self interest for them by the way of rewards. Under this system of leadership the organisational gaols and desired level of performance are clearly set on the basis of which performance of employees are evaluated (Price, 2020). Use of contingent rewards system is made by leaders under transactional leadership theory where a specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely achievable goals are set that are directly linked to the rewards and punishment. An efficient individual will receive the various kinds of rewards on successful performance where as an unproductive employee have to face the punishment. Therefore, it can be evaluated that through making use of transactional leadership theory, a leader can promote effectiveness in its employees, individuals and group through providing better perks and rewards and the threat of punishment also keep a check on their performance level and internally motivates them to work harder in order to get rewards through timely achievement of goals that facilitates success and better growth for overall organisation (Zaccaro, and Torres, 2019).

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    Leadership is a broad concept that can not be summed up by a list of few actions or point as it involves active interaction with world to bring out new possibilities for improvement. The Leadership Jigsaw Model basically focus on six pieces of leadership brought down and developed by Alan Cutler which derbies the main activities and focuses that ever leader should consider which are described as follows:

    Vision- the leader should work hard to develop and set an effective vision for success and betterment of organisation (Roberts, 2019). Beside this, it is also the responsibility of leader to effectively communicate these vision to its staff in an appealing way that motivates employees both at practical and emotional level that is helpful in enhancing the performance and promote effectiveness in individuals and group (The leadership jigsaw - finding the missing piece, 2020).

    Example- A leader should set a good example for its subordinates through being firm on its words and action of leader should match with words to lead a feeling of confidence in its subordinates. Leader should take proper care of all the problems of organisation and its employees and should also muck in occasionally with its staff when they are under pressures. This act of leader makes its subordinates comfortable and more dedicated and competent towards their work.

    Relationships- Leader must try to build a positive and healthy relationship with its subordinates and should work hard at countering a “them and us” culture in the organisation. This positive relationship enhance the level of motivation in employees and build a feeling of respect, trust and loyalty among workforce which enhance performance and efficiency level of individuals and teams in the organisation (Harrison, 2020).

    Empowerment- It is essential for every leader to build effective empowerment with its staff in order to maintain a balance between their interest and overall goals of organisation and also reduce the employee turnover in the organisation. To ensures that timely training and development program together with team bonding and interactive activity must be conducted by a leader to maintain the high level of moral in its subordinates which improve and enhance their efficiency and productivity.

    Communication- Proper communication channels are necessary in every organisation to ensure better flow of information and knowledge within the organisation. A leader should develop a two way communication with its staff and employees to provide better guidance and directions to them and also facilitates timely feedback, opinion and view points of staff for having betterment an improvement in business operation and decisions that lead to success of organisation (Golensky and Hager, 2020).

    Motivation- A leader should understand that ever employee has a different set of motivation stimuli and desires that influence them for better performance. Thus, a leader is the person who is responsible for having a balance between desires and needs of employees and maintain a coordination between interest of individuals and overall goal and objectives of organisation so that its staff can be motivated for efficient achievement of the targets and success of organisation. For that purpose and understanding the needs and desires of employees use of a range of theories like two factor motivation theory are made by leaders. Two factor theory is commonly known as Herzberg's motivation theory that has bifurcated all the factors present within an organisation in two broad category i.e. motivators and Hygiene factors that can be adjust and managed by a leaders in order to motivate and direct its subordinates. One of them are motivators that encourages employee to work harder and includes factors like Achievement, growth, better responsibility, better development opportunity, advancement in job roles that make an employees and individuals more efficient to achieve a better level of performance (Nicholson and Kurucz, 2019). The other factor provided by this theory of motivation are Hygiene factors that include better supervision, effective company policies, adequate salary, security measures, timely rewards and perks that are necessary to provide a comfortable and healthy workplace to staff and employees which lead to better performance and a feeling of commitment and loyalty that improve their efficiency.

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    Thus, it can be evaluated that leaders plays a significant role in success of organisation through promoting effectiveness in individuals and groups by making efficient use of leadership theories, models and approaches. For instance, the above stated Leadership Jigsaw Model has clearly emphasised that a specific vision is set by leader to provide clear direction to its subordinates together with maintaining effective relation and employees empowerment that lead to a feeling of loyalty and commitment in employees that ultimately bring efficiency and improve performance of employees. Beside this, it can also be evaluated that proper motivation and guidance is also provided by leaders along with timely training and development program to sharpen and enhance the efficiency level and productivity of employees that facilitates success of organisation.

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    To effectively implement these theories and become a strong leader that plays a significant role in success of an organisation, some skills and attributes are essential in an individuals (Johnson and Kruse, 2019). The skill which are necessary in an individuals to develop effective leadership qualities and attributes include ability to give meaning i.e. the capability of individuals that how can a problem or task can be defined in more effective and better way so that it can be easily understood by all team members. Give meaning skills of an individual is directly associated with ones ability of providing directions and setting effective vision and objectives that inspires all and lead to improvement in their performance. Beside this, the team building skills are also essential for an individuals to have leadership qualities. Team building skills makes an individual able to effectively coordinate and bring a balance in various teams in order to make them efficient to achieve a desired goal and target.

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    The most essential skill of a leaders that makes him able to direct and influence other is motivation skills. It is must for an individuals to have effective motivation skill so that a proper understanding about desire and needs of employees can be made which is necessary to direct and influence them for achievement of overall goals and objectives of organisation. The motivations skill makes a leaders able to channelize energy and professional potential in its staff in order to achieve objectives in a efficient and successful manner (Alvesson and Einola, 2019). Development and improving skill are also essential for an individual so that a culture of contiguous improvement and better growth can be implemented in an organisation that is necessary to have better growth and success. The other skills that is required in an individual to become an effective leader is empowerment skill that facilitates better relationship with co-workers and other staff that is necessary to ensure positive and healthy atmosphere that motivates all for better performance. Finally, the most vital skill that a leader must posses is effective communication skill without which a leader can not be able to direct or influence its followers and subordinates. An individual must have an attracting and effective communication skill that makes ones able to properly share views and opinion that is necessary to develop better understanding and beliefs in people which inspire them to follow the directions and guidance provided by the leaders that facilitates timely achievement of targets and success for organisation. 

    Further, leaders also make use of creative thinking in order to develop and create something new or to develop a better manner and ways to ensure interrupted and free flow of operations in the organisation to ensure its success. Beside this, creative thinking is also a tool of effective entrepreneurship as it facilitates better competitive strength and effective function of organisation in business environment through development of various effective strategies and policies (Kuvaas and Buch, 2019). Creative thinking facilitates a better and unique way to look into things and resolve issues and problems in more efficient way therefore, also facilitates overall personal development in an individuals that makes them more competent and skilled that ensure success of an organisation.

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    With respect to above essay writing it can be concluded that their various skills that are needed in an individuals to become a good leader that includes communication skill, motivation skill, empowerment skill, etc. that are necessary to direct employees and team members. Beside this, it can also be concluded that a leader makes use of various approaches, models and theory like participative and transnational theory to properly influence and guide the employees to have better efficiency and performance that is necessary for success of an organisation. 

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