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    Essay Study Skills and Various Strategies of Learning

    University: University of Suffolk

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1196
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: CSEP60312
    • Downloads: 449
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Develop short term and long range goals and to design an appropriate plan of study.
    • Evaluate techniques for building comprehension and retention.
    • Generate knowledge of learning strategies and techniques to improve memory retention and understanding how people learn.
    Answer :


    The term study skills refers to the combination of skills that tackle the process of taking and organizing new information, dealing with assessments and retaining new information. It involves mnemonics that helps to support the retention of information, concentration techniques, effective reading and efficient note taking (Hertzog and et.al, 2017). The Essay will outline various strategies of learning, study plan that involves long and short term goals etc.

    Discuss various strategies of learning that help individuals to learn best

    Learning styles refers to the way in which learner absorbs, retain and comprehends information. It is also defined as the understanding that every individual learn things in different styles. They are very important because most individuals have own way to learn. Some have to do it to learn, some have to observe every stage and few people learn best by listening (Fiorella and Mayer, 2016).

    The term learning strategy means the way of people to use specific set of skills to learn the content or to complete other type of tasks more efficiently and effectively in non academic settings as well as in school. There are various types of learning strategies that helps learner to learn best. These are as follows-

    Mnemonic Strategies -

    These strategies help students to memorize the terms and facts. There are various devices that helps to remember important dates, vocabulary etc. Such as-

    Dual coding: It includes the use of non-verbal codes like images. As per the principle of connectionism, it helps to make easy for learners to access the details.

    Organization -

    Another way in which the strategies work is regarding development of consistent box to put the details in. It helps learners to maintain all the related details together, instead of it being divided apart (Cuevas, 2015). For Example – It is easy for students to remember various types of words with the help of a sentence develop with the help of those words.

    Association -

    This strategy helps to develop strong relationship between various elements. It is very meaningful strategy for learning. Strong interrelationship helps because when individual see either one of the two things they will remember other one in easy manner.

    Structural strategies -

    It stimulates learning in students by influencing them to mentally pick out specific information and put it together in one structure. It includes techniques like outlines, conceptual maps, flow charts etc. According to the research, those learners who uses these techniques tend to more at higher levels. It also helps students to truly understand the details unlike superficial and  rote learning.

    Generative strategies -

    Another important element of learning is incorporating new details into existing level of  knowledge. According to E.Z. Rothkpof, these are various activities that helps individuals to gain knowledge such as answer and ask questions or saying things out loud, underlining, taking notes etc (Pritchard, 2017). It helps learners to gain deeper understanding because they force them to learn new information. All the above learning strategies are very useful in the classroom.

    Study plan to attain academic and professional success

    In order to attain academic and professional success, student have to prepare an effective study plan having following steps:-

    Step 1:- Short and long term goals to study

    Establish the respective goals that is both short and long term goals for studying. By identifying these goals, students are able to make their focus over the areas that are important to achieve. Students are require to set their short term goals like:- getting good score in weekly tests or memorising few topics etc (Al-Barrak and Al-Razgan, 2016). For the achieving the same, students have to divide the task into days and have to work on the same in order to achieve academic success.  Long term goals may include:- Getting scholarship, to get internship in a known organization so that they can get success as a professional. For both the cases, students have to make a proper schedule and work accordingly.

    Step 2:- List the subjects that students need to study

    Before getting to work, it is very important for the students to create their schedule and make clear the respective topics that they need to study. Accordingly, they have to put efforts in memorising the topics.

    Step 3:- Students need to figure out, what they have to do for subject and exam

    After making the list of subject, it is very important for the student to figure out the topics that they need to cover and have to divide the respective time per subject so that course is compete on time without leaving any important topic. Students have to reserve their time for reading and creating the respective exam study guide(Vanderford And et.al., 2018).

    Step 4:- Prioritize your list

    The best way to get prepare for the subjects is to prioritize the important topics and rank them in order to devote maximum time on important topics. Students have to prepare a list and rank them according to the priority.

    Step 5:- Divide your available time into study blocks:-

    The best way to prepare study schedule is to make an effective plan and memorize the respective topics on daily bases according to the set time. A routine have to be there and shorter time blocks are also easy to prepare than the longer blocks, so accordingly students have to create these blocks with the available time(Gunawan and et.al., 2018).

    Step 6:- Reserve time for academic activities also

    It is very important for the students to have study plan that include academic activities, as it is also important to make their mind relax as having a healthy balance between the academic and personal life leads to academic and professional success of the students.


    From the above study it is been concluded that the respective strategies of learning usually help individuals to learn best and that leads to achieve its academic goals. Further the report concluded that, in order to attain academic and professional success, students have to prepare a study plan that also include its short term and long term goals.

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